1 – Blog 13 – Sisters

Next morning, Stu looks like he’s carrying around the world’s biggest secret.  We keep him with us so he cannot blurt it out. We hike near the lake.. Weird the way the trees go right down past the water’s edge, then disappear under its surface. We explore the trails all morning, even playing ‘king of the mountain’ on a small mound of dirt. Stu can never win, but he turns the tide of battle between Scott and me, by choosing sides. We are covered with dirt but cool off and clean our clothes in the lake. We come back to the cabin for lunch. Later we even take a nap, as we had only had three hours sleep the previous night.  Mrs. Watt wakes us up at four, to get  ready to go out to dinner. She laughs at how all three of us are tangled up in one bed. After taking showers, we put on our good clothes to go out. Stu makes fun of Scott’s dick while we are changing, saying he cannot see how Scott can do it. We hush him from saying anything about what happened, pointing out that his dick has not reached the one inch mark. He can care less as long as we include him.

”What about the stock car races with Floyd,” Scott asks.
“We’ll go next time.”
“You guys are really hanging out with the hillbillies?” Stu asks. “I bet they set you up with their sisters and watch you do it.”
“You’re a little pervert. I bet you want to watch someone stick a big old dick into her until she screams.” Scott is being graphic. Stu turns white.

I slap Scott five. ”Good going, ace. You may have actually shut him up.”

We drive through town on the way to the restaurant. Sure enough Floyd and the gang are hanging out. We wave to them, but they just stare back.

Dinner is nice, fried chicken in a big, hall-like restaurant. People there are extra friendly, especially to paying tourists. I think about Floyd working in the kitchen here in five years and still there twenty-five years later. When we get back to the house, the Monopoly game comes out, just like at Helen’s last year. Mr. Watt accumulates most of the property. The three of us gang up on him and he goes broke. After he goes out, it becomes really vicious with each of us forming and breaking alliances; we finally give up when it looks like Stu will win. We all go to bed by ten o’clock. Getting Stu to sleep by himself is not easy.

The next week flies by with lots of hiking, fishing, swimming, and horseplay. We see Floyd’s crew several times, but they are none too friendly. We ask about the girls, but their response is noncommittal. We are back to being faceless outsiders. On Friday afternoon, the three of us are riding on a deserted road between town and the lake. A pickup drives by slowly, then stops. It is the fabulous Ann sisters. We start whistling the Eagles’ ‘Take it Easy,’ while we walk up to the pickup. They recognize the tune and sing, “it’s a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, slowing down to take a look at me…”

Writer(s): Jackson Browne, Delbert Mcclinton, Glenn Lewis Frey
Copyright: Music Corp. Of America Inc., Swallow Turn Music

“Who’s the little brother.”
“Oh, this is Stu. Stu meet Cheryl Ann and Lee Ann.
“Hi Stu, we’re sisters.”
Stu’s mouth drops about a foot. For once he is speechless.
“Well, I hope y’all grow up to be as sweet as yer big brothers.”
I ask, “You girls just runnin’ around lookin’ fer trouble?”
“We’ve had all the trouble we need lately, thank yee very much.”
“Anything we can do to help?”
“How about another song?”
Scott and I look at each other.
“Let’s do ‘Tears on My Pillow.’

‘… you don’t remember me
but I remember you
You stole my heart away
and then made me blue
Tears on my pillow
Frowns on my heart…’

Writer(s): S. Bradford, A. Lewis
Copyright: Gladys Music

After we finish, the girls are giggling and hugging each other.
“Y’all is crack ups.”
Then we do ‘Do You Love Me.’

“..You broke my heart cause I couldn’t dance
You didn’t even want me around.
But now, I’m back
And I can really shake ‘em down.
Do you love me, do you love me
Now that I can dance, dance , dance
Shoop, shoop, come a little closer
Shoop, shoop, let’s work it on out, baby
…Now that I can dance”

Gordy, Berry, Jr
Published by
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

We do our best version of the Mashed Potato with Stu doing the Wahtutsi as we sing a Cappella.
“Well, what do y’all think?” I ask.
“You boys are wild. Where did you learn to do all these oldies?”
“We just do it when we feel crazy, especially at workout, which is crazy by itself.”
“Y’all work out?”
“Of course, where do you think we get these great bodies?”
They look at each other and break up.
“We gots ta go before we go crazy too.”
“Com’n. Y’all’s the Fabulous Ann Sisters. We want a song to remember y’all by.”
That’s all the encouragement they need. Getting out of the pickup, they put their hands on their hips, shrug their shoulders twice, and sing in their own twangy voices:

“Does your chewing gum lose its flavor
On the bedpost overnight?
Does your mother say don’t chew it
But you swallow it in spite..”

