Tim at Swim Chapter 1 Part 2

We went to Alice’s where Joey explained our business of the day. The reason he was so high last night was the heroin he had scored in New York. It had to be very hush-hush, as the local hypes were seriously into keeping a low profile. We sat there all morning and conducted business. It was cool to be part of the crowd. Joey kept calling me dude. Seems that there were a lot of hypes in Stockbridge that summer. When I asked Joey what it was like to score in New York, he said it was like going to another planet, the Planet of the Zombies. tim-710 He promised to take me next time, but I figured my folks would nix it. I was wrong.

When we got back to the house, our folks were just upset that we had missed Sunday dinner.
We went upstairs so Joey could count his money and smoke a joint. Once I was high, all I wanted to talk about was what we had done that night.
“So, Joey, um, that wasn’t the first time for you?”Bennie 03
“You mean getting fucked?”
“Yeah, like it was the first time for me with a girl or a guy. That’s not how I expected it. I mean, with a guy. I guess I want to know, am I still a virgin?”
“Calm down. Yeah, if you haven’t fucked a girl, but you sure didn’t act like a virgin. So don’t sweat it.”
“ Well, neither did you act like the first time.”
“I do that all the time in New York, at least a few times, anyway.”
“Really? What’s it like to get fucked?”
“The thing,” he answered, “is not to get fucked up in the head about it and start acting like a queen.”
“What’s a queen?”
“Man, I forget you’re from the sticks. Like in the song: “shaved his legs, then he was a she. I say hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side.’”
“’and the colored girls go, doo, de doo, de doo, de doo, de de dooo,’” I sang with him.

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“When you go to the City you’ll see things you can’t imagine.”
“I don’t want to get fucked!”
“Well, you’re still a virgin, man.”
“It’s just more complicated than I thought. In Alaska, you fuck a chick and you’re experienced: ‘Are you experienced?’”



“I know you want to tell all your buddies you’ve done it. But it’ll be hard to explain last night in detail. You’re a natural, bro. When it’s time to do it with a chick, you’ll be great. So in reality you’re experienced. It’s just something you can’t brag about. – your first lesson in kissing and not telling.”
“You still haven’t told me what it was like for you.”
“When I get high like last night, it’s something I want to do. It feels so good. You just let go. I mean, you were the top. I just responded to it. Let me see your dick.”
He had noticed I had a hard-on from just talking about it. He reached over and undid my jeans. It got so hard, it started to curl back against my stomach. As he fingered my balls, the scrotum tightened up, pulling the testicles up into my crotch. With his fingers, he started to slowly rub the front of my hard-on. Clear liquid started leaking out. I leaned back on the couch as he squeezed my dick, stroking it up and down. I was moaning as he stroked harder and faster. In five seconds I knew I was about to blow. The tip expanded, opening wider. The first surge of hot liquid cum flew up and hit me in the face. Tim 406He laughed, bending the shaft forward as surge after surge gushed like a geyser. I couldn’t believe we had done it again. This time I only lasted a minute.
Joey looked at me laughing, “You’ve got a cum splat on your forehead and in your hair.”
He reached up and smeared the cum like hairspray, to keep my forelock spiked up.
“The unicorn has returned,” he joked.
Looking in the mirror and laughing, “This is how we looked in Alaska when the cold would freeze our wet hair after swim team.”
I looked at my dick which seemed bigger than I’d ever seen it.
“I think my dick is swollen or something.” Tim 58
“You’re still hard. It’s like you were too quick for your dick.”
“The second I thought about cumming, it went off.”
“You went off all right, all over my couch, your pants, and your hair – ‘Cumface.’ Here, put away your dick. We have things to do.”
“Yeah, places to go, people to see.”
“You catch on real quick, dick. We gotta see my military buddies. They’re not like your GI Joe types. They’re Viet Vets.”

