A Prairie Christmas – Blog 4

THE JACE EXPERIENCE ends in an unsatisfactory manner. Jack always said that good manners will always get you what you want.  But Tim knew that there was no way he was going to get out of the trouble from causing a riot and having his dog shot by the police. No amends made to protect his perfect life would be enough to convince Dad to give Tim a pass. The moment of truth arrived when Max was shot. Now we go back to that fateful sip of beer. The authorities took everything too seriously.

Christmas in Iowa seems a long way off for 16 year-old Tim Castle. What he survives to get there and find a normal life taxes his youthful exuberance. By then he is 17 and feeling old. He literally gets the ‘spins’ when remembering what he had to go through. Friends appear and reappear. Family takes on more importance. Finding a new identity is easy compared to balancing his old life with the new version.

One thing remains the same: pizza.

pizza pit


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