10 Reasons Why – Prequel

The Tim Castle juggernaut could not have been rolling along more nicely. His Harvard career is saved by a work/study assignment in Hollywood on the Lampoon’s first movie feature, Animal House. His studio boss defends Tim from a homophobic writer whom Tim has been surreptitiously undercutting at the behest of his Harvard bosses. Publishing a business case study in the Harvard Business Review  is another feather to his cap. Being hired as a Teaching Assistant by his Religion professor after Tim accuses the professor of removing faith in his freshman religion course means no tuition bill for Dad. Jace teams with Pink Floyd at St Paul’s Catholic Church in Cambridge to create another miracle. Finding relevance in dating girls has both Tim and Jack on Mummy’s good list. A bromance with the movie’s star, John Belushi, adds to Tim’s straight reputation. A 1950’s Ford Galaxy 500 convertible  has replaced Max as the avatar of his celebrity. A new boyfriend on the movie set has Tim eyes twinkling. An older (42) boyfriend has him purring. Life could not be better.

And then you die.





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