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

It is our turn to crack up.
“What kinda love song is that,” Scott complains.
“Maybe we don’t know any love songs.”
They get back into the pickup.
“See y’round, boys.”
“When can we see y’all again? Y’all going to the drive-in Saturday night?”
“Not this week. We’ll look for y’all outside the store tomorrow. Don’t be a’gossipin’ with Floyd.”
“We haven’t. See ya.”
“Bye, y’all.”
Stu suddenly finds his voice. “They’re pretty. They’re old. They really screwed you guys? I don’t believe it. They’re too old for you. They must be eighteen.”
“Cheryl Ann’s twenty one.”
Scott’s mouth drops. “I wonder how old Lee Ann is?”
“Didn’t you ask?”
“I wasn’t asking questions.”
“Com’n guys, tell me what it’s like. How do you do it?”
“Well, you tip the girl upside down, wiggle your dick into her, and piss down her cunt.”
“You need Sex Ed, Stu.”
He’s riding circles around us, trying to get us to tell him about sex.
Scott’s version: “You lie down together and float off on a cloud of bliss. You black out, think you’re in heaven, and a baby comes in nine months.”
Tim’s version: “It’s like sticking a pig with a stick. They squeal and squeal, until the stick breaks. Then they say they liked it and you do it again.”
“When will I be able to do it?”
“You won’t, ‘cause you’re a fag.”
“You guys are. You still get to do it.”
“We’re only fags with you,” and we chase him into the woods, until he falls off his bike.
“I hate you guys.”
“We love you, Stu.”
End of sex discussion.

That night, Scott and I sit on the dock, with our feet over the edge.
“Seems strange not to have worked out for over a week.”
“Coach’ll make us pay.”
“I remember my first workouts with Coach Earl. I thought I would die. I’d go home, fall asleep at the table, and just barely get to the next workout. I came by morning workout just to check it out. Coach made me swim. “
“All we do is survive until it no longer seems impossible.”
“Well, we’ve got a week to go before we’re back at it. I like it here. I’m glad I came.”
“Would you have come if we hadn’t done it the night before I had to leave.”
“I don’t know. It’s not just sex that makes me want to be with you all the time. But there’s no way I could stay there alone after we did it. It’s funny that we haven’t done it again.”
“We did it with the girls. It felt like we shared it, even if we were apart. I heard her squealing while you were doing it. It got me so horny I had to do it with Lee Ann.”
“You guys were sitting there listening to us?”
“Not listening, but we couldn’t help hearing you. It made her horny too.”
“Those girls are horny just riding around and looking to get fucked.”
“They didn’t need much convincing. It was cool. You just took her off into the woods.”
“No fucking around for this dude.”
“Are we always going to be like this? I can’t remember when we weren’t together.”
“We’re still growing up. We’ll start being different. Now it’s an emotional link, Scott. Our lives are exactly the same, except for schools and families. We do the same thing every day, at the same time. You’re dark and I’m light. We even look-alike, by the way we talk and walk. We’re just lady killers, accept it.”
“Man, you are so cocky.”
“You think so?”
“Well, don’t you?”
“I just don’t worry about crap. You saw me cry the other night.”
“You were crying?”
“Just one tear about my mom and the divorce.”
“I didn’t realize,” then he hugs me. “Do you miss her?”
“Not really. That’s what bugs me. I should care more, but I don’t. I grew up with them always there, but I don’t need them. First my dad, now my Mom’s left, but I don’t care. The security’s gone, which makes me uneasy, that’s all.”
“You’ve got our family.”
“Thanks. Even growing up, I always hooked up with my friends’ families. I’m like a foster kid. I wonder if I’ll be able to be a family man?”
“Not if we stay faggots.”
“Yeah, we’ll get married. Stu can be our kid.”
We sit there, leaning against each other, just thinking and watching the lake.
I look at him. “I don’t think I want to be normal. I want more than what’s normal. To do things you can’t do if you’re a dad.”
“You could be a whacked-out mommy.”
“Yeah, and when you come home at night, we can drink ourselves into a stupor.”
“I can’t believe we’re talking about being married.”
“I can’t believe you think I’d be the wife-y.”
“Well, at the end, I was the one on top.”
“You sexist pig. It was only because you’re so slow. I suppose you think you’re a better fuck?”
“Maybe we should find out right now.”
He gives me a sly smile that says he wants to try. Then says, “Fuck yourself, if you’re so good.”
I jump him and we roll around until we fall off the dock, into the water. He swims away, taunting me to chase him, which I do. It turns into a race, until I grab him by the foot. He turns on me, pulling me down. Underwater, we kiss long, hard  and deep.
Once we pop up, I say, “I was getting worried we were over this stage.”
“Because I liked getting laid by those girls? I think you’re jealous.”
“I think you’re straight, Scott. You just did me because you need a fag to help you get laid.”
He takes off, and we race back to the dock. He beats me easily this time.
“Your doubts defeat you,” he proclaims. He is learning.