Joey drove his VW Bug into the countryside near Stockbridge. We parked up a dirt road with no houses, just abandoned fields with broken-down stone walls. We hiked a recent path into the woods, until we reached a clearing where there was an abandoned shed.
“Welcome to the hooch of Frank and John,” announced Joey, as two guys with long beards and worn fatigues came out of the shed.
“Joey, man, you’re a sight for twisted eyes. We knew you’d come through,” said the taller guy.
“Hey man, it’s the first of the month. I know you got your checks. Where Uncle Sam pays, the dope man will play. I got you some of New York City’s finest Persian Brown. I’ll take the cash now, please.”
“And you’ll take it all, you draft-dodging faggot. But right now you’re holding; we’re flush and needing a fix. Let’s see what you brought.”
Joey went with them into the shed, while I scoped out the ‘hooch.’ It was an open shed used to store hay when the land was farmed. It looked 50 years old. They had a cooking fire in front and an old commode set up out back as a latrine. These guys weren’t guerrilla warfare experts, just camping out. From the trash that had accumulated, they had been here awhile. In about twenty minutes the three of them came stumbling out of the shed. Glancing strangely at me, they asked Joey who I was. They hadn’t even seen me when we came up on their camp. Joey introduced me as in the military, which they seemed to buy.
“Did you go to ‘Nam, man,” John asked.
“Joey’s putting you on. I’m fourteen, just a military brat.”
Frank thought out loud, “He looks like that Kruikshank kid from California that got fragged by mistake.”
“No, man. That kid was blond. He looks older. I’ll bet he’s an MP, come to make us go to Reserve meetings.”
I played along, “Yeah, you guys got to follow me to town, hup, two, three, four.”
“How come you ain’t got no gun? MPs gotta have a gun. Frank, get this MP a gun. Joey one too. He’s a turncoat for bringing the MPs out here.”
Soon as said, it was done. Frank brought out at least ten weapons. 45s, a M-16, a grenade launcher, boxes of ammo.
“Choose your weapon. You’ll never take us alive.”
They each grabbed two rifles and ran into the woods. Joey and I looked at each other and laughed. Grabbing guns we ran after them. Just as we took off, the assholes started shooting, kicking up dust by our feet.
“They’re fucking shooting real bullets at us,” I screamed at Joey. Tim173
“No fear; they’ll never kill their dealer. They’re too selfish to do that, and they’re really good shots.”
“What makes you think they know what they’re doing. They’ll shoot me. You’ll still get them their dope.”
“Shut up and get behind some cover before they do hit us,” as more dust kicked up. “We’re ‘sposed to be chasing them.”
We made it behind a big tree as shots ripped by. Joey had me take off my white tee-shirt, which he attached to a branch and held it up. Instantly three or four shots ripped through my shirt.
I freaked out. “You dumb mother-fucking sons o’bitches. You’re going to hit us, you psycho, hyped-up Viet Vet losers.”
“Listen to the whiner, the little wimp. If you can’t take the heat, don’t come in the kitchen.”
“You slant-eyed mother-fucking gook. You’re gonna die,” they went on as if they were still in Vietnam. I lost it, jumping out from behind the tree. “I’m only fourteen, you old bastards. Stop this shit.” Tim 310
For a second, my jumping out made them stop, then they let loose with their weapons again. I barely made it back behind the tree.
Joey looked strangely at me. “You shouldn’t call them old. They hate that.”
“What are we gonna do, Joey. They still think they’re fighting the War.”
“Calm down and think about it. It’s just like in the movies.”
“You’re as fucked up as they are.”
“What can we do? Just sit here hoping they snap out of it? Or, figure some way to get their weapons and stop this shit? I’m for action, and I got a plan. I know where they’ll eventually go. It’s a bunker they built to store all their weapons and ammo. You hold them down with gunfire, so I can sneak around and surprise them there. They’ll surrender their weapons. All you have to do is shoot in their direction so they don’t realize I’m gone. Watch to see if they move, then chase them over that hill behind them.”
“Chase them?”
“Don’t worry. I’ve got the grenade launcher. I’ll use it after you’ve loosened them up with these two M-16s. Just make sure you chase them when they move. Start shooting, so I can get outta here. If they attack you, I’ll come back and get them from behind. Don’t freeze up. I’m counting on you.”
I got the rifles and ammo. When Joey was ready, I moved on my belly to the side of the covering tree and let off a burst of fire.  Joey took off in a roundabout way to the hill behind the vets. My shooting surprised them. No return fire came for a minute, before they started again. Once they stopped, I fired back. Tim 212 They were yelling to each other when Joey dropped a grenade into the trees above them. Screaming, they started running away from me. I jumped from behind the trees and fired off all the rounds in both rifles. I could see dirt flying, but quite far from where Frank and John were running. Yelling for them to stop, I hoped Joey would hear that they were heading to him. Cresting the hill I saw their goal. I stopped to reload and cautiously moved toward the bunker. The two dove inside Then I heard Joey yell for them to drop their weapons. Covering the entrance, I stopped out front just as John backed out.
“Oh, shit. Drop your gun asshole.”Tim172
He looked at me for the longest second, then raising his rifle, he took solid aim at my head. Looking down that barrel, I couldn’t pull the trigger that would save me. His gun went click; he was out of ammo. Swinging my rifle, I hit him squarely above the ear, and he went down. Tim 327 Joey pushed Frank out of the bunker, smiling as I stood glaring above John. Pushing Frank to the ground, he turned around and fired a grenade into the bunker. The entire cache of weapons and ammo went up in a deafening roar, knocking us backward and leaving a gaping hole where the bunker had been. Frank and John were too dazed to fight anymore. While I covered them, Joey retrieved a rope from the shed. He tied their arms and legs together like a cow is hogtied, then threw the remaining rope over a branch about ten feet off the ground.
“Help me pull them up.”
First John, then Frank was suspended from the branch, swinging about eight feet from the ground.
“Let’s go. This place stinks,” Joey said.
“You’re gonna just leave them like that?”
“Damn straight. They’re so fucked up they would kill and eat our bodies for dinner. You got a better idea?”
“We can lower them so when they swing back and forth, they eat dirt. As long as they don’t struggle, they’ll be on the ground. I heard you can strangle from being suspended in the air.”
“Okay, my kind-hearted dude. It’s a plan, man.” Tim 445
We sat under a tree awhile, laughing at their predicament. They wouldn’t stop struggling and ate a lot of dirt. Joey finally motioned to go.
“They’ll either figure out how to help each other out of this, or they’ll swing forever.” Tim 181
All this time they said nothing, cursing and mumbling to themselves. Pretty pitiful.
Walking to the car, my legs began to tremble. I sat down hard. Joey had to help me to the Bug.
“Hey, finally got the shakes, huh.”
“Man, how did that all go down? I mean, I never seen anyone go off like that. Was it Vietnam flashbacks?”
“That plus the speedballs they shot up while you were outside. Normal freaks shoot the coke, then the heroin to bring them down. They shot the dope, got wasted, then the coke, and they went off on that trip. Well,” he said, punching me in the arm, “we taught them a new meaning of dirt bags. You look pretty pale.”
I leaned over and puked my guts out. I hadn’t even been smoking. Joey kept quiet, and then drove home. He put an arm around me.
“You’re pretty cool, little dude. You saved our asses out there. No wonder they lost the War. Two stoned teenagers beat their butts. He slapped me five, real jive-like. I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder, Tim 434 until we got to the main road. A fire engine and cop car roared by, going where we’d been.
“Guess we know where they’re going. I hope they don’t shake down the hooch. There’s needles and shit all over that place.”
They didn’t bust them, at least as far as we found out. That night I slept in Joey’s waterbed; no sex but it felt right. I was not ready for more soldiering. I had to throw out my tee-shirt with the bullet holes.

