The Jace Experience – Blog 3

False Gods, the band, refuses to quit when their musical genius Jace dies at the hands of his abusive older step-brother.

The creative impulse remains and Jace is a constant source of joy and excitement. Please follow their adventures that start with the high school performance of Shakespeare and continues down back country roads before Easter Shows in New York City.

The back story of the first two blogs is in the Prologue, to be read if the reader wants to start at blog three, The Jace Experience. There is a slight Jimi Hendrix influence but if you let your imagination go, you will be experienced.


One thought on “The Jace Experience – Blog 3

  1. Your comment is out of date. Since June 13th I have posted over 70 new updates as well as revising old ones. If you’re going to spam sites please check what you claim.


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