Tim at swim Chapter 8 Part 1

Mr. Watt drove to my house, which was dark. I let myself in. As my Dad had said, no one was home. We unloaded our bikes and bags. The remaining Watts departed for Kendall. There were steaks in the fridge, with a note saying they were for us. I fired up the grill and cooked rice and vegetables to go with the steaks. Afterwards, we devoured half a gallon of ice cream. I opened my room’s windows to get rid of the musty air, noticing the lightning gathering over the Bay, from an approaching storm, coming to greet us home.Tim 131Sitting together, waiting for the rain, I shivered from pleasure at being home with my boyfriend. At least I felt he was. Soon it was pouring in torrents. It was the first rain we’d seen that summer. Standing on the roof, we were instantly soaked. Scott was clowning around and lost his footing. I reached to grab him, but we both tumbled off the roof, landing on the wet grass in a big splash. We weren’t hurt, so we started rolling around on the lawn.

Jumping up, we ran, then dove and slid in the water and mud. Tim 107 Tim 105 Scott grabbed the hose and washed me down. We fought for control of the hose, spraying each other alternatively. In the middle of our play, my dad’s military voice boomed out, “Tim!”
He was standing on the back step. We dropped the hose. I ran over to give him a hug. His look of dismay stopped me in my tracks, as I realized I was a wet, muddy mess.
“Sorry, dad,” as I offered him a handshake. ‘I forgot I was all wet. Good to see you. Do you remember Scott?”
Scott came over and solemnly shook hands also.
“What are you boys doing?”
“It’s the first rain we’ve seen in ages. It was great in North Carolina, Dad. We did all kinds of things. Even got me a redneck accent.”
“Fine, Tim. I want you boys to get cleaned up and come down so all four of us can talk.”
That was too foreboding. 02 We ran upstairs, showered, and changed into clean jeans and tees, coming downstairs without making any noise.
“Oh,” Susan was startled by our sudden appearance. “I didn’t hear you come down. Bert, the boys are here.”
“Susan, this is my best friend, Scott.”
“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.”
“Nice to meet you, Scott. Please sit down, boys.”
We sat on the couch while Susan lit a cigarette. My dad walked in and gave Susan a hug. I could tell he was uncomfortable. We had never had a family meeting before.
“First off, we want to discuss your plans for the summer.”
“Well, tomorrow we start swimming again. We go in the morning until ten, then again from four to seven at night. That’s pretty much all we do. There’ll be meets on the weekends. If you can’t drive, I can go with Scott’s family.”
“When do you eat?” Susan asked.
“Breakfast after practice. Lunch about two, and dinner when we’re done at eight. We can make our own meals. Mom used to have dinner ready to reheat at night.”
“I guess family meals are out, if you get back after eight,” my dad concluded.
“Even in the military, we never ate together,” I reminded him.
“I just want you to know you have a family, son. I was upset you went off with Scott, when I asked you to stay here to help your mother.”
“She said she could manage, Dad. I didn’t decide to go until the day we left.”
“I don’t like you making spur of the moment decisions.”
“Mom always let me do what I wanted.”
“Well, I’m in charge. I expect you to toe the line.” tim-844
“Yes, sir.”
“That’s better. Now you boys go into the kitchen and clean up the mess you made. I won’t have you taking advantage of Susan. She’s not your housemaid.”
“Yes, sir,” we both said and left the room.
We washed the dishes and left the kitchen spotless, without saying a word. When we got upstairs, Scott offered to go home, if it would help.
“No way, man. If my old man is going to be a dick, I need you here for moral support.”
“Is he always that bad?”
“Naw. He usually just leaves me alone. It’ll settle down. He’s just impressing his girlfriend by being ‘in charge.’”
We played the radio, listening to oldies and doing doo wop backups, when there was a knock on the door. It was my dad.
“I forgot to give you your mail and messages. If you boys could ask your friends to call only when you’re home, it’d be appreciated. I don’t want Susan taking lots of messages.”
“Okay, dad. Maybe we could put in a separate phone up here.”
“We’ll think about it. Listen, boys, I know I sounded harsh down there, but Susan has never had children. I don’t want to overwhelm her.”
“You could just ask, Dad, instead of issuing orders. We’re not children. I’ll be sixteen in a couple of weeks.”
“God, does that mean you’ll be driving?”
“Once I get my license. You have to sign for me.”
“One more thing to deal with.”
“Dad, we’re not going to be a problem. We’re low maintenance kids. All we do is swim, eat and sleep.”
“Well, please help Susan get adjusted.”
“Of course, but you can’t act like we’re causing problems. You’re the one who’s moving back. I live here, remember?”
“We’ll discuss this later. Good night, boys.”
I went and locked the door. Scott had a sly grin on his face, but I just threw a pillow at him. My dad was definitely dampening my sex drive. The mail was from New York; Tina wrote about their up-coming visit to South Beach and Pete had sent a short note to say hi.
“You get to hang out with my New York friends when they come to visit,” I told Scott. “They’re going to be here for a week, starting next Sunday. It’s a whole gang of Puerto Ricans that stay in South Beach.”
“Like Floyd’s gang?”
“No way, white boy. These dudes are cool and hip. They taught me how to pick up Latin chicks.”
“All right. Bring ‘em on.”
“Your first lesson is to cool it. You never come on too strong. Let them come to you. It’s like fishing. The guys will show you. And there’s Tina for me.”
“Who’s Tina?”
“Just this tall, dark chick who has the hots for me.” Tim 234
“Another old woman, like Cheryl Ann?”
“No way. Tina’s fourteen now.”
“You guys doing it?”
“You’ve got a lot to learn, man, before you’ll even get one of these hot mamas interested in you.”
“Like you know so much.”
“Yup, and if you’re lucky, I may throw a bone your way, Fido.”

