Jace’s Place Chapter 4 Part 1

I felt flush with $90 in my pocket, but the rings I’d gotten for everyone didn’t seem enough. At least I could get Dad and Susan something nice. Jace and I rode to the Grove and window shopped. I found a tie in Air Force blue with yellow stripes for Dad. For Susan I thought some perfume would be nice. Jace thought it was too difficult to pick out a scent she liked, as I was clueless about her personal tastes.
“How about a ‘World’s Greatest Mom’ cup,” Jace suggested.
“Too manipulative. A mug would be a joke.”
We found an antique shop where there some nice nick-knacks. I picked out a small desk mirror. She could keep herself looking good. So dad wouldn’t return her for a newer model. We both laughed at that idea.
“I want to get something for you,” Jace said.
“You’re all I want, dude,” I reassured him.
“That’s not enough, and you already have me.”
We stood there arguing, until a young adult in snappy clothes walked up to us.
“Having a little argument, boys, about Christmas gifts?”Tim 278
We looked at him strangely, wondering why he was talking to us.
“Come into my store,” he pointed us to an overly lit-up curio shop, “I know exactly what you need.”
“How do you know that?” Jace challenged him.
“Well, boys, forgive me if I’m wrong, but you seem obviously taken with each other. Fighting about what you’re getting each other for Christmas, my shop was meant for you.”
We looked at the store’s name, ‘Out & Proud,’ and laughed. Tiim 157
“Are we that obvious?” I asked.
“You’re not going to tell me you’re in the closet?”
“Everybody knows,” we confessed.
“I’m so proud of you. How old are you?”
“Fifteen and sixteen,” Jace answered.
“Good Lord. No wonder you’re so happy. Let me show you my best out & proud stock.”

He showed us earrings and bandannas. Then scarfs and oversized hats. Shoes with spats. A wide selection of underwear, which we shunned, telling the clerk we didn’t wear any. He actually blushed at that remark. Finally he found us matching pairs of Ray Bans that were perfect at $25 each. I still had walking around money left. The clerk told us his name, Felix. He asked what school we went to.
“Gables, but we mostly ditch. We have a band, called False Gods.”
“You have me fooled; you look like real gods in those shades.”
We sang to him, ‘get on your knees, we answer your pleas.”
Felix got all fluttery, dropping to his knees. I was afraid he wanted to give both of us blow jobs.Tim 124
“I pray that Santa will bring me a cute boy this year, just like you boys.”
“Your wish is our command.”
“Such good gods, you do please.”
He asked if we go to any of the gay clubs up in North Miami.
“We’re pretty local without a car.”
“I’ll give you a ride anytime you want,” he smiled coyly.
He asked us what kind of music we played. We said we do mostly covers.
“Do you do Abba?”
We checked each other and started to sing, “Mamma Mia, here I go again…’
“You are such cuties. Tonight’s amateur night at the Eros Lounge. I’ll drive you if you want to go.”
Jace asked, “Is there prize money?”
“Oh, honey, you’ll be the prize if you enter. Come by before 9 o’clock when I close the shop.”
“We’ll think about it,” I told him.

We pedaled home, wearing our new shades. Tim 17  We had the night off from rehearsal, still burned out from the frat gig. Sitting in my window, we discussed the pros and cons of doing a drag show.
“What if they want us to strip?” Jace asked.
“It’s for money, why not?”
“What if I get hard while I’m naked?”
“We’ll be sure to win.”
“You don’t care? What if someone sees us there?”
“How many people we know might be in a North Miami gay bar? If there is someone, are they going to say why they were there?”
“We shouldn’t use our real names.”
“Okay. How about Max deBowser for you and Cry Baby for me,” and we started giggling.
“Do we have to wear dresses?”
“Not if it’s a strip club.
“What song do we do? Queen should get those old queens going.”
“Let’s do the Abba song we did for Felix.” We practiced our stripping while singing and dancing.Tim181
Finally it was 8:30 pm. We had to decide to really go or not.
“What the hell,” we both agreed.

Felix had a mischievous grin when he saw us ride up as he was locking the shop.
“I was sure you boys would chicken out.”
“We’ll just duck. You’ll be the only chicken on the menu tonight… Sorry Felix.”
He laughed. We chattered away during the drive to the other side of Miami. Once there, we started to walk in the entrance. There was a bouncer, who stopped and asked us for IDs. Felix caught up and explained that we were the entertainment that night.
“I’ll take 15% of any tips they make.”
“Sure, boss,” Felix agreed. In we went.

