Tim at Swim Chapter 3 Part 2

In the morning I’m doing my long course laps behind Wilkie. During a break, he asks, “You okay, mate? You look preoccupied today.” Bleach Ichigo 04
I’m so glad to talk to someone. “Just that my cousin called last night. It brought up old memories.”
“You have old memories at fifteen? All I can remember from then is mean teachers beating me for not memorizing me math tables.”
We laugh.
“At least your teachers don’t come and visit you here.”
“So this mean cousin of yours is coming to visit?”
“Oh, no. He’s my favorite cousin. It’s just that I’ve changed since I workout. I’m not sure it’ll go okay. He’s pretty crazy and wants to party a lot. He’s your age. He let me hang out with him this summer in the Village in New York.”
“You hung out in the Village?”
“Yeah. I met Andy Warhol, the New York Dolls, a bunch of crazies. I even got laid,” I brag.Bleach Ichigo 01
“From meek and mild to Mr. Party Animal. You are full of surprises my young Jekyl and Hyde. Well, here comes my time,” and he pushes off.
At the next break, David asks, “Where’s this cousin of yours going to stay?”
“In the Grove.”
“I live in the Grove. I’ll give you my girlfriend’s address. If this guy really knows Andy Warhol, I want to meet him.”
“Really?” I can’t believe there is anything in common between a swimmer and a stoner.

When I get home from Friday night workout, there is a message to call the Grove Hotel, Room 210. Mom didn’t even recognized Joey’s voice. I call. Joey is pissed.
“Where you been, man? I got in at six.”
“This is the time I get home from swim team. I shoulda told ya. What’s up?”
“I’m high as a kite and twice as tight. Get your butt over heah.”
It takes me ten minutes to get to the Grove by bike. I knock on room 210’s door. He opens it with a cigarette in his mouth,Tim 46 dressed only in jeans, no shirt or shoes.  “Welcome, welcome, welcome,” he drags me into the room, pushing the door shut with his foot, and wrestles me to the floor.
“Damn, you’re gettin’ big and strong. And, man, look at the blond hair.” He lays back on the floor. “Take me, take me. I’m in love with the young god, Timotei of Miami. Tim 27
“You’re fucked up, Joey,” I laugh.
“You’re right,. You know what that means,”  he starts to pull my shorts down. “What the fuck are these, orange panties?” when he sees my Speedos. “Oh, I’ve been a terrible bad influence on you.”
“No, man. That’s my swim suit, See the draw string?”
He grabs the string with his teeth, pulling it’s knot loose. The front of the suit pulls forward; out comes my hardening dick. Realizing I’m horny makes me relax about all this. I can’t stop laughing, then Joey starts tickling me. jlawson78@yahoo.com
“Remember when I did this. You pee’d your pants?”
“How can I forget,” pulling away from him. “But now I’m bigger,” waving my hard-on at him.
“Oh, you’re frightening me. I’ll do anything. Just don’t hurt me,” he chortles.
“Then get up on the bed and pull down those jeans,” which he does in a flash.
His dick is long but limp. I roll him onto his stomach, hold his legs with my knees,, stick my hard-on between his thighs, reach around to grab his dick, and fall on top of him.Tim 533
We roll over and over, locked into this incomplete embrace. His dick becomes harder, so I roll him on his back and begin licking his nine-inch cock. Tim 30 He grabs my head, pushes my mouth onto his dick, my tongue working on the thick vein on the front. He pushes my head up and down the top half of his cock, careful that I don’t gag. I take his hand and place it on my swinging dick, continuing to go down on him. Taking my balls, he kneads them while stroking the front of the shaft with his thumbs. My scrotum starts to tighten.  Joey keeps it loose by massaging the sac. He grabs my head and kisses me fully and deeply. I stretch out on top of him and kiss him back. With my tongue deep inside his mouth, I push my hard dick against his hard-on. We keep kissing and humping, until I know I’m going to cum. Sitting on top of his thighs, I grab both our dicks and start beating them off, faster and faster..Tim 61
“Calm down, man. You’re going to cum.”
“I want to.”
He rolls me over, squeezing my dick between his legs and thrusting himself against my sweat-soaked chest, sliding further and further up until I can lick the tip each time it hits my lips. He grabs my dick with his knees and starts to fuck my mouth. I forget I’m about to cum as I take more and more of his straining cock. I feel its tip widen and taste his sour precum. He withdraws. Taking both our dicks in his hand, he rolls me over on my back.
“Now beat us both off.”
I start slowly with both hands. Soon I’m into the right rhythm. Riding him while he bucks like a horse, I jerk off both cocks. My dick hole widens. The first jet of jism ejaculates over his head. Then a larger wad hits him in the face. Five more streams soak his stomach. As I slow down, Joey roll me over, still beating himself off and spurting jism. He starts to hump me hard, going completely rigid, then jerking his whole body. Cum pumps onto my chest and stomach, until he collapses on top of me.  We both fall asleep. When I awake, we’re stuck, belly to belly, arms wrapped around each other. Trying to get loose, I wake him also.
“We’re stuck together, man,” I tell him.
He grins wickedly, “That’s the way we’re supposed to be.”
Slowly we came apart. He started rubbing my stomach muscles.
“Man, you’re really bigger.”
“Yeah, I work out all the time.”
“You’ve changed, too. Not so talkative. Yer gettin’ older.”
“I feel like I’ve gotten younger.”
“Ah, a paradox.”
We jump into the shower together. Joey inspects me all over, saying I look great. According to him, even my dick has grown. Tim 171
“But I don’t understand the orange underwear.”
“It’s my team swim suit. Coach makes us wear ‘em all the time, so I’m always ready to go.”
“I wear nothing so I’m always ready.”

