Tim at Swim – Blog 1

Blog One, Tim at Swim, was posted in the Spring of 2015. It provides the back story to how Tim Castle came to form a rock band called False Gods. Tim as a jock becomes more interesting as a rock n roll rebel. It is as it is, not just a thin back story.

I remember the 70’s differently now. We thought we were so decadent and wild then. We got our comeuppance but not before we found the freedom to explore, take risks and have adventures. Sure we were out of control, not about to sit down, shut up, and do as told.

Miami was a cool place in 1974/75. No slick Miami Vice drug-fueled degeneracy. No Tony Montana’s Scarface  blowing up the scene. No CSI-Miami with its razor-sharp images of Gold Coast mansions and high rises. Those dogs of excess had yet to raise their ugly heads. Maybe we awakened them.


Miami-Vice-miami-vice-3866249-800-600  scarface

csi miami


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15 thoughts on “Tim at Swim – Blog 1

  1. Sure, it s Willie Nelson s band, but still, Mickey s been playing Crazy since Mariah Carey was two, and the war in Vietnam plagued us.
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    But it s a little sad when such a talented guy as Mr Springsteen treats his audience as dumbasses.
    During the early 1990s, grunge music broke into the mainstream in a big way.


    1. A lot to digest here. I’ll just defend the Springsteen I imagined in this blog as open-minded when dealing with his fans, the Miami who showed up on his doorway and wanted to do a battle of the bands. I based my knowledge of the Boss from the time of his Born to Run breakout in 1975, including Time magazine claiming he was the last ‘real rock n roller.’ We mocked him for encouraging that hype. Recently I read his autobiography and watched his Broadway one man show which only confirmed how I tried to portray him. Artists tend to be self-centered.
      As far as Grunge is concerned, it was the Johnny come lately of the punk revolution that cashed in on all the dues-paying that was put in before them. All they needed to do was move to Seattle and play like you didn’t care how it sounded. The Germs’ Pat Smear appears later in this blog and now he’s back in the Foo Fighters. That’s tenacity based on real musical talent. The rest of the Germs , especially Darby, were into theater more than music.


    1. We talked back on April 2019 about including you. You decided not to follow up. Feel free to copy as much of the blogs as you want and use it to add yourself into the story. Also, I’m about to start Blog 7 – LA Punk Scene. Do you fit in there?


      1. You told me in 2019 that you liked preacher’s boy Trevor to be your character in the False Gods/timatswim blog. I added the 2 blogs 10 Reasons Why – Trevor Part 1 & 2 to the menu. That whole blog has been taken down as I may reverse Tim’s demise. Check them out and let me know how you would change Trevor if he were you. Tar


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