I’d been around gay guys in New York and LA, but for Jace, this was another first experience. I noticed he was fully aroused even before we went in, which made me semi-hard. The place was dimly lit. At 10 o’clock it was prime cruising time. Felix had us follow him while he found the owner. Felix himself was a good ten years younger than everybody else. We were ogled by everyone as we wound our way through the club. More than once I felt someone grab my ass.army ad 02 I noticed by the time we found the owner, Jace was quite skittish from the cruising. After some discussion, they agreed we could perform in amateur hour, but if we won and came again, we’d need some kind of ID. We swore we were eighteen. He didn’t believe us. Felix sat us down, near the bar and bought us a couple of beers.
“Nervous?” he asked.
“Can we just sing or do we have to strip?” I asked Felix.
“It’s your act. You’ll be competing against single, older strippers. Since you’re a duo, you’ll have to be twice as good as them.”
“What’s the prize money?”
“Fifty bucks.”
“Great, but look at Jace. If he doesn’t calm down, he’ll be fully hard the whole time.”
“You might get a bonus for that.”
“How about you jump up once we’re done with the song, and we’ll split the money three ways?”
“If you guys are up there with hard-ons, there may be more than just me who wants to jump up.”
“Then you’re our bouncer, if need be.” He weighed about 140 pounds and didn’t seem like a fighter.
Looking around we observed the crowd for the first time. I’d classify them as ‘rough trade,’ all in leather, jeans and boots. We already had their attention. Everyone we looked at stared really hard at us. I started planning a quick exit, if needed. Felix said there was back door, near the go-go platform. I told him to follow us if we went for the exit. He was our ride.

The first ‘amateur’ came out as the DJ played some slow, country-western song. He didn’t really dance. As he stripped, his paunchy belly looked like Jell-O in motion. He seemed embarrassed but his friends were cheering him on. He stopped when all he had left to strip off were his white jockey shorts. The next guy had on a lamee outfit, which he swiftly removed. His tiny lamee briefs didn’t excite anyone, and when he tried to tease the crowd by removing the briefs, he got little reaction. The third one had the tough guy look, mirroring most of the bar’s patrons. He quickly got everything off and revealed a long wiener hot dog dick that he swung around to the music. He was the clear front-runner, but the crowd wasn’t really into it. We were next. The MC announced we were two boys come all the way from Coral Gables to compete. Someone booed at the Gables. We had told the DJ what to play. Jace and I stood back to back,  rubbing our butts together, which got some attention. Then we jumped into Mamma Mia,Tim 39



“Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you
Mamma mia, does it show again
My my, just how much I’ve missed you
Yes, I’ve been brokenhearted
Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go
Mamma mia, even if I say
Bye bye, leave me now or never
Mamma mia, it’s a game we play
Bye bye, doesn’t mean forever”
Mamma mia, here I go again ’ (we pulled our tee shirts over our heads)Tim 144
‘My my, how can I resist you
‘Mamma mia, does it show again’ (we rolled our jeans down to show both our hard cocks)
‘My my, just how much I’ve missed you’ (we ground our cocks together)
‘Yes, I’ve been brokenhearted
Blue since the day we parted
Why, why did I ever let you go
Mamma mia, now I really know’ (we pulled our own jeans down and stepped out naked)
‘My my, I could never let you go’ (we kissed and ground our bodies together)

Andersson, Benny / Anderson, Stig / Ulvaeus, Bjoern K
Published by
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Then, we went back to the chorus and sung it through naked as jaybirds.       Tim 11 Felix didn’t jump up, but he was scurrying around the go-go platform collecting all the money patrons were throwing at us. We kept singing the chorus and were giving the crowd a good show, when someone yelled, “Raid.”  Tim 10Felix grabbed both of us and  hustled us out the back door. We ran down the back alley still naked, pausing only when we were in Felix’s car to put on our jeans and tees. tim-792 We drove away in a hurry.
“That was exciting,” I noted, while Jace was giggling. “We didn’t plan that grand finale though.”
“Hey,” Jace asked. “Did we win the contest?”
“Hands down,” Felix answered, “or should I say pants down. I’ll collect the prize next time I’m up here, but here’s the split of your tips.”
That remark seemed much funnier while we sped down I-95 toward home. Felix had collected over $200 in tips. He gave us $100 each and he kept the over.
“You guys know how to put on a show. I’ll give you that.”
“Probably our only illegal show for a while. We’re not really into getting busted.”
“I could set up private shows if you’re willing to go all the way.”
“We just did it for fun, Felix. We’re too young to get jaded,” I decided. Jace looked a bit unhappy with my decision. Later I’d give him Joey’s rules about selling innocence. Tim 531