Next day Joey said he had more deliveries to mak. I would enjoy these people a lot more. We drove to Pittsfield where a college-type lived with his supposed girlfriend, Tyler and Linda. They lived in his mother’s large old house on the right side of the mill town. When we arrived Tyler said Linda was out feeding the slugs, so we went to see what was up. The slugs were humongous. Tim 184 Linda was a dark-haired chick about twenty-five, who talked fast through an over-sized nose with a nasal accent. She explained about the slugs; they just eat fungus or slime. You need to keep track of them, or they’ll invade your neighbors’ gardens. It seemed logical to me. I asked if she raced her slugs; she laughed. She said it was snails that raced in Alice in Wonderland. I said she was Linda in Delusionland. Everyone laughed. The three went off to do their dope deal, leaving me with the slugs, which didn’t make a mad rush for the neighbors.
Soon Linda came out and asked me to follow her to a cottage in the back. She explained it was where she stayed when Tyler’s mother was around. It was pretty simple with a bed and weird psychology and Greek mythology books lying about.
She looked at me and said, “Joey said I should ‘do’ ya ‘cause ya neva been laid.” Tim 487
“Don’t ya wanna ‘do’ me so yer not a virgin no more?”
“I kinda wanna decide when that will happen myself. I mean you’re pretty and everything, but really I just find you interesting and strange in a cool way.”
“You’re cool, too. Tyler don’t mind. He just wants ta please Joey; he’s the coolest dealer in the Berkshires.”
“If I pass, will it hurt your feelings?”
“Naw, but don’t tell Joey. He wants ta please ya, and we just wanna keep him happy. Let me give you some Zen massage I know. Maybe it’ll make you wanna do it.”