We leave the hotel to check out the Grove, a maze of alley-like streets and funky bungalow houses. It’s late but Joey has numbers for New York types there. After a couple of calls, we’re off to a party. As soon as we walk in, people are all over Joey. His reputation (hustler/dealer/scenester) opens all doors. I feel left out and a bit jealous; at least he doesn’t leave me to go off with anyone. He says he’s all mine this weekend. All the smoke gets to me, and I go outside. Up walks David Wilkie with a long-haired blonde.Tim 233
“I say, it’s young Tim. What the bloody hell you doing in this den of iniquity?”
“Don’t tell Coach. My cousin’s in there smoking dope,”
“Ah, the infamous Warhol protégé from New York. Come on. You promised me an introduction,” as he grabs me with his free arm. I say ‘hi’ to his girlfriend who smiles ironically. We find Joey sitting with a group in the corner.
“Where’d ya go?” he asks.
“I met my friend David from the swim team. He’s from England.”
That information gets Joey’s attention.

“England?” passing the joint to David, who politely takes a hit and passes it to his girlfriend.
“Actually, Scotland, Aberdeen, but now I live here where it’s warm and everyone’s stoned. This is my friend Jill. Tim says you’re from New York?”
“I live in New England and live it up in the City. You been there?”
“No, but I want to.”
“Ya miss England, I bet.”
“Let’s get out of here.”