The message was from Lydia, to call her as soon as we got in. We went downstairs to call, gossiping about the team. We teased her about all the girls we’d met in North Carolina. We told her to come over and visit. She said it was our turn to visit her. Telling my dad we were going out, we rode bikes to her house, sneaking in her window. Scott tried to kiss her, which was totally rebuffed. Then she felt guilty, so she gave him all her attention, which made me jealous, but then she sat next to me. All three of us ended up sitting on the floor with our arms wrapped around each other. She was Queen of the May. Tim 557 We told her about the sock hop and singing Sgt. Pepper. We talked about Floyd’s gang and the stock car races. She said half the team had been on vacation, so Coach had devised ‘special’ workouts that had been extra intense. She had been waiting for us to return so there could be a distance workout. With an early workout next morning, we got up to leave. Lydia gave both of us a kiss on the forehead. We knew she was glad we were back. Riding home, we paused by the library and whistled. Giggles and return whistles almost always occurred there. We were ready to believe it was ghosts but knew that thought was foolish. As soon as we were in the room, Scott turned on the radio and I locked the door. He was obviously horny, pulling my tee over my head, pining me on the bed, with my arms caught in the shirt. Tim 38
“You gonna rape me?”
“If you don’t co-operate,” as he pulled my jeans and Speedo down. Taking my hard-on in his hands, he complained, “How come you’re bigger than me.” Tim 304
I got out a ruler and pulled his dick out of his pants to compare. We both had grown. Scott was 6 ½ inches and mine was 7 ½.
“At least you’ve grown, but so have I. You may end up bigger. I wonder when it stops growing? My cousin has 9 inches; maybe I’ll get that big. It looks like a cucumber.” Tim 82
“He was pretty proud of it.”
“Well, I like yours,” as he ran his fingers across the front.
“Keep that up. It feels great,” as I arched my back to push it up. Grabbing the base, he stuck my cock into his mouth, licking it with his tongue. Then looking up, started to laugh. Tim 30 I moved around so I could give him head also. We worked on each other’s dicks a while, moving up and down on the shafts in matching rhythm. The Doors’ ‘Love Her Madly’ was on the radio.