She took my hand, cracking each knuckle, and then pressing extra hard into the muscle by my thumb. Then she repeated it on my left hand. She said the pain and hurt cleansed my body of tension and bad diet salts, saying I seemed really tense. Then she worked on my arms, stretching out the biceps and triceps. From behind my back, she had me straighten up as she twisted my head from side to side. Placing one hand on my forehead and the other at the base of my skull, she lifted my head away from my shoulders, turning it left and right. Then she lifted my skull straight up and held it for thirty seconds. She removed my tee-shirt and started on my back, rubbing beside my backbone with long strokes up and down. With each push toward my head I felt a tingling up my neck and into my scalp. With each push down my back, the tingling and warmth went into my buttocks and legs.  Taking her thumbs she pushed into the upper flesh of both sides of my butt, hitting a nerve that caused me to twitch. She reached around, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to expose my butt and thighs. Tim 408For five minutes she rubbed up the inside of my thighs, up both cheeks to that nerve spot, letting her thumbs casually scratch the fuzz around my butt hole as she massaged past it. When she rolled me over, my dick flopped onto my stomach. Ignoring the obvious, she rubbed the lower half of my stomach, letting her fingers scratch the pubic hairs around the dick shaft. I let out a low moan each time she touched the shaft. When I reached to grab her, she shook her head. “No. Zen massage requires you lie absolutely still.” She moved from my stomach to my feet, strongly kneading the arches, then rubbing the tops of each leg as she sat on my ankles. She used the tops of my feet to turn herself on. Again she said not to move as I started to be aroused by her rubbing cunt. Tim 130 My dick was as hard as it could get. My moans became louder. Lydia took off her top and her bra-less tits flopped free. Leaning over me, she placed my throbbing dick between her tits, squeezing it as each nipple rubbed my stomach. More moaning from me, and I could hear giggling outside the cottage door. I was too into it to care that our performance had an audience. As the pre-cum started to ooze, she pushed her belly against the front of my dick, and with her hand stroking the shaft, proceeded to jerk me off. When I came, it felt the release of fluid start from deep below my belly. My back arched as my dick hardened even further, with the slit widening to twice its normal size. Tim 135 As I moaned the cum squirted onto her tits, over and over, until they dripped with white, hot jism, that pooled on my belly. As I slowed and finally stopped cumming, her hands went into the pool of cum on my belly, spreading it all over me, into the pubic hairs and onto my nipples. She dug her fingers into the butt nerve spots, making me tense every muscle from my back to my toes. More cum oozed out as I gave a final moan.
Rolling off me, she whispered in my ear, “Some girl is going to be very happy when you’re really devirginized. Don’t tell the guys we didn’t go all the way. Tyler really needs to keep Joey happy.”
We walked out the door with the two of them sitting there, with conspiratorial/guilty looks on their faces. Actually, we all looked that way.
In the VW, Joey expected a blow-by-blow recounting. I just told him, “Hey, you’re the one who says never kiss and tell.”
“You’e learning from the master,” he laughed. “I guess I get my water-bed back for myself.”
“No way, man. Just ‘cause I’m not a fag don’t mean I don’t love ya. Dig?”
“Dig it.” Tim 219

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