Joey puts his arm around my neck.Tim 445The four of us walk back to the Grove.
“Want to play some pool or pinball?” David points to an amusement arcade. Sure enough they have Pong inside. Once I’ve beaten everyone several times, Joey and David play pool for money, while Jill watches. After several games and beers, we walk to a café to eat. David eats two meals while I eat most of Joey’s, and Jill pays. They walk us back to the hotel. We agree to see a movie together the next night. When we reach the room I’m asleep on my feet. Joey lays me on the bed. I fall asleep as he rubs my back. I dream my drowning dream, except this time David is sitting on the bottom, watching me and smoking a joint. As soon as I see him, I stop feeling I’m drowning. He tries to talk with me. I can’t hear him underwater. In the morning I get up and shower. Since Joey is out cold, I ride my bike to Stu’s. I hang out there, watching his brother build a model airplane. He won’t let us touch any of his models. He keeps calling Stu ‘Stupid.’ I ride back to the hotel at eleven. Joey is still asleep. I jump into bed and start tickling him. He hates it, which makes me do it more. Finally, he runs into the shower. Later we go out for brunch.
“How can you get up so early?”
“I got things to do, places to be, people to see.”
“Yeah, yeah, well, don’t expect me to change because of you.”
“Hey, we had a good time last night.”
“Whadda ya mean? You were asleep the minute we got to da room.”
“So? I mean playing pool and stuff. Did you like my friend?”
“He’s cool. He don’t act like a dumb jock. His girlfriend totally takes care of him. I like that.”
Changing subjects, “What was doing the movie like?”
“Just a bunch of faggots sucking my dick. I can do more for over a thousand each. Ya don’t wanna know ‘bout it, believe me. Maybe your friend knows where to go in London.”
“What? To get your dick sucked,” I say a bit too loudly. Several people turn and stare at us. “Sorry.”
“They’re just checkin’ us out. Ya know, ya really look hot now. Not the little kid I took to New York.”
“I’ve just gone back to bein’ a kid again. This morning I went and played with models.”
“Were they hot?”
“The models.”
No, man, model airplanes.”
“What did you think of me this summer? I was so green.”
“You were ok. Ya kept your mouth shut and we had good times. Ya think about yerself too much. Who needs ta analyze it?”
Good advice.
We go back to the hotel and have sex again. Joey says I owe him for falling asleep the night before. It is pretty good. I have all this pent-up desire. Joey has the experience to get it out of me. I mostly fuck him in various positions. What amazes me is he came three times.
“How can you cum more than once?” I ask as we lay there. “I thought only girls can do that.”
“Well, maybe I’m really a gurl. No, slick, just as long as you relax, you can just keep doin’ it. You, though, do have a tendency to pass out after you cum. You miss out on the after-action, which leads you back to the main event again. You’re so hot, I can cum all night.”
“It’s afternoon, remember?”
“Oh, yeah. Well, let’s get started on the night,” and he grabs my limp dick, making it twitch several times. “See, you’re almost ready.”
I almost believe him. He rolls me over and massaged my back. Playing with the fuzz on my butt gets me hard quickly, but when he turns me over, he laughs.
“See, You’re ready again. But we’ll just save that for later.”

More showers, with Joey washing my dick and balls while kneeling in front of me with the water flowing down his face. Tim 422 His wet, dark hair and large nose make him look like a drowned rat, lovable though. I’m hard all afternoon. As we got dressed, he grabs my Speedo, saying my dick needs to breathe. I put it in my pocket. When we get outside, it’s raining, a warm downpour. We run to the park by the Bay. Totally soaked, we roll on the grass, as Pete and I had done. My wet jeans, with nothing on underneath, makes my dick stand out against the pant leg. Joey keeps laughing and pointing. We sit in the restaurant by the dock, drinking coffee and getting dry. I tell Joey I have to get dry clothes from home.
“No way. You’re all mine this weekend. I’ll buy you some.”
“I don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money on me.”
“It’s more like hard-on money. You know what they say? Easy cum, easy pay. I just want you to look good. Relax, we’re gonna enjoy this money.”

It stops raining. We visit several stores before he finds what he wants – ‘Love’ jeans, low hips with bell-bottoms, plus sleeveless tank tops. When I change, he insists I not wear my sneakers. He buys me a pukka shell necklace and sandals. When he buys me John Lennon granny glasses, I feel like a real hippie. Who do we run into next but David and Jill. They start laughing at me. When I get embarrassed, they both hug me, saying I look great, just that I might want to grow my hair longer. They are looking for us, saying the movie they want to see starts in half an hour. It’s Jimmy Cliff in ‘The Harder They Come,’ which makes Joey and me laugh, which was too big a clue for comfort. 220px-Hardertheycome

The theater is upstairs, behind an old building, very alternative, with only about thirty seats. It’s a new film, shot in 16 millimeter, with subtitles to explain the Jamaican English dialogue. It was hard to follow, except for David who is better at English, no doubt. The weird dialogue makes the Reggae music more enjoyable. The last half is all action. I really get into it and come running down the stairs pretending I’m shooting up the Grove – very juvenile. They all just laugh. I feel like ‘’Stupid,’ but it’s fun. I tell Joey we should do air guitar to ‘Suffragette City,’

which we perform for David and Jill. They even sing along, with Wilkie saying, “He’s English, you know, Bowie.”
We go to another pot party. I keep up my resolve not to smoke. When I tell David not to worry, I won’t tell Coach that he smokes, he just laughs. I feel totally comfortable. I’m being myself with older kids without having to try to be cool. When I start to nod off, Joey scoops me up. “We’re going. I’m not having you pass out on me tonight.” I don’t care that Jill and David laugh at me. I just put my arm around his shoulder. We leave for the hotel. Tim 69