It was past midnight when we got home. Jace was still worked up from our show.
“We’ve played parties, frat houses, and now gay bars. When will we get an actual show?”
“I think we need to work on our own songs before we are ready to go public. When we play covers, we’re ‘sposed to pay some company that collects fees. We can avoid that by staying with strictly private shows.”
“You mean all these songs in my head belong to someone I’m ‘sposed to pay to play?’
“Yeah, we are the entertainment, but some business person or corporation gets paid if we do covers.’’
“Pay to play sucks,” he grumbled747e14f790432289ebba48ae9c2f45fb

“Well, look at it this way; we’re just having crazy fun. You’ve gotten very business oriented of late.”
“Somebody’s got to be.”
“Usually it’s the band manager. In the long run he defrauds us of the big bucks.”
“Why are we the ones who get exploited?”
“’Cause we like it.’ Oops, now I owe Mick Jagger 50 cents.”
I figured Jace was complaining because he was all worked up. I moved behind him and started giving him a back and neck massage. He was really tense.
“I know where this leads,” he grinned. ”How about we go back to the part where we took each other’s clothes off?”
I put my hands under his sweaty tee-shirt and slowly raised it over his head. He got up and dragged me to the middle of the room unbuttoning my jeans and rolling them down so just my prick stuck out. Tim 59 It boomeranged back and forth from my jeans to my belly. I took his jeans down to his knees as he pulled my sweaty tee-shirt over my head. It was a slow form of foreplay, unlike our wham bam thank you ma’am style of fucking.
“This is the part they all missed at the gay bar,” I lifted Jace and threw him on the bed, pulling his jeans all the way down and off. Facing each other on our knees, we dueled with our hard dicks, Tim 304 until Jace started tickling me. I was an easy target and couldn’t stop laughing. Tim 263
“What’s so funny,” as he lifted my legs over his shoulders, poking me in the butt with his dick.
“Dick-head,” I murmured as he poked me. Reaching behind him I fingered his ass until I could feel his pre-cum lubricating my ass. Grabbing both his butt cheeks, I pulled him sharply into me just when his dick was right at my rear door. He impaled me with all his cock on the first thrust. I flinched, and then moaned, as he drew back. I held him so he couldn’t withdraw completely. When he stopped, I pulled him to the hilt inside me.  Then he started rocking in and out from deep inside. My dick was caught between our two bellies, with Jace’s fucking motion creating copious pre-cum.  My dick was slithering in the lubricant. I suddenly pulled a wrestling reversal and found myself on top of him on his back. The pre-cum made my entry easy. He just moaned as I fucked him. He let me pump him ten times. Then we reversed roles. I was face down with his dick stabbing me like a chef’s paring knife with swift, short strokes.Tim 558 That felt so great. I arched my back so he could reach my prostrate with every stroke in and out. It was so good I failed to realize I was going over the edge of no-return. I quickly pushed him out, turned his body so he was sitting on my knees. I geysered a huge wad that hit him in the eye and dripped down his cheek. 

He stuck out his tongue and licked my cum off his face. Next he pulled my legs over his shoulders again, lifted my butt, and impaled me. I continued to spurt jism all over his stomach.  He rocked me in the ass with a straining dick that went in just as I finished my climax. Each one of his strokes made me shake from the come down to my orgasm. As I held him tightly, he rocked in and out, pushing my head against the headboard. Not only was he fucking my body, but he was fucking my brains out. He lasted about a minute, pulling out and evening the score with jism hitting me all over my stomach and face, and some in my hair. He collapsed and rolled off me. I cuddled up next to him, whispering in his ear, “Seems like performing for gay guys got you worked up.”
“No, it was strictly you. Those guys were not attractive.”
“Even Felix?”
“He’s cool. A little faggy.”
“You guess?”
“Well, if he wasn’t ‘out & proud,’ we’d never be in that club tonight.”
“You like being pimped out, don’t you.”
“Well, I ain’t going to pimp myself.”
“Then all those guys got a cheap thrill tonight. I’m amazed that they gave us some much in tips.”
“I bet they hoped to give us more than just their tips.” Jace smiled Konstantin02

