The School was really buzzing about our busing sit-in. We were all civil rights protesters, ready to go to Mississippi and die. At Nutrition, AP Spencer appeared. Robby and I were whisked to his office. He outweighed us combined. When he walked he pulled his pot-belly up like he really had a chest. But in his office, he used the stomach to butt us into chairs in front of his desk. Sitting down, he glared at us, as if he was conjuring up the worst punishment the school could mete out. We kept our mouths shut.
“You think you won, you little shits?” was the best he could do.
“We knew you were wrong. Since you did not listen to us, we thought the US Attorney might get your attention,” Robby stated our position of dominance.
AP’s forehead veins pulsed and burst (almost).
“You thought you needed the press, TV, and lawyers, so your friend could be in your play?”
“It’s more like a class action suit,” I informed him. “Every black kid in this school has been denied his right to an equal education for the last two years.”
He ground his teeth. I thought I saw spit come out his ears.
“Is this some cheap band publicity trick?”
“Our band is on hiatus since our guitarist was shot and killed on the streets of Coral Gables. It does so happen that the band’s manager is the lead attorney in the civil case that forced you to desegregate. We want you to go the next step and make all these black kids welcome here in the heart of Dixie. If you think this is about publicity, you might want to get on the right side of the issue.”
“We’ve run this school for fifty years. You’re not going to tell us how it’s done.”
“Well, listen, Bull Connor, look around you. Things have changed.”
Robby and I sat on the floor and sung Bob Dylan’s ‘The Times They are A’changin’’ Dylan01



Gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’
Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
Keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
Don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they, they are a-changin’
Come senators, Congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand at the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it’s ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’
Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
Don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one
If you can’t lend your hand
For your times they are a-changin’
The line it is drawn
And the curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Your old road
Will later be past
Rapidly fadin’
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’
Bob Dylan
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“We’re moving the sit-in to your office and won’t move until you agree to change the policies that keep others down. You can arrest us, but you can’t stop us.”

We sang all the peace protest songs, we could remember. Of course, the office staff was listening to what was transpiring. Soon the word got out that we were singing protest songs inside AP Spencer’s office. All the kids in Nutrition stormed the office. Kids were leaving classes all over the school. By the time AP Spencer had sense enough to call the Police, it was out of his control.
“You have about thirty minutes before the Press finds out we’re singing in your office to lead the protest. Because of you, we’re making this a band thing.’
Before he could stop me, I called Mike Sr. from his phone.
“I’ve got the AP Principal here, Mike,” I told him. “We want him to make an announcement that buses will be added for late runs to Hialeah and the school welcomes all its students.”
“You promised to tell me in advance.”
“He pulled us into his office and threatened us. We are conducting a sit-in and singing Dylan songs. There are about a thousand kids who have occupied the school office. We just need him to agree to our requests.”
“Demands, you mean.”
“Okay. Remember the frat guy that resisted giving me our bar percentage. I need you to tell him what will happen, if this isn’t resolved.’
“Damn you, Tim. Listen before you leap.”
“I was told to eat them before they eat you.”
“Jesus, put him on.”
“Mr. Antonio,” I announced and handed the phone to AP Spencer. He didn’t even wait to listen.
“Mr. Antonio, I’m afraid things are getting out my control. I will go outside and indicate that the kids have won. Extra buses will be scheduled and we will have a big dance to welcome our bused students. Should of done so last year…..Thank you, sir.”
He hung up and led us through the crowd in the office and outside to the quad.
With his arms around Robby and me, “Attention. Attention. We have resolved the bus problem. Starting today extra buses will transport any student from outside the district to home at 4pm and 5 pm. We want everyone to recognize how important it is to be welcoming to all students, wherever they are from.”
Robby and I shrugged him off our shoulders. Stepping forward we had everyone singing “We Shall Overcome (Pop version).’



Then everyone cheered and broke up. A swarm of people surrounded Grant. Robby held up his hand, “Behold, the Changeling.”
All the drama kids squeaked a cheer. Then a skinny black guy raised his hands, “Hey, Whaddabout me?”
Everyone picked him up and were carrying him around on their shoulders.
AP Spencer looked disgusted and stormed off. Jack ran up and gave me a big kiss. Not much left to out.

The next year, Gables won all the city titles in football, basketball and baseball. Nobody cared. It was 1976, time to celebrate freedom for the 200th time.

Our friend Jimmy Olsen,  intrepid as always, showed up and was able to get photos of the whole school singing. He promised to write a positive story, telling how one English class needing a black kid to play a Shakespearean role changed a school’s policy of de facto segregation, only slightly mentioning that it was False Gods who led the blacks to freedom. Robby was proud. I just shook my head. I was just the guitarist. Jace romped around the Quad, chasing AP Spencer and delivering a kick to his butt. Spencer didn’t care and didn’t feel a thing. We doubled up laughing. The class change bell rang twice and twice as long.

Mike Sr. really gave it to me that night in his home office.
“I will not run to the Assistant US Attorney because you crave publicity.”
“It was for a good cause.”
“Really, or is it your ego-driven need to get attention. Have you forgotten that you have your father’s attention now and don’t need everyone to make up for your deprived childhood.’
He had me there, so I shut up and looked contrite.
“You’re a hundred percent right. But how can I hold Robby back? He comes up with stuff that is just a bit over the top, and it  blows up in our faces. Thank you for saving my ass again.
I looked up and saw he was serious. “Sorry, my sorry butt?, in a sling?” Tristan05
“Just say you mean it, Tim.”
“That’s what Dad says when I run trips on him.”
“I’m not your dad, but I deserve an apology.”
“You’re right. Dad is there for me, even if I had to become a gun-toting Second Amendment nut to get there. But Mr. Antonio, I’ve made everything difficult for you, when all you want is for Michael to be a good son. You told me he was able to break Robby’s grip on him. I’ll see if he’ll help me do so.”
“Well, that’s a plan I approve of.”

He was giving me good advice. It made me think about what we were doing. Sure enough, all the papers and TV stations ran follow ups on the Gables busing story. They referred to our English class as headed by two members of False Gods, the local teen band that held a mass memorial for their slain guitarist at Viscaya over Christmas, calling it the Miami Woodstock. Jeez, we’re only a cover band.

That thought made me realize that with all our side projects, we hadn’t finished our own set of songs. Mike Sr. called me to say they had heard from Al Kooper’s Sounds of the South Label, inquiring if we’d open for Lynyrd Skynyrd in April at the Biscayne Bay Hydroplane course. It scared the crap out me that we’d not be ready, but it was what we needed to stop getting into trouble. I told him ‘definitely yes.’ I screamed at everyone in the music room, “We’re opening for Skynyrd.”
“When? Where?” several people asked.
“Their new album comes out in April. Their first stop on the tour is here at the Hydroplane Race Stadium in Biscayne Bay.”
I thought about all the projects we had going: Michael’s birthday party where I was playing the music in the play and helping the Out-Crowd with their first show; the recording of the Viscaya video, plus Jimmy wanted us to record the protest songs for the footage from yesterday; write and rehearse a full set of songs for False Gods first real show. And, oh, I had a new boyfriend. Jack had been my shadow all day and was sitting with me, looking happily possessive. I took him over to the Jacettes, who had been eying him since we came in.
“Hey. This is Jack. He’s my new boyfriend. Meet Mary, Edi and Flo, who’s my girlfriend.”
His face fell and looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
Flo took the lead, “Welcome Jack-off to the club.”
Everyone laughed. Flo took the two of us aside.
“Well, I didn’t have you by myself for long,” she complained.
Jack stammered, “Do we share him?”
“No, honey, we’re all in this together. Maybe now he’ll stop talking with his dead boyfriend. It’s hard to compete with that.”
“Jace approves wholeheartedly with both of you,” I asserted. I started singing Rod Stewart, “You’re in my heart. You’re in my soul. You are my lover. You are my best friend.”