The next afternoon we tell Stu to stay home while we go to the store, hoping to see the girls again. Floyd and crew barely seem happy to see us. We ask about the stock car races which gets them going about cars. They describe last Sunday’s Demolition Derby, the Sunday we ditched them.

We talk about cars, Dodges vs. Chevys, Pontiacs vs Plymouths, the demise of Ford, and of course, the pollution controls just beginning to put a crimp on American muscle cars. For once, Wayne talks more than Floyd. From his fingernails we can tell he is a real grease monkey.
“All it takes to bypass them controls is to turn that air cleaner cover over. Makes y’all sound jist like a cop car.”
“Hell. When I’m drivin’ a run, they never git close ‘nuff to be heard. But ol’ Leadfoot Jesse here can’t seem to git away from ‘em in his piece a shit Mustang. I heard the pigs real good when we got stopped down in Charlotte last spring.”
“Shit, it was y’all that was ‘sposed to be watchin’ out.”
“What’s a run?” I ask.
“Y’all ain’t never been on a run?”
“Don’t know what one is.”
“They don’t run moonshine down in Florida?”
“Ain’t so many blind people neither.”
“Shi-it, moonshine don’t makes y’all blind, too much moonshine do.”
“Dew wot?” Floyd pipes in.
“Tell us about a run?”
“Y’all ain’t no gobinent agents?”
“Hell, no, we’s fifteen years old. Was that moonshine, y’all gave us at the drive-in.”
“Y’all is missin’ out on the pleasures of life down in Florida. Ain’t ya ever seen ‘Thunder Road’ on TV?”
“Ain’t that about tobacco and race car drivin’?”
“Y’all is most ignorant. That’s ‘Tobacco Road.’”
They all pipe in with highly exaggerated car chases and near brushes with the law. Each one has his own exploits to expound, heavily edited by the others.
“You think y’all can handle a muscle car on these roads,” I’m challenged.
“Hell, the only car I ever drove was my mom’s station wagon when she got too loaded to drive.”
Scott’s eyes bug out at me.”
“Hell, I won’t let y’all near my rod. Y’all may be good with the ladies, but y’all ain’t a man’s men yet.”
“We just wants to go on a run.”
“Well, speakin’ of runs, we all may be goin’ to Boonesville this week. Stick around, ladies, y’all might git yer chance.”
“And, speakin’ of ladies, guess who’s pickup just drove up.”
It is the Ann Sisters. They slowly pass by. Scott and I grab our bikes, wave them down, throw the bikes in the back of the truck, and jump into the cab. Lee Ann lets Scott put her on his lap. We wave at the boys on the corner, who just stare.
“Well, howdy do, young ladies.”
“Howdy, yerselves.”
“Where y’all goin’?”
“To pick y’all up.”
“Mission Accomplished. Now where? To your house?”
They look at each other and smile.
“Why, are yer folks home or sumthin’?”
They shrug.
We drive into the countryside to a nice brick house on its own lot in the woods. As soon as we are inside, they start taking off our clothes, so we pull off their tops and jeans. They start to giggle at the sight of Scott and me, standing there naked with full hard-ons.
“Don’t you boys get embarrassed in front of each other?”
“We ain’t lookin’ at each other,” although now we are.
The girls keep giggling and hugging each other, so we move in on them together, prodding them like sheep with our stiff dicks. They are hysterical, clutching each other.
“Let’s all four of us do it together,” Scott suggests, squeezing Lee Ann’s titties, while prodding her with his dick.
Both of them hide their faces in their hands and look shocked. We know they are thrilled. Cheryl Ann leads us into her bedroom where there is a king-sized bed – perfect. I grab her, while Scott is on top of Lee Ann. Soon the bed is really rocking as we go at it, up and down in the same rhythm. I reach over and squeeze Scott’s hand while pumping away. We are holding hands, while the girls really get into it. Soon Cheryl Ann starts to squeal. As soon as she let out her first scream, Scott starts his cowboy yells. After listening to this for a few strokes, I pull out of Cheryl Ann, pull Scott off Lee Ann. We switch partners. The girls are so horny they don’t complain, putting their legs around each of our waists and holding on. Scott soon has Cheryl Ann squealing again. I concentrate on Lee Ann until I have her ready to climax. Her squirming and breathing reaches its peak while Cheryl Ann’s squeals become grunts and moans. They both orgasm simultaneously. Scott and I high-five. Who says missionary position does not work. I go down on Lee Ann and start to eat her pussy. Scott hardly hesitates. Soon they are experiencing long, sustained orgasms together. With their pulsating finally over, I look over at Scott; we both have white, pussy juice mustaches. We laugh and laugh. Then I hear a car door slam.
“Someone just drove up, Cheryl Ann.”
“Shit, it’s my husband.”
“Yeah. Y’all’s gots ta go now.”

