Blog Under Renovation

Dear faithful reader,

In the next month or so, the current postings of the saga will be replaced by a less racy version. The word has come back to me that it is too difficult or too boring to read about the intricacies of alternative sexual experiences. If anyone is in the midst of the story, you will be able to continue with the older version, but keep an eye on the postings that are now starting to replace the older ones. I am not changing how the members and friends of the band False Gods feel and act, but the description of these acts will not be as intimate.

As the creator of  this fictional story, I needed to describe the emotional basis for the many relationships herein, as they developed. There was no hue and cry to make these changes, just a lack of appreciation by those who read it without the ability to feel exactly as these teens do. Hopefully readers will enjoy the story without the discomfort of knowing all the intimate details.  Anyone who feels they are missing out on these details can post a comment and access to the removed blogs can be forwarded

The original purpose of these blogs was to lead up to the actual ‘scene’ in Hollywood in the late 1970’s. The current blog ends in the winter of 1977. My band’s songs (MIB or Men in Black before the Columbia Pictures movie) have been slowly introduced. We promised to return in “twenty years or so.” The sequel to this blog will detail the Punk scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It is a first step for the return of MIB, with new songs as well as the original set. We were inspired by the Stranglers’ album ‘Meninblack.’ (1981) The original Men in Black was a conspiracy theory of the 1950’s about aliens threatening UFO investigators to not pursue  exposing extraterestial beings visiting Earth. What’s not to like?





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