We kept talking until the sexual tension was gone, and then fell asleep in each other’s arms and legs locked together. In the morning I was stiff from not moving. It felt like I was one big hard-on. We just went straight to the garage. Nobody was there yet, so we played toss and fetch with Max. When the dog gave up looking for weed, he also gave up the game. As we left, I saw someone looking out the dining room window – it was John.
“Hey Jace, your punk ass brother’s watching us. Go yell at the dining room window; we gotta find out what’s up.
When he came back, he said the garage was a total bust now. The cops were watching it for drug activity.
“I’m gonna beat his ass when I see him,” Jace was pissed. I hadn’t seen this part of his personality.Copy of Ichigo05
“You ain’t gonna do that, Jace.”
“Yeah, but just for once, I need to get all this aggression out. I’d never hurt John. Just wish I could, though, make me feel stronger.
“You’re such a wimp. Do I gots to defend ya?”
“What the fuck you tryin’ ta say?”
“Are we two sissy boys lost in Florida?”
Jace looked real shocked. “You? That’s not Tim talking? I know you fucked a hillbilly, but that good ol’ boy talk don’t cut it in Miami.”
Oh my god. I was being Floyd. I let him fuck me once. Now a little bit of him cums out every once in a while. We walked Max back to my room, but the dog insisted we look for pot. If ever there was clear case of pot abuse, then Max would be the first exhibit. Also for animal abuse. Max led us to Robby’s window for a joint. We piled into the room where all the other ditchers were lying about. When Robby saw me, he got that evil look on his face  that said he had found his target of abuse and was ready to pounce.
“Hey, did you hear about them gay boys in North Miami who got busted by the police for doing a sex act at a gay bar. The police said they were from the Gables. Must’ve been some of your friends, gay-bo.”
Everyone laughed.
“How’d you hear that?” Jace asked.
“It was on the news. Said they’re still looking for the boys.”
Jace wasn’t shy, “Guess what. You’ve found them. We’re right here.”
Everybody was asking us questions at once.
Robby stood up. “Quiet. Now tell us you’re just putting us on.”
“We went to a gay bar last night with a guy we met in the Grove, for their amateur contest. We won fifty bucks for singing an ABBA song. Then we made a whole lot more from tips when we stripped. Someone yelled ‘raid,’ so we took off running bare ass through the alley.”
For once Robby was at a loss for words. Tim 268
“You gonna spark that joint. Max is waiting outside for sloppy seconds.” Max barked when he heard his name.
Robby asked, “Max gonna be part of your sex act next time?” tim-803
They all howled with laughter, making Max howl back. Each time someone took a hit, they stuck their head out the window. Max had his front paws up on the side of the house, waiting for his hit. Jace had to carry Max up the stairs to my room.
“We’ve hit the news,” Jace proclaimed. “Bad publicity is better than none”
“Probably best we don’t tell anyone else about our ‘sex act.’” Then I asked him, ”Of all these shows, parties, frats, and gay bars, which one was the best?”
“We made the most money at the frat, we got the biggest tips at the gay bar, and the party was a hassle getting our friends in and being paid the least.”
“So what are we doing for Christmas?”

“We’re gonna pah-tay.”
He had the right attitude for where we were at as a new band. The more we played, the better we got. We were gaining fans.

We had to figure out how to pay the backup singers. Mary had been getting a full share, while Flo and Edi didn’t get shit yet. I decided if they rehearsed with us, they should get a full share when we all performed. Jace thought they weren’t as important as the musicians, but I argued it was a slippery slope to pay anyone less than all the others. Jace rubbed my butt crack,
“This is what I call a slippery slope.” Tim 170
I slapped him away. He tackled me for a wrestling match which ended when he blew a load in his jeans without even realizing he was hard. Young love.

Before the next gig, I went back to the head shop and purchased two additional spoon rings. All eight of us would have one. That night at rehearsal, I called a band meeting. Of course, the meeting was called to disorder by smoking a doobie first.
“All right. Everyone mellow? Let’s talk about our look for the parties we have booked.”
Robby piped up, “We ain’t going naked, if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“Yeah. How much did you make at the gay bar?” Michael wanted to know.
“What are you talking about. We’d never do a show without the rest of you,” I lied.
“And we’d never do a show like that.”
“Well, that settles that. There ain’t no Gay Gods.”
“You’re lying,” Hippie Greg decided.
“Okay, settle down, The question isn’t whether we go naked but what to wear at these parties.
I noted, “Jace and I had been wearing suits and white dress shirts.”
“Too Mod,” said Michael
“Drummers don’t have to wear anything special. No one sees you behind your kits.” They both had elaborate drum sets, with double bass drums, three sets of tom toms, a snare, high hat, and three cymbals – thirteen different drums. Tim 608
Hippie Greg didn’t have a black suit, so we agreed to just wear white dress shirts and black trousers, and no shoes.
Then I announced, “I have a present for everyone, pulling out the five ring boxes. “Merry Christmas.”
They all looked pleased and slipped their rings on various finger, squeezing the ring tight.
Looking over at Flo and Edi, who looked left out, I proposed that the two girls be official members of the Jacettes. Everyone cheered. Jace and I got on our knees, holding out the two extra rings I had bought and proposed, “Will you join our band?”Tim179
Everyone was happy, except Hippie Greg who was worried his ring would interfere with his bass playing.
“You can’t get any worse,” Robby joked.
“My next proposal is how we split the money from each gig. I say everyone in the band gets the same amount, an equal share.”
This idea was not universally welcomed, but finally accepted.
Dave asked, “What about the roadies?”
“You get in for free to parties you’d never be invited to, and you get first pick of the groupies who want to meet us hard-working musicians.”
“Next, do we want to keep Michael’s dad as manager, by making it official?”
Someone yelled, “Pizza and beer.”
Jace yelled, “Marshall Stacks, Marshal Stacks.”
Hippie Greg asked, “Who’s this Marshall Stack?”
“I take it that’s an affirmative. Now we have to decide what songs we’ll do at the dance party for Michael’s girlfriend on New Year’s.”