We bobbed up and down madly to its beat. Tim 457 I could tell from the hardness of the vein in front of Scott’s cock that he was approaching orgasm. His labored breathing made me so excited that I went past my point of no return. I was pumping his mouth, pulling his head down on my thrusts, while my tongue worked his throbbing member. He arched, tensed, then exploded into my mouth, while I pushed my dick down his gagging throat. I squirmed as he tried to gasp for air, then with a final thrust shot deep within his throat, as he finally got air through his nose. He drew in and expelled long breaths while I continued to pump and expel cum down his throat. His dick was still pumping cum into my mouth. Slowly our orgasms finally subsided, and we let go of each other’s dicks. Still gasping for air, he swung me around and held me by the waist, laying his head on my chest. Tim 98
“That was hot. I thought you were going to choke me to death. I think I’m passing out,” he mumbled.
I held him until he burped up came a mixture of cum and saliva.
“Jesus,” he said. “That’s intense.”
He rubbed the mixture onto my chest, and I rolled us over, so it smeared between the two bodies. He locked his legs and arms around me, and we fell instantly asleep.
Sometime later, he woke me up.
“Tim. Tim. Wake up.”
I looked at him, still in my arms.
“What’s up?”
He looked real concerned.
“We’re stuck together. The cum on our chests and stomachs hardened.” Ben Thomas06
I tried moving, but he was right. It was like Crazy Glue, our skins were attached. Trying to pull apart caused instant pain.
“What’re we going to do?”
“Maybe it’s meant to be. I’ve been feeling very attached to you lately.”
“It’s not funny. I think we’re really stuck.”
“Going to practice is sure going to look strange. Maybe they’ll let us have joint entries in meets. I bet our times will improve. Ouch. Don’t move like that.”
“What’re we going to do?”
“Look, we just have to get into the shower together. Move slowly with me.”
We maneuvered ourselves off the bed and into the bathroom with a minimum of self-inflicted pain. After running warm water over ourselves, the mixture loosened up and we came apart. Tim 171 After a long shower, we crawled back into bed, going to sleep in our usual embrace..
Getting up at five-thirty to ride to practice was only the first misery of my day. It had been two weeks since we’d worked out and it showed. Tim 206 Coach made us pay for our vacation, Just as we were climbing out of the pool at nine, Scott looked at me in mock agony and started singing Elvis’ ‘Stuck on You.’ I barely laughed.



The rest of the week passed as we fell into our training routine and got our conditioning back. We never discussed sex, but in truth, we were too beat each night to fool around. One night, Scott fell asleep with his head on my shoulder,. After drooling on me, he woke me up, whimpering about being stuck again. I pulled him off of me. I guess it was the cum that made the mixture harden.
When the weekend came, we spent Saturday at the Watts, taking a long bike ride with Stu. We stopped at all the other kids’ homes and picked up a large gang of riders, ending at Coach Earl’s house for sodas. Tim 271 He asked Scott and me to come back later. We left Stu with the other kids to ride home by themselves. When we returned, he sat us down and asked if anyone had given us a sex education lecture.
“You want to talk with us about the birds and the bees, Coach?”
As always, he knew exactly what was going on with us.
“I get the feeling from you guys that you’ve had sex. Was it with some of the girls on the team?”
“God, Coach,” Scott noted, “you know everything. We met these two sisters in North Carolina. We did it a couple of times.”
“Did you use birth control?”
“You mean condoms?”
“Yes, or, there are other ways.”
He proceeded to tell us about the various methods. When we told him about withdrawal, he convinced us it wasn’t effective. He was stern about protecting the girls, saying it was our responsibility. After the lecture, he asked how we felt about doing it.
“It was great,” we both agreed.
Then I told him about getting depressed about all the deceptions, but how it worked out in the end. Then I told him Cheryl Ann was married. He laughed.
“You boys are something else. I knew something was up. You boff these girls like it’s nothing. I hope you’re more responsible about girls who are also your friends. And I don’t just mean using rubbers. These are feelings that are important to growing up. If you trample them now, you may not turn out so well as adults. Easy sex is not good for you.”
“We’ll try to make it harder next time.” 04
We expected more lecture, but Scott cut it off by telling Coach Earl that Cheryl Ann is married to the local sheriff. He almost split a gut, which in his case would have been major. He sent us away with a warning that he would know when we got in trouble. He was a good friend, as well as coach.