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Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Jack still looked crestfallen. Flo picked him up and gave him a big hug. He definitely looked distressed.
“You don’t like girls?” she asked him.
“I don’t know. I never had a girlfriend. I never had a boyfriend until this morning.”
“Well, honey ‘buckle your seat belt. You’re in for a bumpy ride.’”
He grinned, then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the corner.
“Do I have to go with her, too?” he asked
“Well, nothing could stop you from ‘going’ with me last night. You’ll find your own way. I like both boys and girls. Just be friends with Flo. It’ll all work out.”
“Can I come home with you tonight?”
“Yes, you better. Flo’s under her parents’ watchful eye, so it’s much harder for us to be together.”
“That’s good.”
“It’s not a competition. If you want me to really love you, you’ll know what I want, not just what you want.”
“You don’t love me?”
“I hardly know you. You’re crushing badly on me, which I obviously like. Tolek05a Get to know me better and you’ll be more confident about us. It’s a long and winding road. We barely started.”
“What did you mean that Jace’s approves of me.”
“I just know in my heart what he thinks.” I saw Jace give him a kiss on his neck which made him twitch. I wasn’t about to get into the why of that.

Next, I addressed the Out-Crowd.
“You guys are ready to be on your own. Michael, Hippie and I will still be there for you, but it’s time to cut the cord. We have to be in the recording studio plus write a full set of songs. All we have now are six songs, half of which are about sex. Work out your own set of songs for the party. Remember you’re playing for 10-14 year olds.”
“Love songs. The girls go bat shit for love songs,” Michael knew what he wanted them to practice.
They set up to rehearse.

Michael led Hippie, Robby, Jack and me to a quiet room away from the music room.
“How do we have six songs?” Michael asked.
“Jace and I had been writing songs about what we thought and felt.”
“That’s why half of them are about sex,” Robby cracked.
“We have to sing about gay sex?” Hippie looked worried.
“We have to write about what our real feelings are. No Beatles’ ‘I saw her standing there crap.’”
“Well, with a new boyfriend, we should have plenty more sex songs.”
Jack turned bright red. He was so cute.
“Well, hey, let’s make some introductions. Robby already knows Jack from class. He cast him as my understudy in the play. Now that I’m doing the music, he’s got the lead now.”
“What role is that?” Michael asked.
“I’m Titania, Queen of the fairies.” Jack looked mortified.
Hippie’s mouth dropped open. “You play a girl?”
“All the girls’ roles are played by boys.” Jack defended himself.
“My moms won’t let me see that.”
“Well, tell them all the girls took the boys’ roles as stage hands. They act all butch, that’ll get them to watch it. They are coming to Michael’s party, right?” I asserted.
“Yeah. They’re being all girly about it, wondering what to wear.”
“Hippie moms, can’t decide to be butch or fem?”
Michael went over and hugged Jack. “Welcome, but I’ve got a girlfriend. Watch out for Tim, he’ll be turning you straight.”
“Yeah, he just told me he has a girlfriend.
We all sang the Kinks’ Lola,

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It’s a mixed up muddled up, shook up world
Except for Lola, L-L-Lola”


© Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Jack sang in a clear tenor alto.
“You’ve got competition, Tim,” Robby joked.
“Just another added voice,” I remarked.
“You mean I’m in the band?” Jack was incredulous.
“No, but keep singing like that and you will be.” I smiled, then grinned at him.
He started to cry.
“Oh, god, another one,” Michael noted. Jeremy Dufour 01a
I saw how he was overwhelmed and gave him a big hug. When he started humping me, Hippie jumped up and ran out of the room, yelling, “Fags, fags, everywhere.”
We all laughed and Jack calmed down.
“I don’t know what I’m doing?” he confessed.
“You’re doing fine. Tim’s a sex maniac. If you can’t keep up, there’s always Flo.’ Robby observed.
That got Jack to stop sobbing.
“Robby, take Jack around and introduce him to the others in Out-Crowd. I need to speak with Michael.
“What about,” he demanded.
“Just things his dad told me. Go on.”
“Com’n Titania, it’s your big debut.”

Michael asked what’s up.
“Your dad told me you figured out how to control Robby when you were ten or eleven. He told me I have to stop Robby leading me into trouble, especially when it involves him.”
“Good old dad bringing out his angry side?”
“Pretty much. He keeps having to rescue me from Robby’s schemes. He told me to grow a pair.”
“Well, when I was in 4th grade and Robby in 5th, he’d been telling me pretty much what to do. I felt like he was an older brother.”
“Which you never had.”
“Yeah, well, he lit me on fire by accident. After rolling me up in a rug and ‘saving’ me, I beat the crap out of him.”
“That worked but I’m not going to try that, after what happened when I beat up Jace’s older brother.”
“Jeff was always an asshole.”
“Does your dad know about the fire?”
“No, but when he saw Robby with a black eye, he winked at me. Now I just laugh at Robby’s shit.”
“Like when I poured holy water on him and he was burned by hell fire.”
“Pretty much. I saw that coming and enjoyed the show. The Robby magic mean show.”
“Yeah, but Dave and Jazz running up the street screaming was pretty good.” tim-796
“At their expense.”
“I never saw it that way. You need to temper my need for pranks or I’ll end up as Robby’s assistant in the mean show.
“Okay, but since you don’t listen to anyone, even my dad, you’ll have to trust me.”
“I trust you a lot more than I do Robby.”
“That’s a start.”
“Wanna write a song?”
“What about?
“How about ‘Look before You Leap?’”

set you’re your buddy on fire,
Better buy a rug.
send your friends to hell,
Better get a priest.
beat up a bully,
Better get a gun.

Look before you leap
Better to say no
Don’t be in the shit heap
No place to go.

Leap, leap, leap
You fuckin’ freak
Leap, leap, leap
Strip and streak.”

“That was easy enough.” Michael looked amazed
“Yeah, let’s go show the others. We’ll add other verses later. You’re a thinker, so think up more shit.”
Michael gave me a goofy grin, first one. eastboy 10 21 06 b

We went back to the music room. Robby was still introducing Jack to all the youngsters, some of whom didn’t know or acknowledge that I was gay. He was enjoying the gossip, so we showed Hippie the new song. I explained it was about all the mean things that Robby and other bullies had pulled on us and how we dealt with it.
“How about, ‘Lick my ear while driving , I’ll go off the road.”
“and we’ll have an orgy bouncing in the back seat,” I added.
“What’s that about?” Michael asked.
“Going home from Sorrento’s after a gig. You went with the adults.”
“How many times did Hippie go up the curb?”
“About ten times. Robby was relentless. Hippie finally kicked us all out and left us rolling around on someone’s lawn. He just drove around the block and we settled down. You thought you had to give blow jobs to be in the band,” I kidded Hippie.
“Weren’t we popular.” Michael commented. “You gonna let Johnny sing with you. He has a good voice.”
“Let’s see how the boyfriend thing works out. Doidyou think we were better when Jace and I both sang?”
“Of course. Your guitar sounds incredible, just as good as Jace, but it limits your singing and moving around.”
“You think we’ll harmonize well together?”
“Oh yeah, and you can fuck him while he sings in that upper range.”
I started singing Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying,”


“ over you, crying over you
Yes, now you’re gone and from this moment on”
As if on cue, Jack walked over and sang with me:
“I’ll be crying, crying, crying, crying
Yeah crying, crying, over you”