I throw off all my clothes and flop on the bed. Joey watches me as I undress It’s warm and humid in the room, with a fan pushing around what little air there is. He lies beside me, running his finger across my stomach muscles. I wait for him to jump me, but he doesn’t. It’s going to be long, slow love-making.
“I like it here, man,” he says. “Things just go along. When you made me wait on Friday night, I was pissed. Now I can go with the flow, not try to outrun the crowd like in the City.”
“Life’s more focused down here,” I say. “I feel I’m being myself. Whatever happens is for the best.”
“It’s been good for you. New York made you grow up too fast. Man, you were only fourteen then. In the City, fourteen’s old. I like you even more now. You’re not just cool, you’re spontaneous and happy. Tim 28 I wish I grew up here.”
“Man, you’re the ultimate in cool. I really like you, Joey. Are we fags now?”
“I sure don’t mind it,” as he rolls over, locking his legs onto mine, his stiff dick sticking into my hip. I tense, then roll on top of him, my dick hardening between his legs. Spitting into his hand, he moistened my hard-on. Then plunges it up his butt. He stiffens, then relaxes several times, while I pump his ass from behind. Getting into a mutual rhythm, he starts to arch his back and butt as I thrust in and out. Tim 24
He starts to sing ‘Suffragette City, “Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.”
We keep our fucking slow and deep, with both of us moaning as I plunge into him. My hands are all over his chest, neck and face as I lays under me. His hands reach back and firmly grasp my butt cheeks, pushing me in and releasing as I pull back. I whisper in his ear how good he feels, how much I love him, how his butt is squeezing just right, how his fingers feel massaging my butt, and just moaning.
He starts to laugh. “We always talk when we fuck. You’re the only person I know who does that. Don’t you know that fucking is serious business?”
“You want serious?” as I thrust deeper and harder than before, making him groan and laugh simultaneously. “I like telling you how it feels and how much I love you. I’m not so experienced. It seems okay to talk. Maybe it’s different if you’re getting fucked. I feel I can do anything I want.”
“You can, just don’t stop. Oh, Tim, do that again.”
We both laugh but I keep it up. My dick is doing its little turn at the tip, making me bigger inside of him. Thrusting inside I  grind on him, making his precum flow and his moaning heighten. Tim 23 I start withdrawing fully, then plunging completely with a faster and faster rhythm. He knows I’m about to cum and rolls me over on my back, then sits on my dick, bouncing up and down. The pressure to cum subsides. I start to stroke his dick as it pistons up and down on my stomach. My fingers stroke the deep front vein, grabbing hold as if the shaft is the pommel on a western saddle. Up and down he goes on my dick, getting himself off as I hang onto his hard-on. As he goes faster and faster, I know he’s about to cum. Tim 302 He leans back, moaning. I up-end him, throwing his legs onto my shoulders. Holding his butt off the bed, I began fucking him furiously while he jerks off his own dick. His back arches and his butt squeezes tightly, then throbs as he begins to cum. I fuck him even faster as the cum flies everywhere. His butt is squeezing and throbbing. With a final thrust, I cum inside him. Tim 343 Again and again I cum, his butt still throbbing from his spurting dick. When he finishes cumming, he begins to fuck me back. Once I completely finish, his motion and squeezing make me shudder. I pull out and lay twitching on his chest. We hold each other until we fall asleep.

