Plastic People – Blog 5


As time marches on, Tim has moved to Iowa . Now known as Andy, he and twin step-sisters Amy and Angie form the band, The Triplets.  Needing a drummer, they recruit football jock, ‘Gator, who finds that dating twins is double the pleasure, double the fun. Andy and friends are set to graduate from Ames High School (class of 1976). He contemplates whether to attend college with boyfriend Jack, pursue his music career in Hollywood, return to the band in Miami, or just wing it.

Tim and Jack land summer internships with Martin Scorsese  on the filming of ‘New York, New York.’ They live at Jack’s family apartment on the Upper Westside of Manhattan in New York. The summer of 1976 will be eventful.Tim 577Flying saucers and alien abductions in Iowa; ‘Gatersaurus by Tom Sawyer tim-703 , New Nazis, Old Commies, Joan Jett and the Runaways: Elton John at the Troubadour, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers from the Valley Tim 363 and Okie Dog in West Hollywood; freshmen at Harvard harvard_crimson & the Lampoon Castle, the Neighborhoods neighborhoods%20logo Howard Stern, and, Awful Awfuls in Boston.

The Rat comes alive. rathskeller05 The Troubadour live! 8930004762_e838056e78_z

Buck & Ratso at the Chelsea  Home at the Dakota Tim 498

Lost & Found from Trash & Vaudeville at St Mark’s  tim-428 and fried clams in Times Squaretim-642 at Howard Johnson’s.

Just click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right and scroll to the bottom for Plastic People. tim-646  tim-647

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