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Jack looked distressed, so I ended with a smile.
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“Most of these kids don’t even know you’re gay. Robby had to go into details about Jace and now I just found out about Stu’s brother. I don’t have a chance.”
“Everyone come over here and listen up.” I yelled. When they all gathered around Jack and me, I explained where it stood, giving Robby the evil eye.
“Jack’s my boyfriend. He really wanted to be, so we’re giving it a try. Whatever Robby told you about me, it’s sure to be an exaggeration, to satisfy his nasty need to make everyone else but him look bad. We have two bands now, based on age, but also based on our friendships with each other. I want Jack to be in the older band with me. It will be just like when Jace and I played and sang. Everybody seemed pretty happy about Jace and me, but it didn’t end so well. The same for whatever I had with Stu’s brother. I love all you guys and girls. I think that’s more important than anything. So what do you think about giving Jack a chance to sing with us and to be my boyfriend as well?”
There was silence as they all looked at each other. Iggy jumped up. “Fuck yeah, as long as I get to be Iggy Pop.”
“That’s the point, we’re free to be ourselves, even if it’s an asshole like Iggy Pop.”
Someone yelled, “Yeah, free to be me.”
They all surrounded Jack and a chastened Robby broke out his bong. Tim 91 Bong hits all around. Jack’s second stoned rush made him even hornier than the first time. I had to drag him into the bathroom for a blow job to calm him down. He couldn’t believe I would blow him. Jace was sitting below us on the floor, fingering his ass and stroking my cock. He blew in about 30 seconds. I told him ‘later’ for pay-back. He never let go of me the entire practice. Everyone was used to me getting hard in public, but the two of us made all the straight guys look away. The Jacettes just kept giggling. Jack was relieved that Flo wasn’t jealous. She knew how to share. She had 8 brothers and sisters. Jack added his own verses to the compilation of bullying incidents we all had endured. I kept an eye on John to see if he wanted to add any of the bullying I knew about. He wasn’t ready. After practice, Jack and I came over to him, so I could make a personal introduction.
“You’re Jace’s brother?” Jack had found out.
“Yeah,” John said with his head down.
“I know I’ll never replace Jace in Tim’s heart. I’m trying to find another piece of it for me.”
“Are you and Tim ‘brothers’ now,” he asked.
“We’re working on it.” I conceded.
“Well, you can be my brother, too,” He told Jack, who seemed to know not to hug him.
“Thanks.” We both said.

Before leaving, I left a note on Mike Sr.’s desk saying we needed to get the studio recording done as soon as possible. I knew not to call his office for a while. After all the tumult of the past few days, I decided that the False Gods group deserved Sorrento’s. I called Mom/Susan to let her know I wasn’t going to be home for dinner. I also told her that my friend Jack was sleeping over. So many bases to cover just to feel like an honest kid again.

Sorrento’s was great. We toked upTim 583 and drink beer, extolling our many virtues. With our new protest cred we discussed what Bob Dylan songs we’d perform. I reminded them that we were no longer a cover band and would use Dylan for sit-ins only. I got booed down. Flo sat on the other side of Jack from me, teasing him when she discovered he was already wearing my underwear. I could see him relax with her as she insisted on giving them a ceremonial snap. I realized she had been prepping him, when Edi changed places after returning from their lady’s room note comparisons. I paid more attention to Flo. Jack slowly got to know Edi. She had to pull information out of him, which I made sure to listen to. I let Flo fiddle with my clothes. I needed to relax after so much goings-on. Jack told Edi that he had older brothers and sisters, but he was called his parent’s November mistake. They were already grandparents. They let him do pretty much what he wanted, which had never been a problem, mostly going to museums and listening to music. He had a couple of close friends whom he described as nerds and fag hags. No one knew he was gay. Edi said, “Except for about twenty people in this group, now.”
He gave her a beatific smile, which made me chuckle, until I saw Jace studying the whole situation.Fun Boy 03  I’d have to gather intelligence from Flo about Edi’s current feelings. Jace’s 16th birthday orgy was coming up. Jace stroked Edi’s nappy hair which made her shiver, meaning she still had feelings for him. We walked a fine line. When it came to pay, I was told we were on the owner’s tab. I still left a big tip.

Hippie drove us all home. Jack sat in my lap and I had an arm around Flo and Edi. Everyone noted when Jack got out with me. Hippie wanted to know if Jack was coming to the next dinner with his moms. Jack looked at me for confirmation.
“Please say we’ll both be there, if that’s okay.”
Hippie had no problem with gay issues, as long as it didn’t involve him.
Once we got upstairs, Jace started pulling Jack’s clothes off, which Jack did to me, even popping the buttons on my jeans. His pencil-necked dick stuck straight out, the only straight bone in his body. He pushed me back on the bed, pulling my jeans down but leaving the briefs on. We were a matched pair, or rather triplet, as Jace left his similar briefs on too. It was a mild fetish I thought of as a joke. As Jack leaned back and relished being invaded by Jace poking at his ass through his briefs. He reached and stroked my Tim 05 bulge. With his eyes closed he ignored the impossibility that it was just me with him. I disentangled him from Jace and turned him around so to the tip of my dick stuck out of my briefs and into his waiting mouth.  He took the entire length in one bob as Jace, having removed both their briefs, entered his ass just as smoothly. All three of us gave out a long sigh. Jace was off on his standard five-minute fuck while I thrust into Jack’s bobbing mouth. Somehow Jack knew Jace was about to cum and his own straining dick started to jerk without anyone stroking it. His sucking mouth and ass was bringing us both to rapid climax.  Jack went off first, spurting all over my clean sheets, with Jace and me enjoying simultaneous eruptions of our own. I was deep down his throat while he swallowed the entire load. Not only was he bouncing back and forth on Jace’s dick, but he started shaking as his orgasm slowed down. His whole lower body shook. Jace collapsed on top of him, spent. I was about there, but pulled out Catching my final spurt in the mouth. Jack started crying as he continued to shake, barely able to mumble, “I feel completely fucked.”
“You’re sweetly and completely fucked,” I assured him. Laying there I realized he was asleep. I pulled him into an embrace. Jace had his arms around both of us, with his limp dick resting between Jack’s butt cheeks. Tim 128 In the morning, Jack said he felt my stiff dick inside him all night. Sweet dreams. I told him to call his folks to say where he was, which he did. After that he called his nerd friend and proceeded to detail how he’d lost his virginity. He got ready to dial again, but all the sex talk had made me hard. I whistled and waved my dick at him. He jumped back into bed. I put him on top of my dick and it slithered into him Tim 90 aided by the slime that remained from Jace’s previous fucking (although I don’t know how, but it was definitely a slimy root canal). I thrust once deeply inside him and held him firmly by the shoulders while I lectured him on Joey’s ‘don’t kiss and tell” rule. He looked at me anxiously, squirming and twisting, as I wouldn’t let him go. As I got close to the edge, I gave a series of short deep thrust and exploded. The second he felt what I was doing, his garden hose shot all over my chest and hair.  I opened my mouth and caught several spurts. Done myself, I lay him back and made him eat his own jism as I frenched him for several minutes.
“That tastes sweet,” he remarked.
“You’ve never tasted your own sperm?” I kidded him.
“No, so let me taste yours,” and he fingered the slime coming out his ass. “That’s gnarly.”
“You’re tasting your butthole, butthead.” I told him.
He gave me an ugly look and collapsed on my chest. “Next time, then.”
Jace had just watched and signed, “Bravo.” And snuggled up to me. I went back to sleep and we were twenty minutes late for English. Everyone cheered when we walked in, especially as Jack was walking a little stiffly. Mr. Clark just shook his head, but also smiled. He was our fag hag.