On Sunday, we rode over to South Beach and waited for the New Yorkers to arrive. For Scott, it was another world. Most of the permanent residents were Jewish retirees, who went about their lives as if no one else existed. They were not the least self-conscious. We sat on our bikes, laughing at the old people, whom we called penguins, due to the way they walked. The first person I recognized was Pete. Tolek05a He came running out of the hotel and clapped me on the back. We hugged. I introduced him to Scott. Pete became serious, shook his hand, and checked him out.
“See how you’re being checked out?” I told Scott. “It’s your first lesson in street smarts. You’ve got to take everything seriously.”
“So, who’s the expert now?” Pete rejoined, and we all laughed. He looked at me and whistled. “Man, you really got the look. Tina’ll be creamin’ her panties all week. That swimming must be good for muscles.”
I was embarrassed for once.
“When’s she getting here?”
“Oh, she’s probably already here, just checking us out from upstairs.”
We looked up at the hotel but could see nothing.
“Lock your bikes up and we can hang out by the pool. We’ll see everyone there.”
We sat on the pool deck and caught up on the past year. Pete was doing well in school, unlike most of the others. Some guys had already quit and were working. One of the girls got pregnant and was married. Pete asked about Dickie.
“You know Dickie Mertz?” Scott joined in for the first time. “He’s a snob.”
“But he’s got a boat,” Pete countered. Then to me, “How come you don’t have more snob friends? I was hoping for a limo this year.”
“Most of my friends are pretty normal, except Scott, he’s sub-normal.”
Pete and I laughed, but not Scott.
I continued, “Remember how you fell off my roof last year? Scott did the same last week, except he dragged me with him.”
“Good move, my man.” Pete slapped Scott’s hand, making him smile again. Alan Eastboy05

We stayed by the pool and slowly all the guys who came this year showed up. They congratulated me for not being a snob and condescending to see them again. They checked Scott out. I made it a point not to put him down again. Pete was extra-friendly to Scott, so he soon felt part of the group.
Pete asked how my cousin was. I said he’d probably left New York for LA. I thanked him for helping find him.
“You guys probably saved him from going to jail. How’d he look when you found him?”
“Not too good, man. Like a white boy who don’t belong in a spic neighborhood.”
“Too many drugs?”
“That, and too many nights on the street. He’s your blood, man, but I sure don’t wish that on any family.”
“Well, thanks, guys, for all you did.”
“No problema, Huerto.”
After waiting a while, I guessed Tina wasn’t coming down. I asked Pete if I should call her room.
“No, man, let her make her entrance. After seeing how much of a stud you now are, I know Tina: she’s gotta make an entrance.”
We went over to Nathan’s to get food, about ten guys, including Scott and me. While eating, we hung out on the street with the younger guys walking back and forth and whistling whenever girls drove by. Any girls who had to walk past us, suffered cat-calls and sharp remarks. Scott took it all in and remained cool. Suddenly, I saw her, Tina, walking with her girlfriends. I waited until she reached our group.
“Tina. What a knockout you are.”    Tim 296
She stopped and smiled. Pete and his buddies gave each other high-fives.
“Tim, you look great, too.” Tristan04
While we talked, the other girls were giving Scott the full check-out. I introduced him to Tina. She introduced him to her friends, reminding me which girls I met last summer and which ones were new. I asked them into Nathan’s, where I bought hotdogs and sodas. Just Pete, Scott, and I went with the girls. Getting seated, we just stared at each other. I couldn’t believe how much she had grown up. She was so self-confident. I told them about swimming and how Scott was a State Champ. Pete took charge of Scott. Soon they were drawing out the other girls. Tina and I could speak alone. We talked about her magic book and astrology. I told her about all the stars in the North Carolina sky, how you couldn’t find the constellations because there were so many stars not usually visible in the City. She asked me about my cousin, who apparently made a bad impression on everyone. I tried to defend Joey but realized it was a losing cause: you can’t change someone’s opinion of someone else. I said my parents had gotten divorced but I got to stay in my house. She talked about her family, all the cousins and relatives. We both were doing well in school. Pretty soon there was nothing left to catch up.
“You’ve changed, Huerto. You’re not the wide-eyed boy of last summer. Do you have a girlfriend or something?”
I didn’t tell her about the something. “Just a girl I like; she’s like you. She likes me but doesn’t want to be intimate.”
“Your friend seems nice. You’re closer than any of the neighborhood guys usually get.”
“Yeah. We really are best friends. I went with his family on vacation at the end of June. We weren’t always close. At first we really hated each other, then we worked it out. I guess we’re inseparable now. He’s living at my house. You guys have to come visit this week. It’s pretty cool, except for my dad’s new girlfriend.”
“He moved her into your mother’s house? Que caca.”
“Nostra familia este diffferente.”
“Oh, you’re learning Espanol,” and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. yaoi 06
Instantly, all eyes were on us, and then the gossip started. We laughed.
“Let’s go over to the pool,” I suggested.
They all agreed. Picking up the rest of the gang waiting outside, we walked in the mid afternoon heat to the hotel pool. Scott and I stripped to our suits, with everyone watching. Fun Boy 02 We did a few laps of each stroke, and then raced easily against each other several times. The girls giggled when we got out and sat around Scott on the deck.Tim 330 Obviously, Tina had rights to me, which was fine. The guys seemed jealous of our athletic prowess or, maybe that Scott was getting all the attention. I asked if they had a boom box so we could dance to Salsa. This was their prowess. Soon we were all dancing by the pool. Scott learned the dance steps easily. Some of the girls were making sexy moves, rubbing his muscles as they danced. Tina and I laughed. When it got too hot, I grabbed him and dragged both of us into the pool. The other guys all jumped in, also picking on poor Scott.Tim 117 The girls shrieked and giggled at his discomfort. Later, we arranged to meet outside the hotel and go eat. Pete let Scott and me shower and dress in his room. It was obvious our tees and shorts were not up to their sartorial standards. Pete offered to share his clothes, but we were much taller than all the other boys. We still had our money from the Georgia shakedown, so Pete took us shopping. For about forty dollars we both got floral shirts, linen trousers, and sandals. We looked very Caribbean, except no Panama hats. The guys all whistled when we returned. When the girls came down, they all flocked to Scott, leaving Tina and me to ourselves.
“He likes all the attention,” Tina noted.
“I don’t think the guys like it too much.”
“They know it’s just a game. We see each other all year, anyway.”

