2 – Blog 0 – Prologue – The Jace Experience

June 21, 2015


Blog Two has been posted for a while as has Blog Three. Blog Four (Aimless in Iowa) finally found its direction. The title of the full series is False Gods. I am told it sounds autobiographical, which is only true about the times and settings. My last band, Men in Black, is not fictional and appears later in these multiple blogs when the locale is Hollywood. Tim is an entirely fictional creation. There are quite a few characters who are public celebrities/people, living and deceased. All the events are entirely fictional. Many of the other characters are similar to actual people but the events are completely imagined. Certainly all of the personal experiences are of my own imagination, especially sexual ones. Another comment is the drawings are crazy, which I take as a compliment. I am not an artist and the sketches are only meant to provide a visual component. Also, they are a clue that you should skip ahead if sexual descriptions make you uncomfortable. The music videos are also to enhance the plot and setting.

Jace’s Place is more about the music of the 70s and not about swimming and sports. It is the second installment in the Tim Castle saga of growing up queer in the mid 1970s. Blog One ends with 16-year-old Tim Castle reconciled with his first boyfriend, Scott Watt. Scott found his feelings for his first girlfriend, Lydia, are stronger than his feelings for Tim. Scott and Tim had been inseparable after Tim saved Scott’s life, including various sexual experiences with girls and each other. They were members of the high-powered Hurricane Swim Team at the University of Miami. When Scott hid the beginning of his sexual relationship with their friend Lydia, Tim becomes disillusioned with his own focus on being a jock. Enter neighbor Robby, the local pot dealer. Tim soon becomes a stoner, finding a different crowd of peers that accepts him as he actually is. Robby’s adventurous spirit awakens a kindred spirit in Tim. Blog One ends with Tim expecting he can keep Scott as his best friend and stay on the swim team where his friends are younger than he is. Robby has other plans. Blog Three completes Tim’s junior year in high school. It is driven by a plot that sucks in all his friends, especially the ones after he leaves the swim team



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