At Nutrition many black students came up to the drama/stoner table and expressed appreciation for the new openness and increased bus service. Some athletic looking girls looked uncomfortable at how possessively Jack was holding on to me. Other black girls were all interested in Jack, asking him about his role as Queen of the Fairies; then they started to giggle so much that they couldn’t say any more. I asked them if they would help with the unity dance that the school had promised. They completely picked up the ball. They promised to get a dance committee together with an equal number of white, Hispanic and black kids. One of the black girls shyly asked if our band would play live, instead of a DJ with recorded music. Robby and I said we’d talk about it. The Out-Crowd offshoot played the Motown style that was best for a dance while we were working on our concert debut opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd. “Ew, they suck,” the girls said, looking at us as if we were rednecks.
“Hard not to be a southern rock band in Florida.”
“Not if you’re black,” they observed.
“Well, we’ll do something about that,” I promised. “We do Michael Jackson in our shows.”
“Oh, Michael,” they coo’d.
Robby and I got up and sang ‘ABC.’

Soon the whole quad was singing and dancing. AP Spencer showed up to shoo us back to class. When he saw Robby and me leading the group, he looked disgusted and walked away. Robby was king of the school. I remembered an English lesson on Greek hubris and shuddered. But I’m not one to rain on anyone else’s parade. Jack and I had different classes for the rest of the day. Robby didn’t want to ditch when he’d just been crowned king shit. Jack joined me for lunch as our merged group now had a table. Mr. Clark came by and said we all needed to make the first afternoon rehearsal. He had a school photographer coming by to take cast pictures.
“Full makeup and dress?” Jack asked.
“Of course.”
At final bell, I ran home and got the Love jeans and ruffled shirt Joey had bought me. I returned just in time for the photos.
“Can’t you be Titania, just for the photos?” Robby whined.
“I’m a minstrel,” I declared standing barefooted in my elf outfit.Tim 37
“Fine. I just wanted you in a dress, like all the other girls.”
“Ew,” they all went. The butch stage crew was laughing and pointing.
Robby positioned Jack in the middle of the Queen’s fairies, primping the wig and adjusting his dress, Jack was oblivious to Robby’s flirting. He smiled and winked at me.
“Get over here at Titania’s feet so it looks like you’re wooing her with song,” he ordered.
I hooked up the SG and lay at the throne,playing eerie stage music while everyone else was arranged for the photos. After the main shoot was done, I moved into the corner and continued playing all the songs we had planned for the show. Tim 96 Robby continued to primp Jack, getting him in all the shots since he was now the show’s star. The boy playing King Oberon was hardly in any shots. Finally they had the whole class lined up including the butch stage crew. He positioned all the boys in dresses to look as pretty as possible. All the boyish crew  frowned and looked tough. He and Mr. Clark stood in the middle. Robby had Jack on his arm. That was the extent of the rehearsal. We were all dismissed. Grant was told to practice as the Indian Changeling with Titania. Robby stayed to direct them.

By the time I got to Michael’s, the Out-Crowd was going through their set of dance/pop songs. There were lots of errors, which mostly came from John on guitar. Stu, Tim and Jenna were standing around while he tried over and over to play the notes properly. He looked so relieved to see me. I hadn’t paid him much heed since Jack had shown up.
“You must stop thinking about what note to play. All those sessions at Spec’s trying to learn through sheet music were a waste of time. Stop looking at your fingers. Close your eyes and play what’s in your mind.” Jace positioned himself behind John and took over his hands. He felt what was happening, sighed and started playing the lead intro for the Monkee’s ‘Daydream Believer.” The rest of the band jumped in and everything clicked.

Then my mind snapped. Where were Robby and Jack? Why didn’t I wait for them? Why was Robby flirting with Jack? What would Robby do?
I instantly knew. I signed to Jace to stay with John. He was glad to but signed back ‘Why?”
I just shrugged him off and ran out of the music room. I had my bike which I threw down in Robby’s back yard. Tim 361 His window was locked but I heard mumbling and protests. I ran around to the front door and burst into Robby’s room.
Tim 210 Jack was backed into the corner of Robby’s bed. “What the fuck, you asshole,” I screamed at him. Jack had thrown his feet up to protect himself. A naked Robby had thrown Jack’s legs over his shoulders, had Jack in a strangle hold with one hand and was holding his dick in the other. Jack looked mortified when he saw me. Tim 54
I threw Robby off the bed and onto the ground.  I picked him up and gave him a forearm blow to his shoulder. Down he went again. I picked him up the second time and screamed into his face, “What the fuck, you asshole.” I punched him in the stomach Tim 112 and slammed his Adams apple with my forearm again. He went down, unable to breathe, gasping and choking. I held him down with my foot.
“You’re out of the band. Tim 327I never want to see you again. I want to kill you right here and now. If you tell anyone I will testify that you forcibly raped Mary last Halloween.”
He kept gasping, finally barely uttering, “It’s my band.”
I kicked him in the nuts. As he screamed, I told him, “If I ever see you again I will kill you.” Then I kicked him in the stomach.
Jack was in shock. I grabbed his clothes and pulled him off the bed. He clutched me, unable to form words and staring at me in fear. We walked out of the house, as Robby’s mom stared at us in terror. “Your son is a child rapist.” I yelled at her.
I dragged Jack upstairs. I insanely fucked him for thirty minutes without any intention of stopping. Finally I started to cry. I just held him, his legs wrapped around my waist and arms around my neck, with his eyes shut, sobbing. Tim 343 I thought I was so over this. Where was Jace? I had left him with John and the Out-Crowd. I imagined them enjoying playing the pop songs he loved, while I was breaking our sex pact at this very minute. I couldn’t stop crying as I lay on top of Jack, fully inside of him. His sobs relented. He started to fuck my dick. Still sobbing but now to his fucking rhythm, I was soon rocking with him. We came. I didn’t want to let him go. We hugged until my dick finally went down and slipped out.
“I’m sorry. I’m  so sorry,” he cried. “I didn’t understand why he was being nice to me. When we went to smoke a joint, he attacked me and pulled my jeans down. I tried to fight him with my feet. He pushed them into the air and was about to fuck me. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you saw it. You hate me, I know it.
“Shut up. Does it look like I hate you. I fucked you from love, to make you know that this was not your doing or your fault. Robby was raping you. You want him to go to jail, I will call the cops.”
“No. No., Please don’t tell anyone. I’ll die. They’ll blame me for acting like a girl.”
“Okay, we can do it later. Do you want to be a girl?”
“I want to be the boy you love.”
“Boys don’t cry. You can fuck me for as long as you want later tonight, but we have to go back to practice. You don’t want me to tell. I don’t want you to tell anyone.”
The look he gave me showed I had really scared him. He was afraid of me. I started crying again. If Jace had been here, he’d have stopped all this sentimental crap. Well, the fucking wasn’t crap and I kinda enjoyed beating the crap out of Robby. One look at Jack made my heart-break. Jace and I had been fucking the shit out of him over the two days since he’s come out as gay. Welcome to the club. Now he saw what sex without love was. It scared him.
“Come sit in my window in my arms. Tim 425 The band can wait (what do I tell Jace about our sex pact?).” He cuddled in my arms, sniffling.
“I fucked you as hard as Robby would have raped you but I did it for love. Now you know I won’t let anyone else touch you (well, maybe girls). I want you and I will protect you with my life. Robby wanted to violate you. He’s not even gay. He uses sex to get power over people. You see him even do it to adults, like Mr. Clark.”
Jack’s eye were wide with wonder. Was he understanding?
“I fuck you to show I love you. Can you see the difference?”
“I knew the moment he started to take my jeans off that he meant to hurt me. I was afraid of him.”
“That’s why it’s rape, regardless of our age. Don’t leave me again. The minute I saw you hadn’t returned from school I realized what Robby was doing. Luckily I was in time to stop him. This isn’t about you. It’s about him and me. Through you he wants to hurt me. If he hasn’t learned his lesson, I will kill him.”
The fear returned to his eyes, but he pulled me even closer and closed his eyes, sensing all my emotions boiling inside me. He started purring like a cat. Now I felt like a hero and scratched him behind his ears. My heart rate went down.