This question led to a jam session in which we only did 50s and 60s pop oldies, including early Beatles hits. The girls/Jacettes were really into it. They promised to practice synchronized moves for each song. They kept flashing their fingers like they were showing off engagement rings. When we finished, I felt we were well-organized. Except for the constant arguments between Robby and Michael about drum solos, we were harmonic. I acted as leader but everyone had a say. No one was making more money than the rest of us. At the end of practice, Robby asked us how much we made at the gay bar.
“$125 each, mostly from tips,” Jace answered, forgetting our appearance was supposed to be a secret.
Robby challenged us, “Show us all what you did for $125.”
Never too shy to put on a show, we started singing ‘Mamma Mia,’ wiggling our butts to the chorus:

“Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you
Mamma mia, does it show again
My my, just how much I’ve missed you.’

“Is that all you had to do for $125?”
“Well, it was a contest with a $50 prize. We had to camp it up and strip down. You wanna see that?”
Everybody but Robby went, “Ow, no way.”
“We’ll show you the non-porno part:”
‘Mamma mia, here I go again ’ (we pulled our tee shirts over our heads).
‘My my, how can I resist you (we waved the shirts and tossed them).
Mamma mia, does it show again’ (we rolled our jeans down).                    Tim 143
“Stop, stop, enough,” everyone yelled.
“Once we got everything off, we sang the whole song through. That’s when the cops showed up. We hightailed it out the back door, running bare ass down the alley to the car.”
“You was naked in the street?” Hippie Greg gasped.
“Yeah, we were runnin’ wild in the streets.” Tim 138
I noticed that Jace was hard again; he didn’t even know it.  That dick had a mind of its own. Flo and Edi noticed it while we were talking. They were more embarrassed than we were. His hard-on had obviously told my dick to wake up too.
I asked, “Do you like your rings?”
“Oh, yes,” Flo said and gave me a big kiss.  Rubbing up against me, my hard-on was sending signal’s to Jace’s dick to keep up.
“Where’s my kiss?” he asked Edi, with his hands on his hips.  She ran over and gave him a demure peck on the lips. The old Jace would have settled for just that. My newer, improved version took Edi into an embrace. He French-kissed her firmly and deeply. She came up gasping.  She then ran to the bathroom, with Flo following her.
“You better work on your technique.” I kidded him.
“No. Now she knows where I stand. I made a statement.”
Since no one was noticing, I pulled him in an embrace and Frenched him as strongly as he had just done Edi. Tim 241 I could taste her on his lips. It was kinda citrus fruity.
“Can you taste Flo?” I asked.
“Yeah, sort like mint. ‘Double your pleasure, double the fun with Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint gum.’” He sung.
“Your girlfriend tasted like Juicy Fruit.”
He gave me that devilish grin and said, “Maybe we can do both of them for my 16th birthday orgy.”
“Did I hear the word ‘orgy,’” Robby asked.
“We were talking about what we saw last night at the gay bar,” I lied.
“Oh, that’s so gross.” Changing the subject, he asked, “Since you got all that cash, how about a Sorrento’s pizza and beer run?”
“Since we had to strip for the money, you’ll have to strip for the pizza,” I told him.
“Okay,” as he started to pull down his jeans. Tim 142
“No, no. At Sorrento’s.”

