Discography – Blog 5 – Plastic People

Adam Ant ‘Goodie Goodie Two Shoes

The Eagles ‘Take It to the Limit’

Glen Campbell ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

John Denver ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’

The Beatles ‘All You Need is Love’

The Stooges ‘Raw Power’


5 – Blog 02 – Bowling for Dollars

John Lennon ‘Oh Yoko ‘

The Vapors ‘Turning Japanese’

Bob Seger ‘Night Moves’

MIB ‘Curfew’


5 – Blog 04 – Harlan Haters


MIB ‘False Gods’

Simon & Garfunkel ‘The Only Lining Boy in New York City’

Paul McCartney & Wings ‘Silly Love Songs’

Paul McCartney & Wings ‘Band on the Run’


5 – Blog 05 – Joey Redux


Toots & the Maytals ‘Take me Home Country Roads’

Simon & Garfunkel ‘Sounds of Silence’

Simon & Garfunkel ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’

Missing Persons ‘Walking in LA’


5 – Blog 06 – Hollywood Nights


Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’

Lou Reed ‘Walk on the Wild Side’

The Modern Lovers ‘Roadrunner’

The Ramones ‘We’re a Happy Family’

The Ramones ‘Beat on the Brat’

MIB ‘False Gods’

Elton John ‘Crocodile Rock’

Elvis Presley ‘My Way’


5 – Blog 07 – WeHo Ho’s


Sly & the Family Stone’

REM ‘Shiny Happy People’

The Runaways ‘Hollywood’

The Runaways ‘California Paradise’

The Monkees ‘I’m a Believer’

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ‘American Girl’

Youth Gone Mad ‘Oki-Dog’

Echo & the Bunnymen’People are Strange’

The Eagles ‘Life in the Fast Lane’

5 – Blog 08 – Downer Dad


5 – Blog 09 – Dakota Redux


ABBA ‘Mamma Mia’

The New York Dolls ‘Personality Crisis’

Patti Smith ‘GLORIA’

The Beatles ‘All Together Now’


5 – Blog 10 – Purple People Eater


The Runaways ‘Cherry Bomb’

The Standells ‘Dirty Water’

Sinead O’Connor ‘Danny Boy’

ELO ‘Evil Woman’

Sheb Wooley ‘Purple People Eater’

The Rolling Stones ‘Satisfaction’


5 – Blog 11 – Zombie Love


The Eagles ‘New Kid in Town’

Disney’s Silly Symphony ‘The Skeleton Dance’

Led Zeppelin ‘Dazed and Confused’

Brewer & Shipley ‘One Toke over the Line’

The Runaways ‘Cherry Bomb’

Andy Williams ‘A Summer Place’

Nat King Cole ‘Those Lazy Hazy Days of Summer’



5 – Blog 12 – The Graduate


The Ramones ‘We’re a Happy Family’

Sly & the Family Stone ‘Family Affair’

The Ramones ‘Pinhead’

The Ramones ‘We’re a Happy Family’

The Ramones ‘Blitzkreig Bop’

The Ramones ‘Rock & Roll High School’

The Ramones ‘The Surfin’ Bird’

John Denver ‘Take me Home Country Roads’


5 – Blog 13 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK


Liza Minnelli ‘New York, New Yoek’

Dean Martin ‘That’s Amore’

Liza Minnelli ‘Cabaret’

Cabaret ‘Willkommen’

Missing Persons ‘Walking in LA’

Duran Duran ‘Wild Boys’

The Who & Elton John ‘Pinball Wizaed’

Elton John ‘I guess that’s Why They Call it the Blues’

The Runaways ‘Cherry Bomb’

Elton John ‘Crocodile Rock’

The Runaways ‘Queens of Noise’


5 – Blog 14 – Beverly Wilshire Nights


Heart ‘Barracuda’

Elton John ‘Crocodile Rock’

Freddie Cannon ‘Palisades Park’

Nancy Sinatra ‘Boots’


5 – Blog 15 – Good Little Nazis


5 – Blog 16 – Cabaret


Cabaret ‘Money’

Lovin’ Spoonful ‘Do You Believe in Magic’

Cabaret ‘Wellcommen’

Liza Minnelli ‘Cabaret’