Soon Jace appeared, at least to me. I kept rocking Jack who was barely awake.
Jace signed, “What happened. You left and now it looks like you’ve broken our sex pact.”
“You’re not mad?”
“Just a little jealous for missing out. Let’s both fuck him in a 3-way.”
“I caught Robby trying to rape him. He’s pretty traumatized.”
“So a little sympathy sex.”
“Just come over and cover both of us up in the window.”
He settled by my left knee and wrapped his arms around Jack.
“So what did Robby say?”
“Nothing. I beat the crap out of him. I knocked him down three times, put my foot on his neck and kicked him out of the band. Then I kicked him in the nuts and stomach, came back here and fucked the shit out of Jack.”
“Is Jack sorry he screwed up?”
“I showed him the difference between being violated and being loved. He got the message.”
“For thirty minutes? That’s you guys’ first time, you know.”
“You jealous?”
“Naw, maybe if Edi stops loving me for him.”
“A bit early with girls for him.”
“Maybe we’ve found our first naturally gay person. Felix and Phillip and all that rough trade at the Eros Lounge, don’t know how to love anyone but themselves.”
“You a hater now?”
“Naw, I know there’s no room for haters in your heart.”
I kissed him and Jack looked up. “What are you doing.”
“Kissing Jace.”
“Oh, were you signing too. Was he mad we had rough sex?”
“We had a pact not to do that alone. Tonight’s the first time I violated that.”
“Is he mad?”
“No, just sorry that you got violated by Robby. The rough sex part turned him on.”
“I like Jace. Can I kiss him too. That’s what you were doing, right?”
Jace bend over and kissed him deeply into his mouth as Jack responded with his eyes shut. Tim 307 Now I finally understood why people shut their eyes. Searching for their perfect lover.
“I think Jace likes me,” he responded and hugged me. “Well, let’s get in bed. You promised I was going to fuck you for the first time tonight.”
All’s fair in love and war. Also, I was a little drained from the fight. It was worth it. Jack pencil dick went on an exploration of all my orifices, finally ending up knocking on my prostrate. Instead of drilling for seminal fluid, he jack hammered me into submission. He switched to more traditional in and out rhythm and I could catch Jace’s in and out thrusts as they passed through Jack. Tim 25

Robby was sick the next morning. Mr. Clark asked me to work on the dance steps. I switched the music to throw in a little ‘Nutcracker March of the Unknown Toy Soldier’ and The Mikado’s Yum Yum’s entrance. The boys pranced around. The girls shouted hoots and lewd remarks at them.
At band practice, everyone wondered where Robby was, as he was our source for weed. I gave Iggy twenty bucks. He said to forget it and pulled out an oz. Finally I told them I had kicked Robby’s ass and he was out of the band. I said it was none of their business why. No one complained as everyone had been the butt of his control games. Michael winked at me, “Finally grew a pair?” he asked. He was just like his dad. I loved his straight ass. Our rehearsal was pretty dispirited. No Michael and Robby bickering. The fear of no pot dealer. They finally asked me what happened.
“I threw him on the ground, then picked him up and hit him in chest and he went down again. Picked him up, hit him in the stomach and a forearm to his Adams apple. Kept him down with my foot to his neck. Told him I’d kill him if I saw him again. Kicked him in the balls and then in the stomach. I walked out and told his mother to call the medics.”
“Okay,” they all said. Maybe we shouldn’t celebrate at Sorrento’s on this development. They all looked scared of me. I was glad. Jack, though, had his hero-worship eyes on me. My Queen Titania. I had calmed down enough to worry that I had been so rough with him the first time we really had penetrative sex. He had to be sore but was putting on a positive face. John seemed to be the one who connected the dots. When we started going over additional verses for ‘Look before You Leap,’ I had to play guitar and let go of Jack. John had been sitting with me (and Jace). He put his arm around Jack who looked lost when I had stopped holding him. John was still in Junior High, but Jack was more on his level emotionally. The attempted rape was way beyond his ability to cope. His resilience level was more on a par with Dungeons & Dragons than being stripped, then forcefully fucked for thirty minutes knowing it was his own fault for getting into the situation. I was pleased that John was ready to reach out. I suggested at the end of rehearsal that Stu, Mike Jr., John and Jack all come with me to Sorrento’s. I called Mom Watt who agreed to meet us there. No pot or beer for this group. We all cheered when she showed up.
“Sit and have a famous Miami slice,” I requested, suddenly aware I had been ordering everyone around. In a quieter voice, “Meet Jack; he’s my new boyfriend.”
Jack blanched at being outed to a parent, but Mom put him in a big hug to welcome him. Of course, Jack started to sob.
“He’s had a kinda hard day, so we thought pizza and some mom might help.”
“Yay, Mom,” all the boys shouted. Jack perked up.
Stu asked, “Is Jack my new brother?”
“Of course, any boyfriend of mine is part of the family.”
“I’m your brother, too,” said John to Jack.
Mike Jr. looked left out.
“Can best friends be family, too?” he asked Stu.
“Sure,” he answered and the two of them started wrestling at the table.
“Calm down, boys,” Mrs. Watt ordered.
Everyone, including me, said, “Yes, Mom.”
Everyone was laughing. We didn’t need the pot and beer. I felt twelve again. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, not a bad thing when you just tried to kill your best friend.

Mrs. Watt smiled at me when she noted that Jack got out at my house. Once upstairs and sitting in our window, he asked me how many brothers I had. Tim 447
“No brothers by blood, but it started with Stu. He was my first friend when I came to Miami. I liked him being a pest. His real brother Scott fought with me until we became boyfriends, so we told Stu I was then another older brother and their mom told me to call her Mom, too. Scott and I broke up. Jace escaped the bullying at his house and moved in with me and after a month or so we became boyfriends. Mrs. Watt told Jace to call her Mom, and Stu adopted him as another brother. When Jace was killed by his older step-brother, John was taken away from his own family and went with the Watt’s. Stu adopted John because Jace was their mutual brother.”
“So, there’s you, Stu, John and now me?”
“Don’t forget Jace.”
He was suddenly sad and hugged me. “I wish I had known him.”
“You do know him. He’s your guardian angel.”    Tim 127
“I don’t believe in heaven or hell.”
“You can believe in Jace. He’s always with me. That’s why Robby could attack you when we were separated.”
“So, it was Jace who tried to kill Robby?” he looked hopeful that I couldn’t be so mean.