Robby didn’t strip, but I paid the bill and Jace paid the tip. Sorrento’s was a perfect place for us, privileged white kids in a Hispanic neighborhood eating Italian food. We were invisible there. One time Iggy bought a pound of pot and divided it into ounces right in our booth. We always smoked a doobie as if it was an appetizer, which it most definitely was. None of us wore shoes. We did as we wished because we were entitled. These musings did make me think we needed to broaden our appeal. At least the Jacettes were all Hispanic, but in a sense they were assimilated. Robby kept ragging on Hippie Greg for his sloppy bass playing. He met a Cubano kid who said he‘d play bass for us. I insisted we meet him at his home, a Spanish neighborhood near the Orange Bowl. His name was Joe, but when we met his family, they all called him Jose. I used my high school Spanish to impress his parents. It just embarrassed him, especially the fact he had to share his bedroom with two younger brothers. He played great and had Peter Frampton hair and white skin with freckles. He dressed as we did and was our age. He badly wanted to be assimilated into our white boy culture. Robby was totally fixated on him. His parents noticed and nixed his chance to join us. We all felt terrible for him. He promised to come to our shows, but never did. We were all kids. The cards were stacked in our favor because of our race. Hippie Greg never knew we wanted to replace him. He had a car and license, which none of us had yet managed. And bass players are not that important; they’re like the foundation that establishes the beat and the major chord of a song, but you don’t really see or hear them.

Feeling frisky and energized after a night of endless sex, we rode to the Grove and saw Felix at ‘Out & Proud.’ He had our fifty bucks from amateur night and filled us in on the consequences of our performance. The cops found a score of customers who were holding pot and poppers. They threatened to close the club if anyone underage was found there again. Any hint of sex acts would get the owner arrested. The owner said he made twice the usual amount from the bar that night.
“Do they want us back?” Jace asked.

Felix said we were shut down.
“Well, we made the most of that gig,” I pronounced.
Felix enjoyed our company and wasn’t concerned about the status of a sleazy bar in North Miami. He explained that he lived with a ‘sugar daddy’ in the Grove, who was financing “Out & Proud.” He asked if we’d hang out at the store, as we were sure to bring in the right kind of customers. He’d even pay us for performing (musically only) on the sidewalk in front. We negotiated an agreement to each be paid 5% of the store’s receipts when we performed there. Jace was becoming a good negotiator. I appreciated that he saw music as a career and wanted to learn how it worked for his future. I was having too much fun to be really serious about it. We did a couple of a Capella songs for Felix, including the Chordettes’ Lollypop song

and Little Antony’s ‘Tears on my Pillow,’

“You don’t remember me,
but I remember you,
it was not so long ago,
you broke my heart in two.
Tears on my pillow,
pain in my heart.
Caused by you, you.’’

Writer(s): Sylvester Bradford, Al Lewis

When we sang to a couple walking by, they wanted to donate, thinking we were buskers. We told them we were hired to bring customers into “Out & Proud.” Naturally they went inside and shopped. After a couple of hours we told Felix we had to go, and he paid us each $20 from the 400 bucks he had in sales that afternoon. I was thinking pizza and beer while Jace was dreaming ‘Marshall Stacks, Marshall Stacks.’ We decided to visit Jill, keeping up on our responsibility as her gay parents, now that Wilkie was gone. She let us in. She did seem pretty downhearted. We sang ‘Tears on my Pillow,’ which did make her shed a tear. Then we did the Beatles’ ’She Loves You,’ but changed it to He Loves You.

We had made her cry and laugh, just like good gay parents. Before leaving, we gave her the address of the Saturday night’s party gig. We told her she had to hang out with us, so no straight guys could make her forget Wilkie.
“Thanks, you guys. It means a lot to me.”
“It’s our responsibility. David doesn’t want you unhappy and missing him by yourself; we’re your gay parents to keep you from crying on some scheming student’s shoulder.”
“Come back anytime.” She gave both of us a hug.

We decided to again ask for requests at the upcoming party, but we wanted to get everyone dancing, so we’d start out doing Bee Gees covers, like ‘Stayin’ Alive.’

The Jacettes would have to step up more and really be out front with their chorus vocals. Mary had been working with Flo and Edi on synchronized dance steps and hand motions. I told them they’d have their mic moved to the front. All three girls said they were ready. We went over certain songs to make sure they knew the songs well enough to just sing out: ‘You should be Dancing.’ ‘The Hustle,’ ‘Celebration,’ ‘The Time Warp from Rocky Horror,’ ‘If You Don’t Love Me by Now.’




