Another You – Blog 7

It is now June 1978. Our hero Tim is so confused that he is unable to even remember his own name. He has no memory prior to waking up in Switzerland under the patronage of Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury. Instead of obsessing about his lost memories of the past, it is easier to jump to Freddie’s aid in saving Queen from breaking up. About to turn twenty, he laments his lost youth for one second and jumps headlong into adulthood.

Please indulge the fantasy of our hero becoming partners with the Rock and Punk stars of the late Seventies in Montreux and Lausanne CH as well as London UK and other stops on his rock and roll tour to unite youth against the existential crises of the times. Warning: youth will always win out at the price of lost innocence. The crises of the day (Iran, the Berlin Wall, immigration, stagflation and intolerance backed by military force) do not stand a chance. It is not wrong to wonder what if we had acted differently at a time when personal actions could change what has gone wrong in so many ways in the last fifty years. Lessons learned in the post WW II era, such as the Vietnam War, have quickly been forgotten. America may be the prime villain but we are not the only ones. Maybe music alone cannot change the outcomes but it helps. Here’s our band answer to patriotism:


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