She runs into the living room and scoops up our clothes and shoes, while Lee Ann pushes us into the bathroom. All of us are in there, when the front door slams and a voice booms out.
“What y’all doin’, Cheryl Ann?”
“I’ll be right out, honey. We’re in the bathroom.”
She whispers we are to get the hell out of there, pointing to the window. Lee Ann says to hide under the window. She will let us know when the coast is clear.
“What about our bikes? They’re in the pickup,” I whisper.
“We’ll bring ‘em by the store later. Now git!”
We leap bare-ass out the window, waiting in the shadows for the signal to run for the woods. We hear someone enter the bathroom. A stream hitting the bowl, tells us it is not the girls. We look at each other like desperate men. At last, Lee Ann leans out the bathroom window, pointing for us to run for it. Scott stands up and kisses her, then she hugs me. We take off for the woods. Looking back I see her laughing at our white butts high-tailing it across the lot. She waves me to keep going. We dive under a tree, look at each other, and break up.
“Married? I gonna kill Floyd,” I gasp.
Scott becomes hysterical. I have to gag him for fear we will be heard from the house. He clutches me, and we roll around on top of each other. We are covered in dirt. We put our clothes on, then lay watching the house, hoping the husband will leave.
“Can you believe what we just did?” Scott remarks.
“It was fun, huh?”
“We were fucking them like a team of horses.”
“Sisters is the best.”
“Unless one’s married.”
“You shoulda seen Lee Ann’s face when you hit her with your cum,” Scott says.
“I think it was Cheryl Ann you hit with your best shot.”
“No, you were fucking her.”
“No way. I was fucking Lee Ann.”
“We switched. Don’t you remember?”
“We switched? You gotta be kidding.”
“Your brain must turn off when you fuck.”
“It wasn’t my brain that was turned on.”
“What a dick.”
After getting dressed, we lay on our stomachs watching the house. “How long should we wait?”
“I don’t know. Until he has a chance to go out again. I don’t want to walk home. How far do you think it is.”
“Who knows? I don’t even remember how we got here.”
“When did your brain turn off?”
“The second my dick got hard.”
“When was that?”
“When we got in the pickup.”
‘What a horn dog.”
“You know what. I’m turned on now,” and Scott jumps on top of me.
I could feel his hard-on pushing against my butt. I buck like a bronco, while he holds on. Soon he humps me like he really wants to dlo it there in  the woods.Tim 25 I roll over so both our dicks are rubbing each other through our clothes. I pull his shorts down, as he removes mine. Our dicks are sticking out the top of our orange Speedos. My hands pull his butt into me. He leans back on his knees, and I slide over to take his dick in my mouth.
“Oh, man, your dick smells gross.”
“Must be rotten pussy juice. Does it smell like fish?”
“Yours smells quite fine.”

