Discography – Blog 1 – Timatswim

1 – Blog 0 -Prologue – Tim at Swim

The Rutles ‘Hold My Hand’

Black Sabbath ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’

1 – Blog 01 – Summer Vacation 1973

Arlo Guthrie ‘Alice’s Restaurant’

Lou Reed ‘Caroline Says’

Lou Reed ‘Walk on the Wild Side’

Bobby Sherman ‘Julie, Do You Love Me’

The Moody Blues ‘Nights in White Satin’

Lou Reed ‘Walk on the Wild Side’

Jimi Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced’

1 – Blog 02 – New York City

The New York Dolls ‘Personality Crisis’

The New York Dolls ‘Trash’

The Velvet Underground ‘Sweet Jane’

David Bowie ‘Suffragette City’

Black Sabbath ‘Paranoid’

1 – Blog 03 – Miami Beach

Salsa Mambo & Meregue’

Jeff Beck ‘Morning Dew’

1 – Blog 04 – Happy Birthday 15

The Drifters ‘Up on the Roof’

1 – Blog 05 – Hurricane Swimming

1 – Blog 06 – Lust in the Grove

Jimmy Cliff ‘The Harder They Come’

David Bowie ‘Suffragette City’

1 – Blog 07 – Halloween 1973

Groovie Goolies “Monster Mash’

Dee Dee Sharp ‘Mashed Potato Time’

Richie Valens ‘La Bamba’

The Supremes ‘Stop in the Name of Love’

Sam Cooke ‘Cupid’

Sha Na Na ‘The Stroll’

1 – Blog 08 – Oversharing

Johnny Horton ‘The Battle of New Orleans’

1 – Blog 09 – Night Swimming

The Cascades ‘Rhythm oft he Falling Rain’

The Chordettes ‘Lollipop’

1 – Blog 10 – D I V O R C E

The Wizard of Oz ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’

The Orlons ‘South Street’

The Troggs ‘Wild Thing’

The Marsals ‘Blue Moon

1 – Blog 11 – Boyfriends

1 – Blog 12 – Hillbilly Holiday

Creedence Clearwater Revival ‘Cotton Fields’

Arthur Smith ‘Deliverance’ ‘Dueling Banjos’

CHIPS ‘A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock n Roll’

Elton John ‘Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting’

The Beach Boys ‘Barbara Ann’

Traditional ‘Dixie’

The Doors ‘Love Her Madly’

1 – Blog 13 – Sisters

The Eagles ‘Take It Easy’

Little Anthony & The Imperials ‘Tears on My Pillow’

The Contours ‘Do You Love Me’

Lonnie Donegan ‘Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight’

1 – Blog 14 – Thunder Road

‘Rebel Without a Cause ‘Chicken Run’ James Dean, Natalie Wood & Sal Mineo0

Domolition Derby

Brewer & Shipley ‘One Toke Over the Line’

1 – Blog 15 – Sock Hop

‘Annie’ ‘Tomorrow’

Otis Redding ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’

David Bowie ‘Space Oddity’

Marty Robbins ‘A White Sport Coat & a Pink Carnation’

Ray Foley ‘Salty Dog Rag’

The Beach Boys ‘Fun Fun Fun’

Freddie Cannon ‘Palisades Park’

ThewSwinging Medallions ‘Double Shot’

Johnny Cash ‘A Boy Named Sue’

The Angels ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’

Shirley Ellis ‘The Name Game’

The Beatles ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band’

The Righteous Brothers “You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling’

1 – Blog 16 – Back to the Beach

The Doors ‘Love Her Madly’

Elvis Presley ‘Stuck on You’

Robson & Jerome ‘Up on the Roof’

The O’Kaysions ‘Girl Watcher’

Dion ‘The Wanderer’

The Beach Boys ‘I Get Around’

The Coasters ‘Yakety Yak’

1 – Blog 17 – Happy Birthday Sweet 16

The Beatles ‘Come Together’

Chubby Checker ‘The Twist’

Bobby Freeman ‘C;mon and Swim’

Van McCoy ‘The Hustle’

The Who ‘Time is on My Side’

The Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy for the Devil’

1 – Blog 18 – Getting High

1 – Blog 19 – Bronx Gangsters

The Beatles ‘Ticket to Ride’

The Animals ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’

The Drifters ‘Up on the Roof’

1 – Blog 20 – Holiday in the Sun

Duran Duran ‘Wild Boys’

1 – Blog 21 – Holiday in the Sun 2

Jan & Dean ‘Dead Man’s Curve’

1 – Blog 22 – Maintaining

Led Zeppelin ‘Dazed and Confused’

1 – Blog 23 – Swim Team Blues

The Offspring ‘No Brakes’

1 – Blog 24 – Too High

Aerosmith ‘Walkin’ the Dog’

1 – Blog 25 – Jace

KISS ‘RocknRoll All Night’

Led Zeppelin ‘Whole Lotta Love’

1 – Blog Postscript

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