10 Reasons Why – Winston

“Where’s that big black dog?” Winston thought.  He was accustomed to the dog showing up whenever Winston wanted to play or just sniff some butt. He trotted over to his boss man, whining without knowing why. The boss man absently scratched Winston behind the ears. Winston could tell that something was wrong. The boss man’s woman was leaking from her eyes and clutching the boss man. Winston could tell his boss man was equally upset. At least he didn’t leak. Winston lay at their feet. It felt good to be scratched.

“Good boy, Winston,” the boss man spoke to him.

“Arf,” Winston barked. He knew he was a good boy. Still he missed the big black dog. Well, he knew his friend would show up. He always did.

The next day, Winston jumped in the car. Suitcases were placed in the station wagon’s way-back. Winston was excited. He liked flying. He always went first class.


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