Unlike a genre of music that reflects a generation’s times, growing up in the sixties and seventies means Tim Castle is exposed to music of earlier generations that inspired his creation of music for his own generation and those who come after. It is not possible to avoid the pop music of his lifetime, especially as a pre-teen. Tim is influenced in the genesis of his ‘own’ music – the conscious and subconscious music that runs in his head and comes out through his guitar playing and singing. True musicians are aware of this inner music that never stops. True self-understanding (perhaps through psychoanalysis) could delve into the roots of this inner music. For the reader of this blog, a discography of all the music that accompanies the text is a way to fathom the depths of Tim’s musical genius and reveal a glimpse into how Tim and Jace relate to each other.

It may seem contradictory that some songs come from the era(s) after this blog. Sometimes these are oldies performed by current artists but convey a different take and perspective from a modern point of view. Sometimes they are performed by artists who were as young as Tim and have grown into successful performers. Other songs just seem to fit Tim’s time. As stated in ‘Eighteen’, music videos prior to the 1980’s are boring documents of performances (without the excitement of the crowd) or technically deficient historical archives of famous festivals (Woodstock or other famous shows). Those types of videos are included to provide atmosphere to the plot as it unravels.

The hope in creating this discography is to hold a mirror up to what this blog tries to convey: how young people are at the apex of their creativity and ability to incite the energy of youth in songs; how it goes wrong sometimes; and how we could have done better but did not or even care at the time. Youth knows no bounds of self-delusion. When you realize how crazy it was is when you have to grow up .

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