I was satisfied that all these songs were etched in their memories. Robby suggested we do our version of the whole ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ for a later party. We decided to see how the Time Warp went over. Iggy complained the songs we were doing sucked and wanted a Stooges’ song that he’d sing. I suggested we might get a request for ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog.’ He didn’t get that I was joking. He ran off to find a dog collar and leash. Jace told him to stay away from Max. We hung around the girls and chatted to get to know them more. All three were in the choir at Mary’s Santeria Gospel Chapel. Did that mean they were all ‘goodie goodie two shoes,’ we asked
“Compared to you two, we’re saints.” Flo answered.
“Saints and sinners, that’s a hot combination,” Jace observed.
“You two are either headed for the devil, or are already there and trying to kidnap our souls.”
“We can be good.” I told them. “Invite us to your service on Sunday.”
“I don’t believe there’s enough holy water to protect everyone from the likes of you.”
Robby heard holy water. He had to retell the tale of Dave and Jazz running down the street, thinking the devil was going to drag them to hell when he added Alka-Selzer to holy water. They thought he was burning in damnation. The girls were scandalized by this blasphemy.
I protested, “That was entirely Robby’s prank. We were innocent.”
Flo gave me a wicked look, “So all these tales about visions and strip shows were untrue?”
“Well, maybe not, but Robby’s prank was on him.”
Then she smiled and asked, “Well, what about you both being gay?”
I put my arm around Jace, and we both said, “Gay as the day is long, but straight at night is our song.”
That didn’t satisfy her, but it made her think about it.
I went over and gave her a real kiss. Jace did the same with Edi. Then we kissed each other.

“You boys are too much.”
I started the old Sonny & Cher song:

‘They say we’re young and we don’t know.
We won’t find out until we grow.
Well I don’t know if all that’s true
‘Cause you got me, and baby I got you

Babe, I got you babe
I got you babe’

Flo watched me singing this to Jace, which startled her, so she finished the song:

‘I got you to hold my hand
I got you to understand
I got you to walk with me
I got you to talk with me’
Then we alternated the next lines:
“I got you to kiss goodnight
I got you to hold me tight
I got you, I won’t let go
I got you to love me so’
And together, we sang:
“I got you babe”
Published by
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

“I guess we need to add this song for the party,” I decided. Flo looked at the bulge in my pants and observed, “You always get hard when you perform. It’s so cute.”
“You wouldn’t call it cute if you actually saw it.”
All three girls screamed and ran off to the bathroom.

That night Jace and I were sitting in my window.
“You might consult me before telling everyone we’re gay,” I complained.
“I just tell the people I want to know it. Does it bother you when we kiss in public?”
“It never bothers me when we kiss. I get a little embarrassed when my jeans tent up.”
“I always get hard when we perform together. To me, you’re the only one in the room.”
He leaned over and kissed me. “I prefer the real thing to get me hard,” and he let me wrap my arms around him.
“You get hard just thinking about it?” I asked.
“I never know what my dick is thinking, like the other night when we were wrestling, I have no idea when I came. I didn’t even notice until we stopped. How about when you’re with Flo?”
“We made a pact that you won’t fuck anyone unless I’m there. I’ll do the same. Orgies or nothing.”
“Really? I’d hate it if you had sex without me being there.
“Poor Flo and Edi. We treat them like skank groupies.”
“No we don’t. They now know we’re together, so if they still are attracted to us, it’s all for one, one for all.”
“The Four Musketeers.”
“The Four Mouseketeers.”
I sat there quietly with Jace in my arms. Tim 445 All my plots for sex disappeared when I realized he’d fallen asleep. I got us both up and sleep-walked him to bed. He sighed once I jumped in and wrapped himself around me. I loved him so much, I automatically came from just his embrace. Maybe I should start wearing underwear. I kept the cum warm enough to fall asleep.

The problem with always skipping school is you can’t look forward to vacation. You don’t have anything different to do for the weeks everyone else is off. Robby explained this to me when he had twice as many kids coming round; we called them the tourists. All they did when they got stoned was look around. Part-timers who couldn’t maintain. It was all part of his pot theory of always being high; maintaining was the enlightened stage of stoniness. You were in control but your suppressed alter ego could break out at any moment and make you act like a foolish child. Paranoia strikes deep. Jace and I stopped hanging out during the tourist season. Felix kept paying us slave wages to entertain potential customers. Tim 96 Lunch hour was the best, but it meant getting up in the morning as if there was school, hanging out at the garage, getting high, taking Max to the Grove, and shilling for Felix. With the Ray Bans, we assumed new identities for these sidewalk shows. I was ’Blind Willie,’ Max was my seeing eye dog, and Jace was my attendant.


We took requests and didn’t get busted because we didn’t play Heavy Metal. Pretty soon we had teen groupies. Felix put out a bench. If a request was for a love song, I’d get one of the groupies to join me on the mic, so I could sing to her. They would be there all afternoon, waiting for me to sing to them. One time, all the girls had left, but there was three boys sitting on the bench. They were 13 to 14 years old. I could tell who was the boss of the group, who just a follower, and the one who didn’t fit in. I chose odd ball to come up. I told Jace we would play Leslie Gore’s ‘My Boyfriend’s Back.’ “And there’s going to be trouble,”to this kid. He was clueless, going along with the song.