“No, I have a bad temper when it comes to Robby. Sorry, but I don’t love him like I love you.”
“You love me?” he looked stunned.
“Of course, dumb shit. Do you think I would have tried to kill my best friend if I didn’t love you?”
“You were scary.”
“I would never hurt you.”
“That means as I get to know you better, I’ll love you even more.”
“It’s kinda a big crush right now.”
“Exactly. I’ve been crushing on you for so long but was afraid to let you know. Then I got high and couldn’t help myself.”
“You weren’t subtle. I had to throw you over my shoulder and drag you home to bed”
“And you fucked me all night long.”
“No. You dreamed that part.”
“And in the shower?”
“No. Your imagination got you off while you blew me.”
He looked confused. “What about last night?”
“First time. Not exactly gentle and loving.”
“I don’t want to be taken gently. You’re hot blooded. That really turns me on.“02
“How’s your butt feel about it?”
“I don’t care. Love should hurt.”
“You’re crazy. The hurt comes after the love is gone.”
I ran my thumb across his butt crack and he winced. Tim 84
“Com’n,” and I dragged him into the bathroom with a tub. We got into a steaming bath. He relaxed into my arms and I massaged his butt until it relaxed completely. Several farts bubbled up, making us giggle.
Susan heard us and asked why I was taking a bath.
“Hard days work, Mom. We needed to relax.
“Someone’s with you?”
Oops. “Yeah. You haven’t met Jack. We’ll come down once we’re done.”
“Okay, boys.”
Jack had tensed up again. “Let’s just see how it goes. Maybe I won’t have to sneak you in like I had to do with Scott and Jace. The worst that can happen is we’ll have to sneak around.”
Jace was sitting facing us in the bath, with the steam rising through his ethereal body and his hands jacking Jack.
“Can we take care of this before getting out,” as he showed me his hard-on.
I took my fingers which was massaging his ass, stuck them in as far as his prostrate, which I firmly stroked. He went rigid and came into the bath water. My fingers returned to massaging the rings of his ass until they were fully relaxed. He was half-asleep in my arms.
“No sleeping in the bathtub,” as I raised him out of the water.
While dressing, I asked, “You haven’t been lying to me about your parents. They’re okay with you staying over?”
“They’re used to it. All those D&D marathons.”
“Will they tell Susan and my dad that.”
“Sure. Do I have to tell my parents you’re my boyfriend?”
“How old are they?”
“Almost sixty.”
“Jesus. They’ll have heart attacks. Just let them meet me first.”
“Okay. We’ll meet yours now. Can I say you’re my boyfriend?”
“If they ask, don’t lie. Best to be yourself and know they’ll like the real you, not some fake chump who’s lying to impress them. Dad has a big bull shit detector.”
“Will he give me a lie detector test?”
“No, it’s like gaydar with us. He just knows when someone is trying to pull the wool over his eyes. Don’t lie.”
“Okay. You’re making me nervous.”
I kissed him and he smiled.                Tim 255

When we walked into the living room, only Mom/Susan was there. She called Dad, “Come meet Tim’s friend. He just joined the band.”
How did she know. Mom’s are so intuitive.
“Mom, this is Jack. He’s also in my English class. He was my understudy until I had to play guitar as a minstrel in the play.
“What play is it?”
“A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” Jack promptly responded.
“Oh, Shakespeare.”
“Yes. We’re going to have our first performance at Michael’s birthday party. You and Mr. Castle have been invited.”
“Of course, and we’re looking forward to it.”
“Jack’s a much better actor than I,” I elaborated.
“That’s hard to believe,” Dad said walking in. “We sure have trouble telling when you’re just acting.”
“I’ve been acting good lately, but Jack acts really well.”
“The way you twist words is what I’m talking about.”
“Dad doesn’t always trust me yet,” I told Jack.
“Well, after fifteen years of hiding the truth, one year of being honest means you have fourteen years to go.”
“Great. I’ll come back when I’m thirty.”
“What’s all this formal introduction about?”
“I want you to meet Jack and get your approval for him to stay over. His parents know he’s here but you should speak with them. They are older and treat him like an adult.”
“Maybe Jack will be a good influence on you, for when you turn thirty.”
Everyone laughed, except Dad, who knew when he was being patronized.
“Is it okay with you, Susan?”
“Yes, dear, but best to speak with his parents.”
Jack got up and took Dad to the phone, where I heard them talking with Jack’s parents.
Susan smiled, “You really have changed, Tim. I feel proud of you, like you’re my real son.”
I went over and hugged her. She hugged me back tightly.
“What’s this,” Dad asked as he and Jack came back from the phone. “You all plotting against me?”
“No, dear. I only knew Jack was here a few minutes ago. Tim said he’d come down, so we could meet him.”
“Well, his parents seemed very nice and trusting. I hope Timmy will avoid his usual pranks that make it hard to give him privileges.”
I winced at my old name and the warning. Dad always had to be in charge.
“Did you hear about us at school and getting the black students to be welcomed.
“That’s nice, dear, “Susan conceded.
“Why am I always seeing you in the paper? My boss isn’t so keen on equal rights and protest marches, as well as all the other explosions in your life. He knows all about you and asked me if you’re some kind of radical.”
Instead of arguing that it wasn’t a protest march, I tried a new tact. “Well, I thought with your promotion you could have your own opinions at least.”
He scowled. “You have a lot to learn about business, son.”
“The higher you go, the deeper you kowtow?”
“Don’t mock me. You promised not to embarrass me after I shot that friend of yours.”
“You shot my friend’s killer. You saved my life,” I started tear up. “I’ll do and be anything you ask.”
Susan came to my rescue. “He’s been an angel, lately, honey. Look at this nice friend he has from school. They’re doing Shakespeare, for god’s sake.”
He calmed down. “Okay, I apologize. I know you did the right thing about the black students. I am proud of you. You’re sixteen. It’s normal to test the rules your parents set. I wasn’t always the ideal son at your age.”
At this moment, Max came bounding into the room, running around sniffing Jack and me, then settling at Dad’s feet. Dad scratched him behind his ears absent-mindedly.
“Did you have a dog when you were my age?” I changed the subject away from me and Jack.
“Yes I did. His name was Bowser. I called him Bow Wow Wow, or just Bow.”
“Did you make him bow to you, like we do?”
He looked at me quickly, then laughed. “Okay, you’ve made your point. And yes, I love Max as part of our family.”
“Is it okay to take him to the Watt’s, where John now lives. Max was his dog, too.”
“Not to stay.”
“Just to visit. John may stay over here sometimes when he feels more normal.”
“How many strays do you plan to adopt?” Dad was his impolite and impolitic self again.
“Honey, Jack is not a stray. It’s normal for boys to want to stay up late and sleep over.”
“I’m sorry, Jack. It’s been too exciting here lately. You’re a welcome guest here.”
“We’re going back upstairs before Jack has to hear about the need to have a gun.”
“Don’t knock the industry that feeds you.”
“Oh, I thought you were working for the war industries that kill us.”
“I don’t know why I’m glad to know you still have a smart mouth.”
“I love you too, Dad,” and I gave both of them hugs. Jack was about to do the same, but I pulled him and Max back to my room.
“I almost kissed your folks, they were so nice,” Jack gushed.
“Don’t get carried away. I might get jealous.
Max was sniffing Jack and poking his pockets. Very little trace of THC on him.
“You’re going cold turkey, Max. The pot connection is closed.”
He whined and made us take him outside. After doing his business/dump, he tried to drag us to Robby’s, but we took him upstairs to my room. He laid in the corner and pouted.
“He really acts addicted,” Jack noted.
“You can’t be addicted to pot,” I asserted, knowing in Max’s case, he was the exception that proved the rule.
Jack lay with him and gave him his full attention. I stripped to my briefs and lay on my bed watching them cuddle. Tim 67 I thought of all sorts of lyrics for ‘Don’t Leap.’ Jace started signing that we hadn’t come up with any chords and melodies for the verses and chorus. He started humming, which I thought I could just barely hear. I got the SG and repeated the notes. He smiled at me when he saw I didn’t need him to show me the notes. Jack started humming to the music. It was a joyous feeling that he was really going to sing with me in the band. “Don’t Leap’ was coming together. He looked up from Max and got a big grin on his face. He came over and snapped the waistband on my briefs.
“You look so yummy running around half-naked,” he complimented me.
What is it with this underwear fetish? But I played along, stripping him down to what were an identical but saggy pair, the soaked ones from our first night. I pulled out a fresh pair for him, so we could run around together like five-year olds in our Underoos. But his dick was already hard, so we saved that pair until after our shower.
“I’ll get Felix to give me more. You’ll have to autograph a bunch for him to sell.”
“Not me. You’re the rock star they want autographs from.”
“Wait until you start singing with the band. You’re fresh meat to those 12-year-old girls.”
“Girls want  to wear these?”
“They make their 12-year-old boyfriends wear them.”
“Don’t start stripping 12-year-olds to see.”
“Oh, I can imagine.”
“Jeez, my best friend’s a rapist and now my boyfriend tells me he’s a pedophile.”
“Just a voyeur. No 12-year-old can do this for me,” and he pulled out my dick and swallowed it whole. He was stroking the head and top of the shaft with his tongue, like he really knew what he was doing.Tim 07
“How’d you get so good at this, recent virgin,” I asked.
“Lots of practice,” and he rolled on his back, pulled his knees to his chest and swallowed half of his long, skinny dick.
“You don’t need to do that now,” as I pulled him back on top of me and put myself in the 69 position. I concentrated my tongue on the lower half of his shaft. As he became more and more turned on, he was going down on me at a furious pace. Tim 457 It wasn’t long before we both exploded. His long dick was half way down my gullet, tickling it as it swung back and forth while spurting. After we finished, I made sure to lick his dick clean. He wiped it on his tee-shirt and pulled on the fresh briefs. I gave him the lyric sheet to the “Leap’ song.  Jace was stripped down and danced around, singing soundlessly with us.
Finally Susan knocked on the door, giving Jack a fright, but I told him the door was locked.
“It’s getting late, boys. The music may bother the neighbors.”
“We got carried away with a new song we just wrote. We’ll calm down.”
“Sounds great. Good night.”
We collapsed in each other’s arms, laughing and giggling, five-year old perverts, caught jumping up and down on their bed. Soon the bed was going up and down. Susan had just reminded us we needed to fuck. I let Jace fuck Jack while he lay on my thighs jacking me. Jace was much easier on his swollen ass, then my fat invader. He didn’t need anyone stroking him. When he let go, Jace and I came together. It was all good except for my sheets again. I was loath to start making him use rubbers. How he got off so easily was a new mystery.