Scooting down, he swallows it whole and starts giving me vigorous head. I slide down and grab his dick with my knees. He starts to pump me while continuing to give head. I let my dick race past it’s point of no return. Before cumming, I pull out of his mouth. The jism spurts onto my chest while he licks my balls and dick. I point it straight up and jism geysers onto his face and into his hair. I slide far enough to take his smelly dick into my mouth as I finish cumming. I suck as hard as I can. He cums instantly, down my throat. Tim 52 We jerk and spasm in unison, finally slowing and stopping.
He looks like the wild boy from Borneo, naked, covered with dirt, and face streaked with wet cum. I am sure I look just as bizarre. We start laughing again.
“We’re just sex machines.”
“Yeah, perverted sex machines.”
And he starts to yodel.
“Shut up. He’ll hear you.”
“He’ll think I’m a coyote.”
“There ain’t no coyotes in North Carolina. More likely a banshee. He’ll come out and shoot you.”
“More likely, he’ll shoot you. You were fucking his wife.”
“No, you were fucking his wife.”
“Are you sure?”
“We were both fucking his wife.”
The whole idea of fucking someone’s wife is too much like fucking someone’s mom. It seems too weird.
“He’s still at the house. Let’s get out of here.”

We put our clothes on and head through the woods toward the road. We start walking in what we think is the direction of town. We are filthy, as well as sweating through the dirt. A pickup truck drives by, slowing, and then stops to ask if we need a ride into town. When we get into his cab, he looks at us funny but doesn’t say anything. I realize we smell really bad.
“Where y’all from?”
“Florida. Our folks are staying out on the lake, sir.”
“How’d ya git out here?”
“Just wandering, sir. Do you know what time it is?”
“Just ‘bout six.”
We look at each other in amazement. The driver knows we are late and offers to drive us to the cabin, dropping us at the drive.
“Y’all have a nice stay here in Denver.”
“Thank you, sir. We are.”
We run to the dock, throw off our tees, shorts and shoes, and dive in. We wash each other off while treading water. I can’t believe how filthy we are. We walk into the kitchen after leaving the dirty clothes in the laundry.
“Don’t you be dripping on my clean floor,” Mrs. Watt warns. “Where have you boys been? I worried that you’d miss supper.”
“Over at some girls’ house. It got later than we thought.”
“So who gave you the ride?”
“To get home before dinner, we got a ride. Our bikes are still there. Sorry to worry you, Mom.”
“Well, get changed before we eat.”
Scott is getting better at parental manipulation.

Stu follows us upstairs without a word. After showering, we were changing into fresh clothes.
Sitting on a bed, Stu asks, “Does getting laid make your dick bigger?”
We look at him, at each other’s dicks, at our own dicks, and finally back at him.
“We’re just naturally big,” I tell him.
“When will I get big?”
“Never. If you worry about it. Maybe you’ll turn into a girl.”
“Can that happen?” he is worried.
“If it can happen to anyone, it’ll happen to you.”
“You guys are mean, but I know you got laid again.”
We chase him downstairs for dinner. After eating, we’re stuck at the cabin without bikes.