“He’s been gone for such a long time.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
Now he’s back and things will be fine.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
‘Cause he’s kinda big and he’s awful strong.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
And he knows about your cheatin’,
Now you’re gonna get a beatin’.

His friends jumped up and starting thrashing around on the sidewalk. We repeated the song.

“He’s been gone for such a long time.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
Now he’s back and things will be fine.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
‘Cause he’s kinda big and he’s awful strong.
(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
And he knows about your cheatin’,
Now you’re gonna get a beatin’.

The friends yelled, “You’re gonna get a beatin,’ and attacked their friend who offered no resistance. Tim 208 We sang on;
• ‘(Hey, la-di-la, my boyfriend’s back.)
La-di-la, my boyfriend’s back!
La-di-la, my boyfriend’s back!’

• Songwriters: Feldman, Bob / Goldstein, Gerald / Gottehrer, Richard
© EMI Music Publishing

We realized that his friends just looked violent. They were actually pulling their punches and kicks. They picked him up from the curb, and dusted him off. I walked over and said, “Ready for round two?” Everyone crowded around Jace who started the song over again. Mayhem ensued. All the kids were singing the lyrics and when “Now you’re gonna get a beatin’ was sung, everyone jumped the same kid. I took his side and we stood our ground. Tim 309 None of the blows were killers. Everyone was stomping around. Anyone who got knocked down, unable to get up, was kicked around until they were outside the circle. The kid I had defended was thrilled that someone had taken his side, instant hero-worship – False Gods rule.

Felix came running out. We all had to go because a neighbor had called Metro Police. After we had put away the gear, Felix told us to stay and act like sales clerks if the cops came. We told him we needed better clothes than our ratty jeans and missing-button shirts. He said just to grab what we wanted. He acted mad, but then he winked. Later he told us he took in $800 that day. Sure enough the cops showed up. Felix did all the talking, explaining that Christmas break meant a lot of kids had been hanging out. He was glad to kick them out.

The officer started to warn Felix about next time, Felix interrupted,“It’s likely to happen again, but I will keep it under control. The neighbor who called and told me to expect the police thought the kids were really fighting. They were just dancing to a song.”
“Well, keep the music down.”
“Peace, brother,’ Felix said as the cop left.
He turned to us. For the first time he used an appraising eye on the clothes we chose. He approved of the tight jeans, but substituted long-sleeved tee shirts instead of the flowery blouses we took. We told Felix about the parties we were playing during the holiday season, asking him to pick out accessories for our performances. He pulled out a chiffon scarf and sequin gloves for me to wear when we played metal, cowboy hats for oldies, a pair of Zoot suits for our soul show, and Hawaiian style shirts for surf songs. We appointed him our stylist. He was happy to be participating, especially after we told him we were playing a private party at Viscaya on New Year’s Eve.

We had one party before Christmas and a couple on the weekend before New Year’s. We really didn’t have time to rehearse. I wanted the Jacettes to be ready for Viscaya. We’d do a soul song for them to step up front. I asked Mary to work with Flo and Edi to do the whole Supremes act. I told them to practice backups on a couple of Jackson Five hits. These local Gables college kids had a limited taste in pop music. I thought we’d throw the soul songs on first, before we got into their metal and blues anthems. ‘The Jackson Five opening live for Black Sabbath. Then we’d run through their fav’s to get the crowd going, We’d switch to a jam, asking Iggy to do his ‘Dog’ howl, and finally letting anyone who dared to come up and do a song they knew best. These were kids a couple of years older than us; we all shared the same pop taste. So it was easy. People would ask how we knew so many different types of songs. It was just the hits. Jace always knew the riffs. We all just followed him. My singing had been honed by all the singalongs I always did since junior high. I had perfect pitch on vocals. The fun part was getting beyond my natural range. I could even be Michael Jackson. If I blew a chord, it was cool. Jace always filled in my mistakes on rhythm. It was easy. We needed to have our own songs, but that would come. We had three – False Gods, Drugs, and the Love Song. After the party season was over we could spend the time coming up with our own set. The parties were a blast. Hell, it was Christmas, ‘hark the herald angels sing.’ Tim 228

Christmas was on Wednesday; we had a party the prior Saturday, caroling on Christmas Eve, parties on Friday and Saturday after, and the New Year’s party on Tuesday; plus we were still busking outside Out & Proud. The hardest working duo in rock n roll.

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