The next morning Robby was again missing from English class. I signed to Jace to go over and report on how he looked. He returned by Nutrition. jace said he was just lying in bed, smoking a lot of pot, with black eyes and unable to get up. yaoi 05 At least he wasn’t hospitalized. I wasn’t over being mad. It was weird not having him tell everyone what to do. Mr. Clark asked me to fill in for him as director of the play. I used the time to work on the cast movements with my music. By including ballet and musical theater elements, the boys improved some. Finally I got the stage crew girls to work with them. The boys responded better. I finished by telling them to think of the different parts they played as fairies. No one snickered anymore when I called them that.
The marching entrances came easier than the butterfly floating,, and the vigor and fast tempo of the bees was harder still.. I tried to not be too critical. Jack helped by working with Grant, Tim 381 his changeling slave. Grant naturally had rhythm and Jack naturally picked up on it. The other boys slowly got a feel for the beat and soon it looked like they were all in sync. The sense of flow helped me push the music with higher leads. It was becoming cohesive. We only were doing one-third of the play. I couldn’t imagine how a director could make the complete play a cohesive whole. Then I realized we were totally remaking Shakespeare and interpreting it to our own artistic sensibilities. What part of high school did I not understand? Waiting for Jace to return, Jack tried consoling me that it wasn’t a foolish project.
“Look at all we’ve accomplished. We are fluent with an English that’s 350 years old. Ee’ve made a whole performance out of part of the original play. All the boys are fine with being girls. Even the girls love being boys. You just wrote the music to a classic play. It just needs to be tweaked so you’re happy with it and the players can feel its rhythm. How about if I sing my lines to your music?”
“What?” I had been signing with Jace about Robby. “You want to sing your lines?”
“Why not? It’s all iambic pentameter. My high alto/ tenor voice is perfect for a Queen. We can try it this afternoon.”
“You take charge.”
“No, I’ll support you and we’ll win over Clark and the fairy boys.”
“Sounds like an English invasion band.”
He laughed. “What were you signing with Jace?” he asked.
“He went to see how Robby is. It’s pretty bad.”
“Will he live?”
“Yeah, barely. He’s lying there taking bong hits and feeling sorry for himself.”
“Think I should go see him?” I asked.
“No. You said you’d kill him. You want me to go there again?”
“No way Jose.”
Then Jace started jumping up and down and signing, “He needs Max lovin’ and Max needs to feed his addiction.”
“Jace thinks we should send Max over. Max doesn’t care what he did. He just wants to get high.”
We agreed to the plan.

After final bell, we usually went to Michael’s to help with the Out-Crowd. Instead, we got Max from my house and put him in Robby’s backyard. Max was totally insane, recognizing his turf. He ran to Robby’s window, jumped up and scratched the side of the house. He sat and barked once, commanding to be let in. No reaction. He barked again. Robby wasn’t moving. Then Robby’s mom opened the back door, saw Max, and let him in. We peeked in his window and saw Max jump up on Robby’s bed and start slobbering all over the invalid. Robby pushed him away. Max barked. Robby rolled over and buried his head under a pillow. Max grabbed the pillow and they fought over it. Max let go and barked again. Robby got up, took out the bong. Max jumped up on the bed, standing at Robby’s head waiting for his hit. Three hits later, Max bounded out the window and we took him home.
“Makes me want to get high,” Jack complained, as he lay on the floor rubbing Max’s belly. Jace was doing the same, on Max’s other side. Max jumped up and barked at Jace.
“What’s he barking at?” Jack asked.
“He thinks Jace is here.”
“In front of Max, dummy. Tim 311
He rolled over and looked where Jace was and said, “I love you, Jace, for making the most wonderful person in my life know how to love me and fuck me real good.”
Jace leaned over and kissed him.
“He kissed me,” Jack exclaimed
I hugged Jack, “He loves you, too.”
“We’ll both take care of you and maybe you’ll love me like you still love Jace.”
“Every love is different, Jack. You have yet to find out how much I love you right now.”
He tackled me, Max started barking, Jace pulled down my pants and entered me in one motion while Jack stuck his hose down my throat. Max lay on his back with his legs twitching in the air while we all three rubbed his belly and continued fucking. My dick decided on its own that it would come in thirty seconds of my being double fucked. I worried that I’d become a premature ejaculator. Jack and Jace stopped pounding me to watch my dick continue to erupt, then went back to pounding me. Max thought it was time for hot ice cream and licked all the jism off my chest and the floor. It was totally gross. I loved being loved.

We showed up after all the kids had left. Stu, Mike Jr. and John all had swim team still. John remained at the bottom of the B team, but he told me it was the only time of the day he was in his own world, not bugged by everyone around him. ‘Two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl.’ Jenna and Michael were somewhere we didn’t want to know where. Guido was passed out. Hippie was sitting with a girl I hadn’t met before, nothing new for the groupie king. Actually she was from his church. They were working on hymns for the next Sunday. Our standards were slipping.
“This is Anna, from church choir,” he introduced her. “This is Jack and Tim. They’re boyfriends.”
She looked properly shocked. “Gregory said you’d be coming to dinner on Friday.”
“Yeah, both of us.”
“Will you come to Friday night youth group. A lot of the girls have been asking us.”
“’Us’? You’re together?”
“Yeah. We took a chastity vow together last year.”
“Yeah, Gregory has told us so much about you.”
She smiled demurely, very demurely.
“How long do you have to wait?” Jack asked.
“Until we get married.”
“Hippie, you sly dog. You didn’t say you were engaged.”
Instead of seeming embarrassed, he acted like it was no big announcement.
“We’ll be glad to come to youth group. Do you want us to sing and play?”
“Do you know any gospel hymns?”
“Well, we do Elvis and Pat Boone songs. I wouldn’t call ‘Footsteps in the Sand,’ a hymn but we do Elvis’s ‘Mama.’
“Those are sweet. We’re already praying for Gregory’s two moms. We’ll pray for you two. Maybe you can take a chastity pledge, too.”
“Yeah, but since we can’t really get married, it seems kinda tragic.”
“Lots of church boys are gay. They take the pledge hoping they’ll turn straight.”
“Good luck on that one.”
“Thank you. I’ll see you Friday night.”