Several hours later I wake up with Joey stroking my butt hole. Half asleep I moan from pleasure, but my sphincter tightens.
“You’re awake,” Joey notes.
I roll over to my stomach, while he stretches out my anus. He begins to lick it and insert his tongue. Once it’s loose and wet, he mounts me from behind and rides me doggy style. Tim 22 That wakes me up fully. He’s careful not to slide in too fast or too far. His nine-inch cock feels like silk. As soon as I start to fuck back, he lifts me to my knees, while staying deep inside me. He reaches around and strokes my stiff dick, coming down the shaft as he pushes into my butt. It feels great. I yearn for him to fuck me faster. I rock on my knees to increase his tempo. Soon my dick does it’s little turn upward and the slit widens. Moaning louder to let him know I’m about to cum, I lean back into him. He’s squeezing my dick without letting go. He keeps pumping me. Tim 21 When I tense and start throbbing from the first burst of jism, he pushes me down on the bed, fucking me furiously. As my cumming and throbbing subsides, he pushes further into me, creating an exquisite pain. I feel his throbbing dick go off in my butt. I lay wriggling in my own cum. He rolls me on my side and both of us fall asleep, his dick still deep inside me.

I wake up in the morning with dried cum on my stomach and wet cum in my ass. Joey lays sleeping beside me on his back, slightly snoring. He is buck naked and his dick fully hard. Without thinking I sit on his cock, taking all nine inches at once. It feels like it’s been there before. His dick belongs to me. I fuck it up and down, like he has done to me. He is fucking back before he wakes up enough to open his eyes.
“Jesus,” he says, “you’re non-stop.”
Then he rolls me over. We fuck without a pause until he cums. Then I roll him over, stick my dick up his butt, holding it inside in a rigid lock for at least forty seconds until I cum, shuddering again and again.Tim 19 I’m asleep again instantly.

When I wake up Joey is drinking coffee.
“You really gotta get over this falling asleep bit once you’ve cum. It leaves me hangin.’”
“Didn’t you cum just before I did that?”
“Yeah, but I don’t know wot ta do wid you stuck up my butt and snoring. I had to wait for your dick to go down and slide out. Here have coffee.”
It tastes great. I feel great. Unlike swimming, fucking doesn’t leave you aching all over. Then I get up. I ache in an embarrassing spot.
“You’ll get over it,” Joey observes. “Take a hot bath and massage your butthole.”
“We’re really something, huh?”
“No. You’re too much. Jumping on someone’s dick while they’re sleepin’ is impolite.”
“How many times have we fucked now?
“Let’s just say yer totally devirginized.”
“That’s the truth.”
“Still in love wid me?”
“Of course, more than ever. I got the butt ache to prove it.”
“But it’s different now, idn’t it? Yer not so emotional about it, like the puppy dog you was in New England.”
“It’s more like we’re on the same level now. I really did hero-worship you then. Funny, ‘cause I hated you before last summer.”
“Yer just workin’ out how to feel and not get hurt. Now the rub is I’m leavin’ in a coupla hours. I really had a hellava great time, little dude. Man, you sure fuck good, every which way. You got it from moi.”
“You’re the boss, man.”
It’s funny because I know I’ll miss him, but the feelings aren’t as unsettling as before. Maybe we fucked so much, my feelings are played out.
We go to breakfast, then wake up David and Jill to say goodbye. Joey trades addresses and promises to meet in New York or London. I go with him by cab to the airport. While waiting for his flight, we don’t have much to say. He looks at me, then says, “Come on,” and leads me into a bathroom stall. He sucks my dick one last time. I barely cum. Tim 85
“I guess we’re ‘bout fucked out,“ he observed, “and hopefully, ya still luv me but ain’t still in love wid me.”
“How did ya know?” He’s saying what I’m thinking.
“Experience has some advantages. I do envy ya yer youth.”
“Joey, yer just nineteen.”
“Can’t ever be sixteen, seventeen, eighteen again.”
“When you get depressed, call me so I can remind you how good ya are in bed.”
“It’s the other times that give me trouble. Sex is a snap. Here I am, getting’ all emotional. Ain’t that a kick?”
“Maybe ya need to be more emotional, like I need ta be less.”
”Out of the mouths of babes…”
“I’m here fer ya, man.”
When he gets up to go, I hug him and won’t let go, until he finally pulls away.
Then we laugh and he’s gone.

I realize my bike is at the hotel. It’s still there when I get back by bus. I ride home and get a ration of shit for being out all weekend. I lay in a hot bath for over an hour, and then go to bed. 10


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