Plastic People – Prelude

Teenager Tim Castle had the annoyingly bad habit of turning his best friends gay. Since they were essentially straight, it was confusing for them to be hero-worshiping someone who had no problem getting it on with them. Tim 324 It didn’t turn out so well usually. Swimmer Scott Watt discovered he enjoyed fucking his first girlfriend more than his first boyfriend. Stoner Jace Converse needed Tim to rescue him from his older stepbrother who had been molesting him since 4th grade. The stepbrother shot and killed Jace. Tim 99 Love was a slippery slope. When rich gay boy Jack Stone lost his shyness by smoking pot and attacked his schoolboy idol, Tim just went along with the romance, pleased he didn’t need to worry that Jack was just going through a phase. All was going well until the police shot Jace’s dog. Tim 311 Tim and Jack were separated from each other. In juvie, Tim knew better than to fall for another 15 year-old, as they escaped together and hid out in the Everglades playing Tom Sawyer and Huck Flynn for four months. tom-huck The straight boy developed undeniable hero-worshiping lust for Huck after he saved Tom from  28-foot ‘Gatorsaurus. Tim 355 Additionally Huck beat up Tim 395 Tom’s abusive older brother. Tom was adopted by his foster parent Auntie Em, recovering his straight identity, with only occasional lustful thoughts about Huck. Tim and Jack seemed destined to stay together after overcoming all the obstacles to their relationship. The final obstacle – graduation and growing up.

Tim is now living at his divorced mother’s home in Iowa, with Mom’s girlfriend and their 17-year-old twin girls, Amy and Angie. Tim179 Tim finally has a best friend, Brock, the high school football captain, who could care less that Tim is gay.  Brock, whom everyone calls ‘Gator, is more interested in the twin sisters.  He has a big ego and luckily a big heart. Tim, whom everyone in Iowa calls Andy, just enjoys milking the cows on ‘Gator’s farm.

It’s springtime in the heartland, 1976.