We walked to a seafood restaurant and had Cuban dishes. The New Yorkers had a snobby way of dismissing the Cuban waiters. I figured everyone has to have someone to put down in life. And, they were on vacation, so why not?. After dinner, we wandered around South Beach. We told everyone about the ‘penguins,’ so we established a penguin watch. Pete and a buddy got so carried away, they were actually mimicking an old couple walking behind them as they crossed the street. It was mean but really funny. The girls egged them on, until an older couple upbraided everyone. We all came back to the hotel pool. We had staked out the pool as ‘our turf.’ We sat and talked as a group. Scott and I did imitations of Floyd and Wayne to hysterical laughter. It was past eleven when we left to ride across the causeway, getting to bed at midnight. As we rode home, Tim 17 Scott talked non-stop about the girls. He had loved the attention.

Getting up for swim team was tough, but we survived. I called Pete about ten-thirty. He arranged for one of the parents to drive all the kids to Coral Gables to visit. We were too beat to bike it out there and back for afternoon practice. About seven of them arrived, and everyone hung out in our room. I could tell they were impressed with my house. They said it was so Spanish, ’much nicer than Long Island.’ Pete showed everyone where he’d fallen off the roof last summer. I had to convince him not to do a repeat. They were all impressed with my swimming medals and trophies. We turned on the radio, and when ‘Up on the Roof’ came on, Scott and I sang along really well.