After she left, Jack got all excited. “We’re going to church youth group and help all those gay boys turn straight.”
“I’ll get Felix to give us a bunch of gay underwear we can sign and give to all those girls who’ve been asking for us.”
“Don’t be making fun of my church friends,” Hippie complained.
“We’ll be perfect gentlemen. But do you really support friends that pray that your moms will break up.”
“That won’t happen no matter how much I wish for it.”
“Who’s Felix?” Jack asked, “and why does he give you underwear?”
“Stop fixating on the cloth that covers up what you really want,” I told him.
Hippie turned red and went back to practicing church hymns.
“Felix owns Out & Proud in the Grove.”
“Is that a gay shop?”
“Bingo. Jace and I worked there over Christmas when the band thing blew up. All the pre-teeny-boppers started chasing us. He made us wear these crazy briefs and sold all the girls the same ones. They make their boyfriends wear them. I’d sign mine and write down a fake phone number to call if the 12-year-old boys want to talk with me. I’ll tell Felix you’re our new singer. You can have your own line of sexy underwear.”
“Oh, I prefer what you wear.”
“Fine, we’ll just share. We both can autograph them. He’ll sell them for twice the price.”
“Let’s go now.”
“You don’t want to rehearse?”
“We rehearsed in class.”
“That was for the play. False Gods is opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd in April, in case you forgot.”
“What? I’m going to sing at a real rock concert?”
“Rockin’ the Bay at the Hydroplane course.”
“Jesus, I’ve never sung for anyone in public.”
“How about we start by seeing if you can sing just for us?”
Hippie said, “Let’s do Amazing Grace. We don’t need the drums. Where’s Robby, anyway. Michael’s probably screwing Jenna somewhere else.”
Guido jumped up, just noticing that his charges were nowhere to be seen. He exited to the main part of the house. We all laughed.
“Now you got Michael in trouble.”
“Only if Guido finds them. He’s not that swift.”
“Says the kettle to the pot.”
“I may seem dumb but it works well with church girls.”
“You really took a chastity vow?”
“Why not? It doesn’t count with groupies.”
“Oh, what evil lurks in the hearts of men.”
“Only real men,” he countered.
Hippie started the bass line for ‘Amazing Grace.’ Tim 617
Jack sang it with soaring counter-tenor, making every end note fly higher and higher, from tenor past counter-tenor. It was better than ‘the Star Spangled Banner.’
Michael and Jenna came running in. “What are you singing?”
“It’s a hymn for Hippie’s fiancée,” Jack proudly stated.
“Fiancée? Hippie you can’t get married until at least we do.” Jenna got all red.
“Don’t worry. We took a chastity vow. It’ll be years.”
“Better to be safe than sure.”
“Someone told me to say that .”
“What about groupies? We worked so hard to get you laid.”
Hippie was not aware of that fact, so he looked bewildered.
“Don’t worry. He’s got both ends of chastity covered.” I supported him. “We’re going to his church’s youth group on Friday. They have lots of gays who are struggling with chastity together.”
“Can we come, too,” Jenna asked, with Michael hiding his unhappy face.
“Sure,” said Hippie, “But it isn’t a Catholic Church.”
“We can get a dispensation if it’s about chastity.”
“Let’s write a chastity song,” I suggested, trying to steer the band back to business.
We spent ten minutes coming up with lines around the idea that chastity only works for the unfuckable. I came up with licks that were a real downer, perfect for chastity.

Jack was hyper about going to see Felix to get his underwear fix. We walked into Out & Proud for the first time in a month. It was hard for me not to think about Jace and us working and performing there, Jace ran up to Felix and hugged him, but there was little reaction on his part. Jace felt that Felix no longer cared about him. I introduced Jack as our new singer. All the young girls window shopping heard me. We had a handful of new fans. I doubted they had been hanging out just to see us when we hadn’t been back since the holidays. Felix had Jack try on several garish brief designs. He modeled for all the girls, who were taking pictures with him posing in the almost buff. Tim 76Then he changed to the next pattern   Felix got him to sign the used pair which sold instantly to one of the girls. He told Jack to come back every day after practice. He’d pay him the difference in price between retail and the autographed specials. Then he handed him fifty bucks for the ones he’d just done and told him to take whatever ones he liked. He agonized over this decision. Finally he chose the same style as Jace and I shared, just a smaller waist size. The girls had been watching him and begged him to wear and autograph the ones we had been using. He said he would not wear them until they invited him over for a private modelling. What a celebrity slut. He had half a dozen phone numbers from pre-teens. I called him a pedophile. He called me ‘Daddy.’
Felix had a handful of briefs which he handed to me, “You’re next. And no bogus phone numbers. I had complaints of false advertising last time.”
I shrugged and repeated Jack’s modelling and autograph act.Tim 150 The girls begged us to sing for them. I asked the chubbiest girl for her first name. It was Kate. We sang her ‘Amazing Kate,” sort of an original. Felix thanked us and made us promise to come back tomorrow. Word of mouth would have the shop swamped. We promised. He gave me my fifty bucks. Jack was high as a kite. He grabbed me by the arm, “Let’s go spend money.”
“First, I want you to meet my friends. Jace and I were their gay godparents.” He looked puzzled but soon was skipping with me to Jill and David’s apartment.
Jill opened the door where I saw David studying inside. “It water wonder boy, Tim,” She yelled at him. He came to the door.
“I just wanted to introduce my new boyfriend to you. He’s also our new singer. This is Jack.” She hugged us both. “We were here selling underwear and thought we could take you out to eat.”
“No can do, Master Castle. Too much studying, not enough time. Jill could go, though.”
“Well, I’m sticking by my man, regardless of how cute the boys at my door are.”
“Well, I wanted to say hi and introduce Jack. Come to our first all originals show in April. We’re opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd.”
“What, that old high school phys-ed teacher? That’s tops,” David noted in his understated way.
“That’s really exciting.” Jill was practically jumping up and down. “At least come in for a glass of wine. David, you can spare five minutes.”
He relented and gave us exactly five minutes. When he hit the books, we pushed off. Jill gave me a huge hug and kissed Jack politely.
“They’re nice,” Jack said. “How did you meet them?”
“David was my second friend after Stu on the swim team. They were my only friends for quite a while.”
“So, your only friends were ten and twenty when you were fourteen. How’d they get along together.”
“Stu was terrified of David, who’s a world champion swimmer. David laughed at me when I started running around with Stu’s friends on bikes, playing in construction projects and getting covered in dirt.”
“How’d David become your friend?”
“Coach put me in his lane. David asked me why I was so worried the weekend my cousin Joey came to visit. He and David are the same age. We partied with him and Jill in between having sex all weekend long. I told you about that.”
“Yeah, you fucked yourselves to death and disinterest.”
“When they realized we were fucking and that I was gay, they were my only real support. I showed up on their doorsteps crying on several occasions.”
“So you were showing me off, now that you have a real boyfriend.”
“Exactly, and you make a good point. You are totally gay. I don’t have to worry that you’re going to find a girl more attractive and easier to show off. Joey, Scott, and Jace all liked girls as much as they liked me.”
Jace signed, “Not true.”
“Well, Jace found girls fun, but he was totally into me.”
Jace nodded.
“You are my first. I’ll never forget that, no matter what happens. You never have to worry,” Jack assured me.
I’ll worry about guys like Robby. Technically Jace was his first. Details.
We kissed in the middle of the Grove. Several cars honked their horns. We got whistles and were told to get a room. Tim 241We did have a hundred bucks to spend, but more importantly, we had each other.