Liza Minnelli ‘New York New York’

Elton John ‘Crocodile Rock’

The Ramones ‘Palisades Park’


5 – Blog 17 – 3-D Girls


Pere Ubu ’30 seconds over Tokyo’

The Cars ‘Just What I needed’

Alan Cumming ‘Wellcommen’

Aerosmith ‘Walk this Way’

The Cars ‘Just What I needed’


5 – Blog 18 – The Standing Band


The Limerick Song

Robert Johnson ‘Crossroad’

The Standells ‘Dirty Water’


5 – Blog 19 – There Go the Neighborhoods


Taco ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’

DeSoto Commercial


5 – Blog 20 – Playing in the Yard


Jimi Hendrix ‘Star Spangled Banner’

Aerosmith ‘Walk This Wsy’

Aerosmith ‘Dream on’

Helen Reddy ‘I am Woman’

John Denver & the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’

Moody Blues ‘Tuewsday Afternoon’

The Bangles ‘Manic Monday’


5 – Blog 22 – Parents Weekend


Cole Porter ‘Let’sDo It’

Ragland Road Irish Dancers

David Bowie ‘Starman’

Paul McCartney ‘Band on the Run’

The Neighborhoods ‘Roxanne’


5 – Blog 23 – Spiders from Mars


David Bowie ‘Suffragette City’

David Bowie ‘Rock n Roll Suicide’

David Bowie ‘Ziggy Stardust’

Hilltop ‘I’d Like yo Buy the World a Coke’

Dr Pepper Ad

Jimi Hendrix ‘Foxy Lady’

Michael Jackson ‘Pepsi Ad’

MIB ‘False Gods’

Moody Blues ‘Tuesday Afternoon’


5 – Blog 24 – Riot in the Yard


The Dickies ‘Night in White Satin’

Crosby Stills Nash ‘Woodstock’

Procol Harum ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’

Yes ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’

The Beatles ‘You’re Gonna Lose that Girl’

Moody Blues ‘Go Now’

Roy Orbison ‘Crying’

The Moody Blues ‘The Story in Your Eyes’

Jimi Hendrix ‘Foxy Lady’

Minnelli & Pavarati ‘New York New York’


5 – Blog 25 – Breaking Up


Sgt Barry Sadler ‘Ballad of the Green Beret’

Sex Pistols ‘Roadrunner’

Patti Smith ‘Pissing in a River’

The Sound of Music ‘So Long Farewell’

Irish Soap Ad


5 – Blog 26 – Jack’s Tale


The Bangles ‘Manic Monday’

Godspell ‘Day by Day’

Tom Lehrer  ‘Fight Fiercely Harvard’

David Gilmore (Pink Floyd0 ‘Wish You were Here’

Elvis Presley ‘Amazing Grace’


5 – Blog 27 – Coming Out


Fred Astaire/Cole Porter ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’

Cher ‘Believe’

Betty Boop ‘Hold that Tiger’

Best of Scott Joplin

Tommy James & the Shondells “Crimson & Clover’

King Crimson ‘In the Court of the Crimson King’

Jethro Tull ‘Thick as a Brick’


5 – Blog 28 – Night at the Rat


Queen ‘Champions’

Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Queen ‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Princeton Footnotes ‘Old Nassau’

Queen ‘Killer Queen’

The Neighborhoods ‘Prettiest Girl’

The Neighborhoods ‘Roxanne’

The Neighborhoods at the Rat

Pink Floyd ‘Wish You were Here’

Elton John ‘Daniel’


5 – Blog 29 – The Game


The Neighborhoods ‘Pure and Easy’

Keystone Cops


5 – Blog 30 – Sounds of Silence


Neil Young ‘Hey Her My My’

The Neighborhoods ‘Prettiest Girl’

The Neighborhoods at the Rat

MIB ‘False Gods’

Jimi Hendrix ‘Star Spangled Banner’

Arthur Pryor’s Band ‘Boola Boola’

Harvard Fight Song

Tom Lehrer ‘Fight Fiercely Harvard’

One Man Choir ‘America the Beautiful’

Keystone Cops

Moody Blues ‘Nights in White Satin’

Procol Harum ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’


Simon & Garfunkel ‘Sounds of Silence’



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