I winked at Tina. The parent who was driving rang the bell at two-thirty, and they left as we got ready for practice. They understood that we couldn’t come out to the beach after practice. Scott still had three girls, all vying for his attention. He wasn’t about to make a choice. Pete told him he was blowing it by being a player and not choosing. It was too much fun for him to decide. I explained to him how important Latinas took these dating rituals. Looking around the house, I realized what a mess we had made, hurriedly picking up. We weren’t meeting Susan’s standards.
After practice, I asked Scott what he thought about going to South Beach anyway. aussie02
“They’re only going to be here for a week. We’re blowing it by not seeing them as much as possible.”
“Yeah, but how are we going to handle morning workout?”
“Com’n, man. Let’s just ride over there now,” I begged.
He was reluctant but went along. We were on Collins Avenue before nine where we saw Pete and the guys.
“Hey, it’s the white boys,” he called out. He looked at Scott and made a sad face. “You didn’t listen to me, and now the ladies are off with some guy in a Caddy.”
“You’re kidding?”Ben Thomas06
“No, man. They got picked up not half an hour ago. Too bad. You snooze, you lose.”
“Where’s Tina,” I asked.
“Maybe at the hotel. Com’n, we’ll go check it out.”
She was by herself, in her family’s room. She was so pleased to see us, me really. We all went to Nathan’s and had the meal we had missed at home. Pete took Scott outside to teach him the tricks of girl cruising.
“How come you came back tonight? I thought you’d be too beat from practicing.”
“It seemed more important to see you since you’re only here a week.”
“Oh, que romantico”
“Com’n Tina, let’s be more open. Can’t we be girlfriend/boyfriend for the week?”
She moved closer. We kissed, for the first time on the lips. Glancing up, I saw all the guys mugging at us through the restaurant window. So I kissed her again, this time even longer. The boys were going crazy. Tim 95
“What are you doing? Ruining my reputation?”
“It’s safe with me,” I assured her.
“You’ve grown up this past year.”
“You’re even prettier this year.”
We laughed and went outside, hand in hand, to join the guys.
They’re were attempting to make Scott cool. It wasn’t working. I took him aside.
“They’re trying to get you to act like them, instead of your crazy self. You’ve got to be yourself to be cool. Let’s do a song so they get to know you better.”
He readily agreed and we decided to do ‘Girl Watcher.’ We set up like the Temptations.
“Hey, guys, check us out,” and we clapped out the rhythm and started to sing,,,’I’m a girl watcher. I’m a girl watcher. Watchin’ girls walk by, my oh my. I’m a girl watcher. I’m a girl watcher. Here comes one now…’

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

I motioned to Tina and taking my cue, she strutted by us and the guys. Tim 234 They whistled and did their own hand motions. Cars slowed down and watched, as we danced on the sidewalk. Pete and the guys were impressed. There was even a group of twelve-year-old girls gathering around us.
“Thank you, thank you. And for our next number, “ and I looked at Scott who whispered it to me, “straight from Philly it’s Dion and the Belmonts, ‘I’m a Wanderer.’”
We put our arms around each other’s shoulder and sang, Tim 609 ‘I’m the type of guy who’ll never settle down. I’m never in one place. I roam from town to town…’cause I’m the wanderer, yeah, the wanderer. I roam around, around, around…’

Published by
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., ERNEST MARESCA

We could go all night with this crowd. Pete went around and collected change from the tourists, while Scott and I did the Beach Boys’ version of the cool guy, ‘I Get Around.’ I sang Brian Wilson’s high alto chorus, while Scott sang the baritone verses

Tina jumped into the circle, with her hands on her hips, and belted out the Coasters’ ‘Yakety Yack,’ just to prove who was in charge.’Take out the papers and the trash, if you want some spendin’ cash…yakety yack, don’t talk back….’ Tim 440

Published by

The guys were dancing all around us, until Nathan’s manager came out and told us to move on. We moved to the hotel pool. Pete ran to get his tape player. They wanted, of course, to listen to salsa. They showed me some fancy dance steps. Tina and I mixed the dances between Salsa and real slow songs real close. Since Tina was the only girl, the guys were getting restless, so we all danced with her. The Hustle and the Bump were new then, so Scott and I were given quick lessons. When the desk clerk called it a night, it was already midnight. Scott and I gave each other a tired look, knowing how beat we’d be in the morning.
“Are you coming over tomorrow?” Tina asked us.
“Sure, but I bet we’ll have to sleep in the afternoon. It’ll have to be at night.”
She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and winked when we left. As we rode across the causeway, I asked Scott what he thought of Tina.
“I just wish I had a girlfriend, too,” he answered. Ben Thomas06
“It doesn’t bother Pete and the others. They just hang out and chase all the girls. You had three of them chasing you. You have to learn when to be serious and when to be casual.”
“It seems so involved, how they get together. For us, we just like girls as friends before it gets serious.
“Look how long it takes to get started then. They’re getting married at our age. It has to be more complicated.”
“Do you think Tina wants to marry you?”
“Man, that blows my mind. I think she wants to go to college and be more than a housewife.”
“She’s pretty cool for fourteen.”
“We’re so much older this year. Last summer I didn’t even know she liked me until the last night. Stay patient. I’ll bet you’ll hook up with someone.”

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