The next morning, we hitch a ride into town. Sure enough, Floyd’s gang is outside the general store.
”Y’all go to the drive-in last night, boys?” I ask.
“Does a bear shit in the woods? Where was you boys last night, or, do I gotta ask?”
I grab him by the shirt and lift him up, “Boy, you owe us an explanation. Cheryl Ann is married. We almost had our asses in a sling. Y’all coulda saved us the bother with at least a warnin’.”
They all crack up. Making even us smile.
“Y’all have a bit of difficulty over there last night, boys?” Floyd is hanging a foot off the ground, still able to mock us.
“Nothin’ we couldn’t handle.”
“Well, y’all wouldn’t be the first boys runnin’ bare-assed into the woods.”
Scott and I exchange glances and laugh.
“Maybe y’all should call the sheriff ‘bout yer difficulties,” Wayne suggests, and again they all break up.
“I don’t think we need the sheriff.”
“Oh, he’d be mighty happy to hear yer story.”
“He just so happens to be Cheryl Ann’s sugar daddy.”
“She’s married to the sheriff?”
“Y’all find that instructive? Maybe y’all need to live around here a bit longer ‘fore y’all start messin’ with our women.”
“Seems ta me she’s the sheriff’s woman, which y’all conveniently failed to mention.”
“Y’all sure was in a right hurry when they showed up yesterday. How’s we ‘sposed ta warn y’all.”
“I’m thinkin’ more about the night at the drive-in, when ya pointed us all in their di-rec-tion.”
“Well, that might not have been such a good move. But y’all didn’t wait for no advice. What was y’all singin’ fer ‘em?”
“That old Beach Boys song, ‘Barbara Ann.’”
“That were the weirdest pickup line we ever did see.”
“Why don’t y’all just tell us how good it did work?”
“When it concerns the honor of ladies, even married ladies, my lips is sealed.”
“All you boys gots ta think ‘bout is what a couple of Florida boys is doin’ to your local girls?”
All this banter ends abruptly as they jump us, push us around and generally abuse us. We push back, but not too fiercely.
“You studs owe us all sodas,” Floyd declares, “for pointin’ y’all in the right di-rection, even if we all knew y’all was steppin’ in shit.”
It costs us two bucks.
“Y’all goin’ to the stocks taday?” I ask.
“’Course. Y’all wanna come, or is ya goin’ off with yer folks agin?”
“We’re in, but we need a ride. Our bikes are still in the back of the girls’ pickup.”
More guffaws. “Maybe y’all should report ‘em stolen. I got the sheriff’s number.”

Wayne changes the subject, “I got the garage keys. Let’s get that old ’55 Chevy sittin’ in the shop.”
Scott looks worried about joy riding. I just indicate to cool it. Then our favorite pickup drives up, beeping its horn.
“Y’all better git over there, boys. The long arm of the law be a’callin’.”
The girls look somewhat chagrined.
“We brought y’all’s bikes back.
“Did y’all git in trouble last night?”
“No way, but what were you boys hootin’ and hollerin’ ‘bout in the woods?”
I volunteer, “Y’all know who that was?”
Scott blushes, and they laugh.
“Y’all are so much fun.”
”How can you not tell me y’all’s married, and to the sheriff?”
“We didn’t mean ta git y’all in trouble.”
“Well, nothin’ bad happened, luckily. And it was great with you.”
”No regrets?”
“No way! But we’s a bit hesitant to keep seein’ y’all again.”
“You boys are a real trip. Have ya told Floyd and the boys?”
“Not on yer life.”
“Thanks, Well, I guess this is good-bye.”
“We’ll git ar bikes.”
We pull them from the truck, then walk back to each side window. I reach in and gave Cheryl Ann a long kiss. Once Scott sees me, he does the same with Lee Ann. Afterward, the girls switch and give us both kisses. Scott’s feet are off the ground from being pulled into the cab. Whistles and hoots erupt from the general store.
“Guess we’re startin’ some gossip. Sorry.”
“It’s under control. You boys are worth it.”
They drive off in another cloud of hot dust. We push our bikes back toward the boys.
“Wheee-uw, you boys are fire crackers.”
Another round of good ol’ boy pushing and shoving erupts.
“I promised y’all won’t gossip about that kiss. Y’all ain’t gonna sic the law on us now?”
“Yer love life is safe with us.”
“That’ll be a cold day in hell.”
Scott pipes up, “We got our bikes. We don’t need a ride to the stocks now.”
“Yer gonna’ take bikes when y’all can ride in a souped-up, 353 ’55 Chevy, with posi-traction and four-on-the-floor?”
“We may reconsider.”

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